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  1. EP429

    Bot Herding (AHOJ)

    Hardly "buying up" when new player coupons are being cashed in rampantly for cheapo-entry premium ships. You'll find a lot of Diana Lima in their ranks, and several thousand matches logged within a couple of weeks. This clan seems exclusive to co-op, they've had one or two good wipes over the last year or so but have not been removed entirely. It's the same pattern & dismissal by WG upon reporting each time. You get a wave of 5-10 of them joining the game on the same day, joining the clan on the same day. logging near identical stats, completing more games in a week's time than a human is capable of maintaining consciousness for, all behaving identically in matches you've witnessed, then when you forward these numbers to Wargaming it gets dismissed in under an hour while they proclaim that if an exploit were occurring they'd "detect it via regular checks" or some similar nonsense. Comical.
  2. EP429

    Bot Herding (AHOJ)

    Care to expand upon how you think their antics can be extracted from this game and applied to their actual living conditions or are you just stroking yourself with some self-loathing societal guilt nonsense? The device you spewed this crap from was constructed piece by piece on slave-wages in a handful of 3rd world countries. Congrats.
  3. EP429

    Bot Herding (AHOJ)

    Wargaming doesn't care, I've been reporting this clan & their "members" for a long time to no avail. I'm pretty much convinced at this point it's a Wargaming operation set up to farm out real data from co-op players.
  4. I'd drive my Helena at a Bismarck or FDG/Pommern much sooner & with higher expectations than I'd feed my Viribus Unitis to a Sharnhorst/Gneisenau/KGV even or just about anything with a mild amount of aggression in the Tier 7 range.
  5. This all falls apart horrifically in a Tier 7 match which the current matchmaker is happy to supply. She needs re-tiered, or a matchmaker tweak to +1/-1. Viribus Unitis' gimmick is extremely subtle on a good day, she's a better floating farm than the garbage US BB split al said & done.
  6. Secondaries don't stand out in the +2 Tier 7 matchmaking and aren't remarkable in a Tier 6 match. I'd argue that a 32-second reload with standard New York shells would be an exceptionable compliment to Texas' 34 second reload & AA outfitting as a happy middle ground. As-is, Oklahoma is depressing. Viribus Unitis doesn't even hit that mark and is memorable only as just a bad buy, she's just a good looking ship.
  7. Arguably, Viribus Unitis to Tier 4 as is, Oklahoma to remain in Tier 5 with reload tuned to 30-34 seconds with standard New York shells instead of the worthless rocks it currently tosses. OK's shells have more value as ribbons than in actual damage. Both of these ships have zero business being in the same water as Scharnhorst.
  8. EP429

    Missouri coming back in September?

    Given the unlikelihood of MO returning, I'd vote for another flavor via USS Wisconsin or New Jersey. For Wisconsin/New Jersey going by Iowa as a base, give it a modest bump in speed with a similar cost in turning radius, arm it Georgia's secondary armament specs and hydro. Wouldn't hurt to give it a little HP buff to encourage a bit of brawling. Throw it in the premium shop so everybody can have a shake at it.
  9. EP429

    Weimar and the PVE customer base

    To the point of PVE playerbase, I've played 5,931 Co-Op matches, and 16 PVP. I enjoy the angry bar-fight environment that is PVE, & I've been a frequent buyer of premium ships & goods. There's a market & player base that WG for some odd reason seems desperate to shun. I have no problems finding full lobbies in co-op at 1:00AM CST.
  10. EP429

    Which Premium ships need to be buffed...

    Oklahoma, California, Flint, Hood
  11. EP429

    0.10.5, new match making for co-op.

    Every single match tonight was 9 human shitshow. Glad to see the matchmaker garbage got sorted properly. FU WG.
  12. EP429

    USS Orleck

    I'd happily part with $ for an Orleck skin or clone of Gearing. I'd throw stupid $ at a USS Houston, WG could bundle it with Perth as well, they both went down in the same shootout.
  13. EP429

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    I made a thread in the Suggestions Forum about ports some time ago that inevitably fell into the dusty untouched depths of WG's suggestion box - Link to said thread In a nutshell, that thread was mostly suggesting at options for tweaking the port environment - Setting time of day, weather, throttle options in the Ocean port, etc. Just a few options to spice up the bare offerings a bit would be nice. I currently use Ocean but bounce into Hawaii, New York, and Fjords ever so often.
  14. EP429

    0.10.5, new match making for co-op.

    First time I've seen the Ocean map in months, and the 4-DD matchmaker ate everything. One fluke kill by an Iowa. *Every single match I played this evening was 9 humans. Same garbage as the last two patches, totally unenjoyable.
  15. Having issues with it as well. No matter where I try to place it, it's not working.