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  1. Farmers_Only

    Rate of Fire Statistics?

    You should maybe look at shiptool.st
  2. Farmers_Only

    2nd Easter Egg SC.. What did you get??

    1500 Steel, I'll take it
  3. Farmers_Only

    How would you fix power crept ships?

    You could add torpedo reload boosters to the tier 8,9,10 Pan-Asian DDs which according to the new dev-blog they are. They're also adding 2km to the range of Grozovoi torps and shortening reload of Hipper guns. On the downside American CAs are getting shorter radar duration.
  4. Dozens? Must be nice, I have around 8600 expendable camos alone.
  5. Everyone knows the only right way to cook bacon is in the microwave.
  6. Farmers_Only

    Easter Egg part 1 End Time

    As long as you remember and just subtract that from your total, mine is easy "Easter Eggs not found 404"
  7. Farmers_Only

    Grand's Camo List: How to Maximize Your Earnings

    You forgot the king of XP earners, Mosaic with 400%
  8. A bottle of scotch
  9. Probably Commander Jenkins, he's a bot but I don't think he shows up as one. He shows up occasionally, there's an achievement tied to him .
  10. Farmers_Only

    Nelson Auction. What did you bid?

    I bid 375k FXP 2 years ago, does that count?
  11. Farmers_Only

    HE Citadels are definately do-able

    The best is HE citadels on Russian BB Pyotr Velkiy with German CL. Pyotr has a 38mm citadel roof around the back turret which German 150mm guns with 1/4 pen can citadel.
  12. Farmers_Only

    Monthly Super container

    50 Winter Strands camos, good thing I was down to 668 of them; about to run out.
  13. Farmers_Only

    Spot an enemy ship

    You get the insert coin achievement for torping it.
  14. Farmers_Only

    Starting games as IJN DDs

    Sounds like you're too aggressively trying to cap, I would skirt outside the cap trying to figure out where the threats are (radars, other dds) before trying to cap. Remember it's not worth dying for a cap.
  15. That would be weird since the patch isn't coming out until tomorrow. News says downtime is Thursday morning