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  1. dabot8

    DevBlog 262 - Closed test 0.11.1, new ships.

    Why super carriers and jets ? What is next subs with Harpoons and Tomahawks ? Maybe some Aegis cruisers for anti-air protection, some sonar dipping helos with homing torps. Really if you want all this stuff why not start a new game for people who want all of that WG Modern Warships or something like that.
  2. If you really need subs in the game, make a scenario for them, the recent convoy one would be perfect for it. You have some great scenarios to play, I am sure you could make something for just subs against bot dd's guarding a convoy.
  3. I always seem to be on low credits, probably the way I play the game, I have been doing every ship in every tech tree, up to 8 in almost all now. They do get expensive, just equipping the upgrade slots on a T8 is amost 4 million.
  4. dabot8

    Submarines in Random Battles

    only way I know to sell fleet is to sell it for the credits, then your left with an account with no ships.
  5. dabot8

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Subs are just plain bad, there is no way any type of torp should home on a target and then ignore the armor protection, no shell or torp ever in history ignored armor protection, they all have to defeat it, it just does not magically vanish. WG messed up big time with subs, they got all the feedback they needed in PT and ignored it, just a screw u we want subs here they be.
  6. dabot8

    Submarines in Random Battles

    WG is so full of @%$# they do not care what anyone thinks, they wanted subs, we get the joke that is subs. 80-90 kts homing torps that ignore armor, total [edited]. What is next, a DD citadeling a broadside BB with it 100-130mm guns ? I did the PT with the subs, they ignored everything people said and made a joke, no point in try to get into position for a good shot, just launch and ping. They missed a great chance to put the subs into the Convoy scenario, could have built the whole thing around them, but as usually they f#$%ed that up also.
  7. I agree, subs are a disaster, nothing at all like real sub, it is made for those that cant seem to fire torpedos without some idiotic homiing. For those that say subs and cv bring realism to the game then there should be 4-5 cv per team and the sole purpose is for the other ships to provide aa support to the cv's. Also this game is not played like a real battle, the Admiral usually in a BB cant tell a DD player to go screen the fleet from subs and air attacks.
  8. dabot8

    CVs need depth-charges.

    That would be ok except for one thing WG doesnt do historical anymore, the subs are a joke never had a surface speed as fast as the submerged, never had 90kt homing torps either. In a perfect world they would fix the cv ability for almost unlimited planes and get rid of the idiotic subs. I wont be holding my breath for either, once WG fubars something they stick with it.
  9. I have found the best way is full ahead and turn away from the border, backing up can seem to take all game.
  10. I would be then if I had a 7 year old they would not have access to a credit card so they could not buy the gold for the random boxes. If you have a 7 year old with a credit card I think maybe a game is not the problem.
  11. Subs are a joke now, what with idiotic torpedo speeds and targeting ability no sub commander in WW2 even dreamed of. I myself found the best way to use a sub was just launch torps at max range at a target, wait for them to get to almost detect range and then ping the poor bugger, no time to evade get lots of hits that way, its just not very fun, shot wait to reload repeat.
  12. Mostly they didnt skip bombs because you had to come in lower and fly level at least for a short time to get the bomb to skip, low and slow got you killed much faster than coming in form 15-20k feet at a 70 degree angle.
  13. dabot8

    ST. " Convoys" Game mode.

    This would be the perfect place for subs and anti-submarine units to fight it out.
  14. dabot8


    What a deal, your going to let me grind my way through missions just so I can have the ability to buy a ship, just put it up for sale already, you have already proved your using controlled substances by your actions. Put the ship up for sale for however much you think you can get and try thinking before you make more silly statements.
  15. Part was the LWM deal the other was that Missouri was going to be "for sale again" according to WG. Instead they put it in as a chance to win in a random box for doubloons, this in many countries is called gambling "WG is being investigated for it now" this is really the final straw that got most of the CC to quit along with obviously lying to LWM and the other "sorry forgot name also" about the Yukon ship and camo.