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  1. nlm_mln

    Server Maintenance ?

    I had the same experience and reaction. I think this is worthy of in-game compensation.
  2. nlm_mln

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    The directive reset to 5 completed missions. Have to give @Hapa_Fodder credit for sorting it out.
  3. nlm_mln

    Anchorage- deeply disappointing

    I feel they could have given both a plane and hydro and it wouldn't have effected the balance that much. Maybe a bit more range would be nice too; its currently mostly a mid-range ship that has to choose to be a sometimes longer-range support via the spotter or a closer-range support with the hydro.
  4. nlm_mln

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Looks like 6 missions are required. At least you don't need one of the new US BBs to complete it.
  5. nlm_mln

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Ah, good to know. Where does it state that? It doesn't actually state only 5 out of 8 missions are needed in the directive, just to complete them in any order.
  6. nlm_mln

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    So the final Ruling the Waves directive has a final reward of the Kansas. But the completion criteria for the last mission is only with a Florida, Minnesota, Kansas. This means you can't get the Kansas without one of these ships? Although all of the text leading up to the US Battleships 1 MIssions says you wll get the Kansas by completing all of the directives, the text conveniently leaves out you need to spend doubloons for a chance to a get a ship to complete the directive to get the Kansas.
  7. If WG goes ahead with the commander skill rework, please implement some kind of phasing system for those with current 19 point captains. Such as give two points for each existing 19 point captain, or for a period allow 19 point captains to gain elite XP at a reduced rate that ramps up to 20 point captains.
  8. Offer a the ability to get the gothic camo for the Tirpitz. Should be relatively easy to adapt the Bismarck skin?
  9. Any chance of offering a mission for a gothic Tirpitz camo?
  10. Any chance WarGaming can make this camo available for the Tirpitz, even for doubloons? Shouldn't be too much work since it's already the Bismarck.
  11. nlm_mln

    Crash Tester Achievement

    I just got it in Narai in a DD. The 4 kills in port were: Omaha (Johnny) by fire New York (Pilot) by main battery Farragut (Tango) by main battery Colorado (Cherokee) by torpedo "Crash Tester" appeared after I torped the Colorado. Notice above: 4 kills by 3 different ways.
  12. nlm_mln

    Why is Fire Prevention Useless?

    Yeah, probably shouldn't have bothered, I thought I was on to something. And then I couldn't figure out how to delete the post after to keep the thread dead. But zombies and the living-dead is a thing nowadays....
  13. nlm_mln

    Why is Fire Prevention Useless?

    I know this is an old thread but the WG Fire Wiki has been referenced as how WG calculates fire chance. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire However, I believe there is an error in their formula. In their example, the Benson has a 5.5% chance to start a fire but in their formula it is calculated with a 55% chance to start a fire per hit. The Tier VIII Bismarck is using Hull B (Top) (FRC of 0.6337) and Damage Control System Modification 1; his commander is not skilled at Fire Prevention. Benson fires 127mm HE Mk. 32 with a 5.5% base fire chance. Her commander is a Demolition Expert (not IFHE) and is flying both the Victor Lima and India X-Ray signals. The fire chance (per hit) would be: (0.6337) x (1 - 0.05) x (1 - 0.00) x ((0.55 * 1) + 0.02 + 0.01) = 5.12% fire chance Shouldn't the 0.55 above be 0.055? Has this already been covered in other threads? Or am I missing something? Edit: although the text notes 0.55, the actual math uses 0.055. Sorry for the quick-post without checking the math. Carry on.
  14. nlm_mln

    [ALL] ModStation

    Reporting bug: The BattleFrame minimap has the option to "show radar range with ships with potential radar" but the ranges are not shown on ships that have radar.
  15. nlm_mln

    Weekly Combat Missions: Canada Day

    If you are on the fence about getting the Haida Admiral pack, it includes a mission that adds +200% xp for each battle played for 34 days.