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  1. triley70

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    I would like to be a turkey
  2. triley70

    Trouble with the Forum?

    Do you have Comcast? I've been having problems at home for months, sometimes it will do what you have but most of the time pictures and emotes don't display. Also can't post from home. It does it in any browser on any system at home. If I use my laptop at work, it works fine, if I use it at home problems. I think it seems to be an ISP issue somehow. If I look it comes up with a TLS error, nothing I change on my network will fix it.
  3. The 6 daily missions give another 400 I believe, that's 1600 a day by 90 days which would be 144000. With what you have that's 184000, with the coupon that should drop in December you should have enough
  4. At least I found out about this now. I want the Smaland and have about 1.7 mill FXP now, almost used it for line resets.
  5. How do you play with your minimap so small?
  6. I'm hoping for a USS Black B, or the Black black
  7. If RNG is on your side you can
  8. triley70

    Best Russian Premiums?

    I can't believe you guys are missing the T5 OP monster the Krasny Krym
  9. So maybe to bring some realism into the game, if you play the Petro during a cyclone it automatically sinks as soon as visibility hits 8km.
  10. triley70

    Premium Ship Review: München

    Minor quibble, in the table for effective HP of T7 cruisers you list the Edinburgh, shouldn't it be the Fiji
  11. Ranked out in the Kitakaze which almost doesn't count. Saw a lot of FDGs doing well.
  12. Add my vote for the Mainz, one of my favorite ships in the game. Good reload, great balistics, German hydro, lots of torps. With the baked in IFHE she doesn't require an overly specialized captain. Actually pens 38mm out of the box making it better than most CLs even with IFHE.
  13. triley70

    Not seeing summer token bundles

    If you go in to the premium shop on the web click on the Summer Sale banner, they should be listed.
  14. triley70

    Naval legends code

    New naval legends cinemarathon code on youtube CURTISSLEGACY
  15. triley70

    what is a T8 kII

    Don't forget, with the Kobayashi camo it's in a tie for 2nd place as highest potential credit earner in the game