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  1. Thanks for sharing Kuro, love your dd videos. IJN dds are my favourite class. On topic with AL Yukikaze I'm annoyed I didnt get it last year. Do you think Yukikaze will come back in the shop?
  2. Hope this ship never returns for sale. Christmas crates is where it belongs.
  3. I'd much rather be harrassed by one cv than focus fired by 3 to 5 ships and the cv.
  4. KiwiCoaster

    Question about the Vampire.

    My country being part of the Commonwealth I'd really love to have this ship. I've been looking out for it on sale for the last year. I see it can be won from a crate from the recruiting friends thingee but I got no friends to recruit haha
  5. KiwiCoaster

    DDs are their own worst enemy sometimes

    I had a rough day yesturday in my mid tier IJN DDs, couldnt get any signifcant damage with torps and our flanks always folded. I'll try to cap early on the edge of the cap facing towards my team for a quick get awsy and dont die unless im hit with a stray torp. But admit Im guilty of straying to far from support early so from now on I'll wait abit and stay closer to my cruisers. I feel like I do alright with survivability and capping. I rarely get spotted but I find it hard to get significant damage. Last few weeks my damage and kills have been improving a bit.
  6. KiwiCoaster

    Unique Commander's

    In the armoury where you get them it says their skills. Be aware that some of the doubloon captains dont have special skills, they were real captains. The brother captains are the ones with skills
  7. KiwiCoaster

    What happens if you have all Santa ships?

    Coz its satisfying getting Missouri over and over again
  8. KiwiCoaster

    What's the drop rate on Coal from Santa crates?

    I did awesome with my first 20 mega crates, got over 100,000 coal. Bought a second lot of crates and got 12,000 odd coal. I think getting crates purely for coal would be very inconsistant and most probably punishing.
  9. KiwiCoaster

    IJN Mutsuki...How?

    I like Mutsuki it gets 8km torps that are quite fast, it also has very good concealment so its good for stealth torping. Just try to get in close as the torps do spread out a bit. Other pluses is it has a bit of AA and is vety manuverable. Check out flambass's video. He was citadelling an Aoba with its AP. Hiliarious.
  10. KiwiCoaster

    Dear WG please stop this

    I got put in a T2 1v1 game and was matched against a T2 seal clubber who had over 2000 games in his V-25, I was back in port rather quickly.