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    A. Few quick question

    Thank you all for the reply 's
  2. We_Are_Not_Your_KInd

    A. Few quick question

    So I have a question about the ship classes in this game and how they hold each other in check or lack there of in some cases. After playing yesterday I finally got to tier 4 with all the classes of ships in the Germany tree and it got me thinking Why do most battleships sit back and snipe instead of supporting cruisers? Why do most carriers sit still instead of moving to support? Why are cruisers better destroyers then destroyers? Why do destroyers push first the complain when they have no support? And how do they all keep each other in check in later tiers? because right now cruisers are the overpowered (or at least it seems to be)do it all class the have torps there he shells is like rain because of there reload speed and some even have smoke screens so why be any other class? I am curious that's all I am enjoying the game.