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  1. This is what I received as well from my container.
  2. br93lx

    Does anyone play the Kurfurst?

    Nothing like the GK to put a smile on your face when HE spam gods are in your favor for a match. Sorry for the pic but latest update is really testing my poor laptop. Christmas might have to come early.
  3. br93lx

    Shoot AP?

    My first Arsonist and Witherer (earned same battle) were in a Montana. German BB's burn really well and sometimes HE just works better.
  4. You got to pick your fights in the KM BB line. I just lost with a Kraken in my Monty to a GK who got his Kraken off of me. He did very well for himself.
  5. br93lx


    I got to play against one in ranked today. Those rockets hurt, especially after 175 hits.
  6. br93lx

    Is this Ranked season toast?

    I played a few the first day it was open and made it to rank 12 before life got in the way. I usually play in the morning before 9am. If my wait is over 3 minutes I switch to another mode. I literally haven't played since last Friday.
  7. br93lx

    Asymmetric abomination

    LOL! That sucks!
  8. br93lx

    Asymmetric abomination

    I had this gem today... I was almost half health within three minutes of the match. It didn't end well, at least the red CV's apologized for clubbing :)
  9. br93lx

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    This sprint was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. My first two matches, one in dd and the other a CA were both losses. So, I went with the Pomm. I did better. One thing of note, I saw a lot of Iowa's and Souv's. I think they would haven done better if they didn't try to push the entire time. I usually met them within 10K which is the Pomm's sweet spot. The Iowa's should have stayed farther out and just hammered us. The Pomm can't hit the broadside of a barn over 15K in most cases.
  10. From the Black Friday crates (2018 & 2019) I got the Alaska. From the Santa crates I got the Ark Royal, Hipper and Mainz. No ships from Halloween yet. Here's what I got from 3 Air containers, the other 3 containers were just XP containers.
  11. br93lx

    So I bought some Summer Tokens

    Sorry, you are right. Mix up on my part. I did buy two Black Friday 2019 crates and got the Alaska. I spent the rest on Santa crates since they were only 12 tokens and got the Ark Royal. I didn't screen shot it though
  12. I then used to them to buy Santa Crates.
  13. br93lx

    I got Enterprise!!

    Nice Haul!!
  14. br93lx

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Russian Bias is still good on this map.
  15. My first match for BB's were 3 Massy's, 2 Bisi's and my lonely Queen of the North. CV's were Enterprise (red) and Kaga.