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  1. Seawolf148

    Petropavlovsk vs. Mosvka vs. Stalingrad

    So, instead of countering his comment of what he claimed,(which I do not agree) you turned your rebuttal into stat shaming and an "I'm better than your are"? Good Grief.
  2. I have found the Japanese culture/history to be one of finest in the world with an extraordinary history.
  3. Japan. The culture shock is fascinating and the women are spectacularly beautiful. ;)
  4. Seawolf148

    Detection Value missing from UI

    I guess it's another bug for some people since the update. Will WOWS notice and work to fix it?
  5. Seawolf148

    Detection Value missing from UI

    I have the very same problem, among many others.
  6. Good Grief. And I thought I was the one with the Bugs and having problems since the update. Add another one WOWS: Battle interface does not show your ships detection range. I will still support the game as it is fun, fun, fun.
  7. Seawolf148

    Submarine Testing

    The depth charges are far too accurate. They automatically adjust to any change in the sub's depth, which goes beyond silly. There are many accounts from WW2 about DD's depth charging a sub for hours, even a day or more and not killing the sub. They should be manually set at the very least. More work for a DD player? OK, but it would be better than laser depth charges.
  8. Seawolf148

    Submarine Testing

    Far and away to logical and sensible....
  9. Seawolf148

    Submarine Testing

    Sure. These depth charges automatically denonate without any input from the DD player. A sub player sees a DD closing in and quickly dives to a much deeper depth, but to no avail because the charges will quickly adjust to the change. They should manually set.
  10. Seawolf148

    Submarine Testing

    "Hydrophone is an automatic ability that all ships (?) will gain with the introduction of Submarines that is always on and costs nothing. It only detects Submarines." Thank you. I wasn't sure. But I still believe that depth charges should be manually set. More work? Yes, but still, automatically detonating at any depth close to a sub is a bit of a ..."kiss off".
  11. Seawolf148

    Submarine Testing

    Clearly, I'm missing something. It says that .."..can be detected only by hydroacoustic search... while the hydrophone allows the approx. location...." All ships have hydrophones but only some ships have hydroacoustic? Where do you see these hydrophone's listed, or is it inherent in the ship? I thought hydrophones and hydroacoustic were the same..... And nothing about the laser like accuracy of the deaths charges and their ability to automatically and instantly detonate at any depth the sub is at....That's a big problem that doesn't seem to be addressed......
  12. Seawolf148


    And that's a MM problem. No way a tier 8 should face off against a tier 10. But wows keeps ignoring that problem.
  13. Seawolf148

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    And there's nothing wrong with a person who wants to play casual. Some people have to realize that they are many player's that just want to play a few games and have fun. That's where changing the MM comes in. Something wows has ignored. It's really not always the ships, or HE spam etc....The MM is a very big problem.
  14. Seawolf148

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    I will probably get ripped for this but...Not all players are at the level of a Mountbatten, Notser etc, but still want to play high tier ships. Nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can play wows 3-4-5 hours a day to grind through a ships line. If a person buys a premium, high tier ships and gets thumped game after game, they tire of it and move back to the lower tiers. Lesson learned, so what...Matchmaking: why should a tier 8 ship have to face of against tier 10 ships? Hard to gain experience and have fun when you're out matched by higher tier ships. If your're in a tier 8 ships, then you face off against tier 7-8-9 ships only. And MM should based mainly on skill level. How many times have people played random and found themself facing off against player's with 10,000+ games+? HE spammers: Smolensk can be a pain, but I disagree with Monty. For the Smolensk to use all those HE guns, it has to show a lot of broadside and that's lethal for it. I have faced a Smolensk and the first thing I do, if it's alone, is to go after it. Every Smolensk has ended up running and that means it cannot bring all it's guns to bear. If it stays mostly broad side, then it's asking for deep trouble. Even if it sits in smoke, it can't stay there forever and HE spam. Also, there is trouble when some player's turn and run, leaving a lone ship to fight it out against multiple enemies, but what can you do? Shame them in chat? It happens and will continue to happen. One of the things about wows is that people can pick different ties to play at. Not everyone has, or can play the high tiers. I do not so well in Random, I admit it, but I'm trying. But I see a main problem with the MM, nerfed AA and many players thinking that they don't need a team and can win all by themselves. CV's? There have been nerfed badly for the most part. I mean, two planes with one torp each is that great of a threat? Even many Dive bombers/rockets can have little to offer. The problem is wows introducing paper super CV's. Anyway, all people play differently and that's the nature of people. It's also wows bringing in super ships that never existed that causes too much grief. There are already, what? over 350 ships to play. How many ships can person play at one time? So some people demand more ships, then whine when a paper super ship appears. Have wows make changes to MM, AA, super CV's and such first. I'm probably wrong, but what are the forums for?
  15. Seawolf148

    new combat flags

    thank you. I knew I was missing something...my mind....