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  1. Carnival2005

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    If it is help to anyone, what I found with some of these tougher ones I will div up with someone and we trade off to help each other complete the dockyard. For example, they take the DD and I take a cruiser or BB. I don't go in cap and let them get the defends. For the 150K XP, that was one I dread because for the most part I do these dockyard missions in co-op. I do play in ranked and honestly I played a handful of games in random when the number of people on the server was low. My best advice for those are to use coal/special ships in T8-10 where you don't lose credits in co-op to get the higher XP. I did complete it in 3 days (about 4 hours each day) but obviously in co-op it would take most of the week. Some people would laugh but I do have a spreadsheet where I take the mission goal and understand the minimum goal per day. 150K XP, that means I have 7 days and I need to earn 21,429 XP per day (not base XP remember so flags, camos, etc help). Plus don't keep playing the same ship over and over, take advantage of the bonus 50% first win in each ship per day. Hope that helps!
  2. For the third day in a row, and been happening for the past week. At some random point in battle the game disconnects. I am going to uninstall and reinstall the game client to see if that will fix it. I hope they fix this lagging log in and somehow it fixes this problem as well.
  3. Carnival2005

    Warships stuck on LOGGING IN...

    This happens to me if I play, close the game but the WarGaming Game Center is still running (check taskbar). I close that and open again and I log in without issue.
  4. Carnival2005

    Games sticks at end of battle report

    For me it was the mod station. I had to remove Regen Assist and another one and everything is working better!
  5. Carnival2005

    Games sticks at end of battle report

    Yes this is currently happening to me. The "Back to Port" button doesn't recognize mouse action of clicking. I have been using the ESC on my keyboard to get back to port. I am experiencing other issues as well, that are related. I have done the check and repair, as well as mod station to ensure all is updated. The issue started occuring with the update WG put out Thursday