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  1. I have the Langley. I start my runs at 3.5 km. It gives me time to narrow my aim all the way down, but also have a little time to maneuver if need be. Also, I don't run out of timer.
  2. From what I can tell, y'all only hate CVs because they kill you a lot. I don't see battleship players asking for destroyers to be removed from the game.
  3. LGCaptain

    Types of Aircraft

    Thank you so much!
  4. LGCaptain

    Tips for a new CV player

    Thanks, everybody. The CV lines seem like they go by pretty slowly, so I think I'm gonna focus on enjoying each ship, rather than rushing to the next. Your tips will most definitely improve my experience with carriers.
  5. LGCaptain

    Adjust CV Emblem Average Damage

    I have the Langley, which is T4. The torpedoes do absolutely nothing to an enemy ship. You'd have to put like 10 in a ship to sink it. In a Clemson, which is also T4, you could sink a ship in 2-4 hits with torpedoes. CVs seems underpowered, at the stage of the game I'm at.
  6. LGCaptain

    Support Carrier Propositions

    I like the concept of manual air-to-air combat, instead of just some AI-controlled consumable.
  7. LGCaptain

    Tips for a new CV player

    I just recently started playing CVs. I'm pretty new to the game, as well. I currently have the Langley, and find that I barely get any damage at all during matches. Is there anything that you struggled with at first, that you have advice on how to conquer? Thanks in advance.
  8. LGCaptain

    Types of Aircraft

    What is your favorite type of aircraft currently aboard the ingame CVs? Why? In which situations do you use each type of aircraft?
  9. There are submarines in public matches? I thought just in specific testing servers.
  10. LGCaptain

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    I see what you mean. Thanks for contributing.
  11. LGCaptain

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Everybody please stop stealing each others' kills. Just a few minutes ago, I was about 2 km from a BB. I launched a full salvo of torpedoes, that were practically touching the target, and would've all hit. Then some fool decided he'd rather get the kill, and shelled him to death. If you see somebody has fought for control over another ship and put effort into a kill, don't steal their reward. That's enough for my PSA. Enjoy your evenings.
  12. LGCaptain

    How to Improve

    I am looking to improve as well, but have found that I cannot access the training room. Does it no longer exist?
  13. LGCaptain

    Minimap settings

    What does it change when you check the boxes next to the detectability ranges?
  14. LGCaptain

    Pensacola — American Tier VI cruiser.

    What are your builds for the Pensacola? Currently, I have whichever upgrade is it that reduces rudder shift time, as I'm a very dynamic player.
  15. LGCaptain

    CL vs. CA

    So they really don't do anything differently..?