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  1. triley70

    Certificate Counter is Here!

    Awww but I just sharpened my pitchfork.
  2. You guys do realize this thread is over 2 years old right.
  3. Spawned in, my ship started moving my camera didn't; couldn't move or look around but ship seemed controllable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG1zk5s3upo
  4. triley70

    How to tell which ships have snowflakes.

    Snowflake event doesn't start for another week.
  5. triley70

    Hot Fix article in WOWS News

    I do like the change where you won't even get the Black Friday mission unless you have both the original and Black Friday ship.
  6. triley70

    WG you have something a bit broken here

    Still a chain mission, you have 3 of them running concurrently. Notice the 3 completed prior missions below showing 3 separate chains.
  7. triley70

    WG you have something a bit broken here

    Exactly, notice the battle before it you completed a "Complete any condition of the mission" which was most likely an earlier mission in the same chain.
  8. triley70

    Smaland In Kots

    Even if T9 was allowed the Black wouldn't be allowed under the same 2.3.4 rule as the Smaland
  9. I'm guessing if you're just adding upgrades you don't have the B hull which cuts your turret traverse by about 8 seconds. It's a gunboat, get MBM
  10. There are other changes, particularly look at the B turret which now has a seat where the Transformer commander sits in battle.
  11. Don't worry she'll be re-released as the Kerch with godlike AA
  12. triley70

    Missouri B

    And WG has achieved their goal
  13. triley70

    Missouri B

    Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com)