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  1. Just wow. Keep us in check??? Seriously? Destroyers keep battleships and cruisers in check. How lazy can you be to just sit at 20km waiting for a spot to shoot your guns. You all want us destroyers to go and spot and cap for you go do it yourself. Every match first ships sunk destroyers while u slow roll around the map taking pot shots half way around the world or hide behind some rock.lmbo.
  2. Human nature dictates people will take paths of least resistance. They will get tired of constantly being limited.
  3. Not true. You cant render one class of ship useless to a team in a battle and with carriers especially in the hands of a skilled player who targets the destroyers all game that's what you have. If you want them fine. Remove the spotting.
  4. So basically a destroyers with 35 knots and a 6 to 8 km torpedo range have limited options to impact a battle when planes are over his head all game. Great balance there huh. Then limit battleships range of fire to 8 km as well
  5. Personally I believe carriers should be and option for players to select if they want to be in a battle with them. The presence of a carrier n the game removes the enjoyment of playing destroyer completely and isn't fair for these players. Otherwise you are just gonna have a battle with carriers battleships and cruisers as people will stop playing destroyers.