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  1. HjWW_BobcatsRaiders

    2020 Black Friday container - short changed or WG error?

    Yes, it was my error. Didn't read all the fine print. Completed that mission and received 2 'Regular' 2020 containers, not 'Premium' 2020 containers, so it was my error and admit I was wrong. Sorry WG, got what I didn't pay for, so yes, it was free and got 2 good camo's.
  2. Hope you all get what you want from the 2020 Black Friday containers giveaway for completed missions. I didn't, and was even short-changed from the 3rd mission - 22 destroyed ribbons - get (2) 2020 Black Friday containers. The 'reward' I received was (1) 6000 Free XP, and (2) Type 59 camo's instead of the 10 Type 59's the website says 'container may contain'. Maybe it's just a simple 'system' error, but I feel completely ripped off by WG, and I'm not happy about it. If I made an error, or misread something about the possible rewards, or what I received, then I'm wrong and apologize for my error. If I'm not, beware of what you actually get from WG as 'your reward,' it may not be what is posted as 'possible' container contents. (maybe it should say: we reserve the right to give you anything, or nothing as your reward)
  3. HjWW_BobcatsRaiders

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I'm happy such a club like this exists, and to now be a part of it. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm the low-man on the totem here, so far, with only 52 ships to my acct, but many more in the works and on the way. Loving this game, have only been playing about 4 months now, but looking forward to storming the vast seas ahead, full boat. Thank you for having me, and hope to have 100+ ships within 4 more months. Love the Pan-Euro destroyers line, I plan on getting them all to have a complete collection. Great ships, great features even without the smoke, so it makes them all a special game and game-play style for sure. Also enjoy the German line that's here, and want 'them all,' too. Doubtful I'll be able to get them all, but sure an going to try my best to have all the 'special' ones we've heard of and know and love/hate. Have 2 German dd's so far, T-61 and the Z-39, with many more on my growing wish list, and have a few Cruiser and Battleships Bismarck is of course on list, and I do have the Graf Spee, Prinz Eugen already, but I still want the Bayern, Gneisennau, G. Kurfurst, the other Prinz F Der Gross (that symbol is a dbl "s's" i believe), Hindenburg,. Hipper, Yorck, Nurnburg... ok, you get the picture... I only have 1 carrier so far, the IJN Hosho, but getting the Graf Zeppelin is a def. must for me, even if she is a tough tough ship to grow to love. Want it with the B version - black camo, a def must to have, looks impressive with her large red German Crosses on deck. (Now I just need to learn how to play cv's,) Also enjoying the Japanese and American lineup, but another more favorite of mine is the Pan-Asia line. I do love them. Have a few, including LoYang and Shenyang, Chengan. Will be getting that entire line as well, eventually. Lastly, I like all the 'odd' ships, like, Perth (don't have these yet, but soon), Molotov, Jean Bart, Black, Smolensk - want it back and available for more than just coal, I've only played a few clan battles so far. But, I do have the Haida, with its' Canadian camo, and gotta say, I love playing it. Thanks again, and I hope to hear from this club often, and any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. ~ Ever onward ~ Bobcat