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  1. With WG posting what resources the new ships, I think it's only a matter of time before WG announces what ships will be removed from the armory. If WG does announce what ships will be removed, which ships do you think will be removed? In my opinion, the only ship in the armory that could be pulled is Pommern, due to how popular this ship seems to be; another ship that could also be removed is Napoli, but I highly doubt it (at least for now). Any thoughts?
  2. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Now WG is Trolling CV Mains Bigtime!

    At least you won't get this ship the next time you buy Santa Crates (and by getting this ship, you increase the chances of getting a ship you actually will play). Of course, having another ship in which you can knock off a snowflake (and its counterparts) is not a bad deal either.
  3. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Official Status Update for USS Black!

    Here is another idea for WG that is probably never going to happen. WG should release USS Black as a steel ship like as before; however, WG should release USS Cassin Young (DD-793) as a coal ship for players who cannot (or would not) get the Black for steel. This new US premium Tier IX ship would also have radar and smoke, BUT would pay hard for these consumables with other stats (Idk, I'll let WG deal with it). Although this Destroyer would be weaker than Black, it will have a slightly increased credit earning in comparison to other Tier IX premium warships. Plus, this ship being a museum warship is another reason for players to get her (or him).
  4. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    The highest rated cruisers (poll results)

    Are you by any chance going to do Destroyers, Battleships, and/or Aircraft Carriers?
  5. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Pinup: Revisited

    Uh, I was talking about Pixar's film Coco, NOT The Last Jedi. But, tbh, I don't really like the Sequel Star Wars trilogy.
  6. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Pinup: Revisited

    I see both sides of the coin. How I view this is that, yes, movie making companies (looking at you Disney, which have six films which are in the top ten highest-grossing films of all time [Avengers: Endgame; Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Avengers: Infinity War; The Lion King {the remake (I DON'T consider this film to be animated, no matter what others may say)}; The Avengers; & Frozen II) make movies to make money. That is their way of putting money into their pockets. HOWEVER, just about all of their films were made by people who really cared about what they are producing (one huge exception was the direct-to-video [most of them] sequels produced from 1994-2010, most of those were NOT made with care [and the reasons why we have the abominations called Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, Belle's Enchanted World, The Hunchbach of Notre Dame II, Mulan II, and the two Planes movies, to name a few). When you put time, willpower, energy, and money into a movie you want others to watch and be a part of, it will naturally bring in money. Let me give you a fun example: two animated films were released in 2017, one was called Coco (made by Pixar Animation Studios) and the other was called The Emoji Movie (made by Sony Picture Animation). One film made $807.8 million (worldwide), was given a 97% positive score by Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 81 by Metacritic. The other film made $217.8 million, was give a 7% positive score by Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 12 by Metacritic. Based on that info, you can tell which film had heart and soul put into it (Hint: it's Coco). It is also interesting to note that it is Disney who holds the highest acclaimed film franchise in the world (Toy Story, 99% positive score for the entire franchise by Rotten Tomatoes), the highest average grossing film franchise in the world (Avengers, with an average total of $1,942.5 million per film), the highest average grossing animated film franchise in the world (Frozen, with an average total of $1,370.0 million per film), and the highest grossing film franchise in the world (Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a grand total of $23,783.8 million). Disney, however, doesn't have the highest grossing animated film franchise in the world (that honor goes to Illumination Studios' Despicable Me franchise, which have made a grand total of $3,708.0 million). HOWEVER, if Disney makes a sequel to Toy Story, Ice Age (now that Blue Sky Studios has been bought out by Disney), or Frozen, and the sequel makes AT LEAST $1 billion, then Disney will also take hold of the title of highest grossing animated film franchise in the world. Now, why did I say all of that info. Let me ask you a question. Have any of these films and franchises been made without skill, willpower, money, energy, or time? Have any of these films been forgotten by people (like Doogal, Delgo, The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, etc.) because of the poor heart and soul put into them by their companies? Have any of the films and franchises I listed grossed less money than what was needed to break even? The answer to all of the above questions is NO. The reason why you do not hear about studios like Fathom Studios, The Asylum, Splash Entertainment, and others is because they cannot produced films like unto the likes of Disney (and in the case of The Asylum, copy Disney's original ideas to get a few bucks in their pockets [for those of you who like bashing Disney cause they make $$$$ on most of their stuff, you guys should really bash the Asylum for making mockbusters of another company's movies]). Now, I'm not saying that these pretty-much-unknown companies cannot make movies that are actually decent (except for the Asylum, which will pay for their sins someday). What I'm saying is that it is Disney who have made a name for themselves, whether it be by animation or live-action, and it is Disney who have made films which have taken movie cinema by force. Now, does Disney make films to make money. Yes. BUT, their films are made with heart and soul (most of them), and it is that, along with their strong messages, hard-to-forget characters (who in this country hasn't heard about Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse, or the Disney princesses), beautiful animation and GCI (mostly), and their brand name (would you rather watch a Disney movie [something from Star Wars, the Avengers, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, etc.] or would you watch something from The Asylum or Fathom Studios? {Although I have to say, Universal Studios would give Disney a run for their money with their Shrek franchise, Harry Potter, films from DreamWorks, etc.}) that makes people flock to their films with money that they are more than willing to part with. And with a history that began before WWII with a man and a mouse, Disney will keep being the powerhouse that they are until the Big Boogaloo occurs. One final word before I leave.... “When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity. I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.” - Walt Disney
  7. I am guessing it's the update after the next one, but I don't want to risk loosing X amount of coal and other resources. Any help would help me and anyone else who is wondering.
  8. The following picture shows what I am talking about. Honestly, I have never seen LittleWhiteMouse recommend (or anyone else, for that matter) this upgrade for any warship. Does anyone use this upgrade?
  9. Many of you have probably spent at least a little bit of time looking and checking out the warships and their fine details that WG's art department have carefully placed. I am sure that there are some ships that you have fell in love with or have thought "What a sexy ship!", and I am sure that there are some ships you hated or have though "What an ugly ship, why is it in WoWS?" (Looking at you Kearsarge, Sinope, and Izumo/Baije). While many of you have specific ships that you love and hate, I wonder how many of you have specific nations that you love or hate. I created this poll to find out.
  10. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    My highest number of aircraft kills was in the German Tier IV Rhein (48 shot down). That battle was probably a 2 CV vs. 2 CV dual over the last 4 mins when every other ship was sunk.
  11. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Heretical Proposition

    Anything to make low Tiers played much more, I'm all for it.
  12. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    World of warships player base summarized

  13. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    Miss Mouse, when you left the CC program, I thought that you were no longer going to do Premium Ship reviews. I'm glad you proved me wrong. Anyway, great review as always