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  1. CSSAlabama_1

    WG's worst nightmare???

    Careful guys, make sure you phrase this in the form of a complaint, otherwise the Admins will selectively apply their double-standard rules of forums to you and delete this for being non-constructive. However, making belittling, degrading statements to females without apology is ok... They wont say anything to that, ya know since it comes from the hand that feeds them.
  2. I didnt get to see the Kong memes? Can you re-post them here?
  3. @LittleWhiteMouse Wait? Kong memes? I got to see this
  4. What is evident here is that no one at TrashGaming actually did a rehearsal before putting out the earlier information about Missouri (campaign, buy it, etc.). I know no one is surprised by this lack of professionalism...
  5. CSSAlabama_1

    Bad Behavior Begets Bad Press

    They cant delete this post, since they don't correct their own and show a good example first -- IE Shonai's lack of Apology to LWM. One standard for all! You would hope that the arbiters of justice and over-exuberance here would have already pointed that out, but are, in typical TrashGaming fashion, illustrating double-standards.
  6. CSSAlabama_1

    Bad Behavior Begets Bad Press

    Thank you Potato for posting this complaint. I too have a complaint like the above that TrashGaming has implemented a culture of double standards -- sexist towards women (LWM), including an apparent disregard for applying forum rules equally to TrashGaming employees; To wit: Shonai - who has obviously disregarded apologizing to LWM as evidenced from yesterday's post and no one (WG employee or Mod) has corrected him publicly. Theres also the problem of predatory gambling practices that prey on people, IE loot boxes, changes to MO, etc. I'd like a consensus from TrashGaming employees on just what rules and non-discriminatory practices towards women, they're going to stipulate? I want to know so there will be one standard for all. Not the obvious double-standard as evidenced, yesterday. That way I can adjust my behavior to match --- you know, since bad behavior is not being policed/enforced.
  7. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Jeez,I know as a history teacher a fellow teacher got sent to teacher time out (that's where u get paid to be under investigation for the rest of the year) for creating a Speakeasy in her class, during the Roaring 20's chapter. because the parents said she was operating a brothel.... So yeah, adding constructively here to the discussion, my example ponts to the effect of social media.
  8. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    @Czevak This (civility reminder for shonai) isn't hard to do and within your providence as arbiter of rules here... I even posted a complaint to Shonai earlier, just scroll up.... You can just plagiarize mine and delete it.
  9. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Wow! I have to concur with this complaint by big dog and wowsft.
  10. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Um, nope @Czevak equally distribute public forum civility reminders to TrashGaming... Just as you did to us. Shonai hasn't apologized and there's obvious rule violation. Are you enforcing one rule for all or setting a double standard? Do your thing, moderate, but be as exuberant with Shonai publicly ....
  11. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Amen brother. @Czevak ^^^^^^^
  12. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Shonai in the interest of applying forum rules equally, even TrashGaming, you need to be CIVIL and set the example and one standard for all, by attoning with a true apology to LWM. MY complaint here is there's an obvious double standard.
  13. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Amen. Youre good. How come none of our forum moderators are crying foul at the blatant disregard of apology by Shonai to LWM? Definitely a civil act that needs be done.
  14. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Fine with me, simple fix here is this mod needs to apply this same civility rule to the lack of apology... Same standard for all, even TrashGaming.
  15. CSSAlabama_1

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    YOU MEAN Civility like the treatment of women by fellow TrashGaming employees? And the the deliberate ignorance treatment to LWM in a back handed spin control "apology" as evidenced by the very person, Shonai? How come you're not chiming in defense of LWM? Your ray of inspection here seems to blatantly disregard equality of rule moderation -- not prescribing it to your masters at TrashGaming. ANY reasonable person would ask for one standard for ALL. How's my civility working for you in this complaint? If you prick us do we not bleed? WS MoV.