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    Moskva, Khaba, GK... who's next for "the treatment"?

    The only replacement I could think of the Mino, following the line of Town class hulls is upgunning the Neptune, but that's the Plymouth...we also already have the mini-mino (Tiger 59), so I'd say that the UK lines are probably safe
  2. castor_tyndarides

    Montana or Ohio

    I've been using this season of ranked to experiment with equipment and captain skills, and after 50ish matches I decided to keep two separate commanders, a more "canonical" battleship setup, with Preventative Maintenance (1), Expert Loader (1*), Incoming Fire Alert (1), Expert Marksman (2), Basic of Survivability (3), Superintendent (3), Fire Prevention (4) and Concealment (4) for a full 19 pts captain, plus I've slotted Artillery Plot I & II in slot 3 and 6, and kept Steering Gears 1 in slot 4. Basically you have 25.1 km base range (at 16.3 secs) and 30.1 km with the spotter up (at 21 secs), probably a little too much, but thanks to the arks of the shell it really helps to blap those annoying cruisers parked behind islands (I've never devstruck so many DM, Salem and Hindi as this season), and the extra secs shawed of the turning time makes you really hard to hit - I'll keep this config for another couple of days, then probably I'll demount Artilley I and bring back Secondaries Mod I. The other one is my Massa/Georgia cap finally brought to 19pts: Preventative Maintenance (1), Incoming Fire Alert (1), Expert Marksman (2), BFT (3), AFT (4), Fire Prevention (4) and Manual Sec.(4) - the only other thing I have to do is demount the range/ballistic mods and put ins Sec Mod I & II - way more fun in Randoms, but for more competitive play the more "boring" standard captain performs way better. Still have to test out effectiveness of HE, and train the eye to surprise cit. the germans, but all other ships/nations are fair game (especially those pesky DDs that presume I won't waste a full broadside on them) - the only one I'm really struggling with is the Yammy, as I usually get a lot of full pend and torpedo protection hits, instead of cits that I would definitely get with BBs with flatter shell arks.
  3. castor_tyndarides

    Montana or Ohio

    Just for reference, what skills are you using right now? I have Halsey on it with 14 pts and I'm grinding towards 19, and right now I'vegot PT, Expert Marksman (*), BoS, Fire prevention and Concealment. I was thinking of switching Superintendent for BoS, and spend 1pts for Expert Loaded to benefit from Halsey, but I haven't really used HE with Ohio...should I tjhen use the last 4 pts for AFT or go for Jack + Adrenaline rush?
  4. castor_tyndarides

    Mouse Needs Your Help (Crowdsourcing 2 the Twirling Boogaloo)

    Tested again with my Conq. for the lulz, I got a bit more consistent results compared to [NSC]henrychenhenry Thunderer: Conqueror29.5 kts22.0 kts1:38.701:38.611:38.881:38.991:38.83
  5. castor_tyndarides

    Soviet containers

    85 tokens from 12 mission (Directive 1 + twitch). Basically you have an 8% chance of getting more than 5 tokens - it's not really making this event that interesting - plus no way imma pay 500 gold for random stuff hoping for a big haul of tokens.
  6. castor_tyndarides

    Update 0.9.4 - Bug Reports

    Twitch mission progression is not show in the end result tab. Just tried a coop to show it - the result is counted correctly, but not shown in the "Combat Mission" part of the end battle report
  7. castor_tyndarides

    ST, Unique Upgrades in 0.9.5

    With this rebalancing, is Moskva the only non-tech tree ship who's gonna have an UU, or there's plan to extend the joys of Research Bureau to other special/premiums?
  8. castor_tyndarides

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    In 9.5 we're also having the rebalancing of UU - is Moskva the only non-tech tree ship who's gonna have an UU, or there's plan to extend the joys of Research Bureau to other special/premiums?
  9. castor_tyndarides

    Thunderer/Georgia thoughts?

    The claim usually comes from the fact that when pushing bow on she has only 4 guns, and as you said, if your aim is not spot on, with the shells that tend to converge - either you miss completely or you land all 4 (especially on targets bow on it swing violently, like it's 4 missed or 3 citadels). At high tier there are very few BBs with the same amount of frontal guns, so even if the 6 font turrents are less accurate they tend to hide the fact with a greater number of shell output. (just as an example, the viability of high tier Italian cruisers increases exponentially by just adding a new turret every tier jump. form Amalfi to Venezia) Also, for the economics, in my experience I'm earning more credits in the Georgia than in the Missouri, simply 'cuz it's easier to perform better with the combo of 457 and secondaries (the classical T9-T10 406 have been a bit powercrept by the overabundance of BBs with higher calibers)
  10. castor_tyndarides

    Dockyard: Broken, but Fixable

    If they really want to keep the time pressure they can make the entire Shipbuilding process last for 3 updates instead of just one (so roughly three months) - you'll still have a huge grind, and for someone who's coop mostly like me almost undoable, but for the majority of the hardcore player base feasible. People like me will probably use doubloon boosters, but then they will have some economic sense in this whole grind, not like now, where the 3 paid boosters only give you the privilege of paying early another 35k doubloon to get the ship.
  11. castor_tyndarides

    italian cruisers are terrible and noncompetitive

    Up to Amalfi it was a pain to grind. Brindisi is just better due to the +1 turret. And Venezia is borderline good, only 'cuz at 15 shell a time it can have decent dpm. That's it. Torps are a joke, I've lost count of how many times a friendly torp'd me cause they are soooo slow, and concealment is a little to high. The smoke is a nice gimmick, but only if you use it to disengage, turn around and flee (the only other redeeming feature is that Venezia turns on a dime), if you try to smoke fire you'll be seen from the moon. But still, tier IX-X could be fine tuned with just little things, faster torps, a little more concealment, a little more AA and they would be decent ships (but still Main Battery Mod 3 is mandatory). The rest of the line should be reworked.
  12. castor_tyndarides

    Conqueror Unique upgrade Question

    Tried with my Conq. in EU, at full rudder on one side it keeps 22.0 knots stable without any flags, and does a full circle in around 98/99 secs. It seems nothing has changed yet