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  1. Well, if you are going to down vote me, at least explain why I'm wrong...We see it all the time on You Tube from those that post their game's. Most offer very little in the way of positive observations, other than to constantly whine about how bad the other player's are. Of course there are going to be bad player's, for whatever reason, but the incessant sniping, bemoaning the belief that they lost the game because of these "potato's", and how their precious WR is going to hurt their Stat's, gets tiresome. So much so, that player's, even the good one's, just stay away from Random's, Brawl's and such...Who wants to play in such an environment on constant rudeness and foul language coming from chat? Very little of that in Coop. What's so wrong with playing a game and having fun?
  2. Seawolf148

    WOWS/WG why are you allowing this?

    Well said....
  3. Seawolf148

    Luck has too big impact on gameplay

    Why not do a search and find out what naval accuracy was like in WW2 before complaining that every shot doesn't hit it's target and cause a citadel?
  4. Unfortunately, the one thing that the MM can't do, is to separate the player's who want to play and have fun, from the snobs who believe they are best in the game and shouldn't have to lower themselves and play against the "bad" player's, the one's who suck and should play another game. Not everyone is a skilled, superior game player and there are are those that will make frighteningly bad mistake's and decision's. To these snobbish player's, they would probably like nothing better than to see the MM based solely on one's skill level. While there will always be player's like this, it's too bad that people just can't come together and play in the spirit of just having fun. But I agree that up tiering 2+ just drive's away some people.
  5. Seawolf148

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.11

    I would be more impressed if the MM was -1 -to +1, instead of +2....That cruiser's got back their abilities (remember jack of all trades and high alert?) to fight fire's, and that more T8 cruiser's had a heal, since they will mostly be facing of at T10 ship's.
  6. Seawolf148

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    Trick question?.....
  7. Seawolf148

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    I can play them, no problem.
  8. Seawolf148

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    First: then why offer these ship's via the dockyard? What's the point? Second: I have gotten ship's via the dockyard before in PT and have been able to play them.
  9. Seawolf148

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    Via drydock, I received the Huron and the Puerto Rico, however, I cannot access any Battle mode to play these ship's. Even training is "greyed out". This is the first time I have ever such a problem. Also, I cannot access the "News" section. All I get is a "web Server Unavailable" alert.
  10. Seawolf148

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    I would like to see the HMS Ramillies added to the list of British ship's. From Wiki: " The ship returned to Atlantic escort duties in 1941, during which time she prevented the two Scharnhorst-class battleships from attacking a convoy; she also joined the search for the battleship Bismarck. In late 1941, Ramillies was transferred to the Eastern Fleet as tensions with Japan rose; the following year, she was the flagship for the invasion of Madagascar .." Not a bad record.
  11. Seawolf148

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    An other rather senseless bundle that has little appeal. Why not offer something of real value, like steel? The vast majority of player's will never, ever be able to buy a steel ship, unless they want to play hours per day for a couple of year's. At least the last Christmas offer gave a player the opportunity to gather large amount's of steel (1250) if they had all the ship's on a specific list.
  12. Seawolf148

    Brown skin Commanders

    Or a couple of Klingon women?
  13. Seawolf148

    DevBlog 329 - Closed test 0.11.5 - Balance changes

    Ah, even better would be reduced reload times.
  14. Seawolf148

    upcoming coupons

    thanks. I thought it was too good to be true.....
  15. Seawolf148

    upcoming coupons

    One of the coupons, to be released June 12th(?) offers 25% off ship's and shows the resource's that can be used are steel and coal. Does this mean that you can use steel to partially pay for a ship and use coal for the remaining cost? I'm looking at the German BB Mecklenberg for 31,000 steel. If I spend 12,000 steel, coupled with the reduction of 25%, can I spend XX amount in coal to purchase the ship? I seem to remember that sometime in the past you could use a coupon where you would spend X amount in steel, then spend X amount in coal to buy the ship. Am I miss interpreting something here?