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  1. CSSAlabama_1

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    Lame! No matter how ya spin it, Zampolit @Hapa_Fodder!
  2. CSSAlabama_1

    And then this happened...

    We need peer ponts...
  3. Dear God, this is written so poorly I gave up trying to understand. (Bored, not board)... You could really benefit from Hemingway app for writing.
  4. CSSAlabama_1

    Recruit Your Friends Day - Win USS Missouri

    Thanks WG, way to go, missing the mark again. How about rewarding your faithful customers - players that have been here, say a year, paid for premium time -- get a reward, bonus, etc. No way in Hell I'm introducing fellow retired soldiers/friends, etc to this game. The last one I got interested left after several miserable tier IV matches when he was constantly attacked by CVs with no way to defend and no fighter planes for a counter-air mission. When will you admit you screwed up and change things?
  5. CSSAlabama_1

    taken for a ride

    There needs to be major changes to the "Leadership" at WG for Wows. It's terrible.... Bad decisions upon worse ones.
  6. CSSAlabama_1

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    damn, Mouses that suck blood???
  7. CSSAlabama_1

    Premium Ship Review - USS Smith

    @Hapa_Fodder This post hasnt been commented on in over 6 months - yet it remains? Two standards, eh?
  8. Well, it's obvious now that at least ONE person wants that archived stuff back. So, un-archive it. Poof, problem solved. Further, I'm a little mystified that a multi-million dollar company like WG cant allow stuff to just sit on a forum? What's the big deal? Are your data banks getting filled up with paper ship designs?
  9. It really does.... There's a belligerence to it.
  10. CSSAlabama_1

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    In KOTS (king of the sea) tourney, teams didnt have to deal with CVs and could "Ban" a ship per match. Why cant us lesser scrubs do the same? I'd love to sit on the edge of the map and have an endless supply of Stinger Missiles that I can shoot at Enemy CVs -- seems fair, given the endless deluge of planes that spew forth from carriers.
  11. CSSAlabama_1

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    what's the Discord link for this? I want to sign up.
  12. Great post. Totally agree. WG wont listen to you though. They've illustrated it time and again.
  13. CSSAlabama_1

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    @Tigerspook Non Premium: (if your concern is losing money, get a premium Tier IX) Tier IX: IJN BB -- Izumo -- Recent benefit of upgrades/buffs. Super-fast AP shells. Simple gameplay (Point the front-end at shoot) Tier IX: US BB - Iowa - Beastly; AP shells that are slow, heavy, and bruising. -- A personal fav. Tier IX: FRE BB - Alsock - Excellent synergy with Honore' the unique commander. Secondary build option. Premium: Tier IX: Musashi -- Point and shoot - does one thing well. (You'd need to win one thru the Santa Crates -- I did this Xmas) Tier IX: Jean Bart -- Reload boosta! Front to the enemy and have fun (You can get some semblance of playstyle test with this ship in the Izumo). Tier IX: Missouri -- BB with RADAR. Badass guns. Prints credits. Worthy mention: To fund these ships I got a nice tip from Littlewhitemouse - pick up Tier VIII BB - Kii (and put on the 100% camo) -- she (The ship, not LWM) then becomes a excellent printer of cash. If you're more liking of the ITA BB Roma - same Idea (although I hate the gawkish beer can on top)
  14. CSSAlabama_1

    My look back on 2019

    Delusional WG needs to read this...
  15. CSSAlabama_1

    Wargaming's trust rating

    Thank you... Very eye-opening. A good place to post!