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  1. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Heretical Proposition

    Anything to make low Tiers played much more, I'm all for it.
  2. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    World of warships player base summarized

  3. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    Miss Mouse, when you left the CC program, I thought that you were no longer going to do Premium Ship reviews. I'm glad you proved me wrong. Anyway, great review as always
  4. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    You have warship meme's?

    I agree, but to me Jurua takes the gold medel for one of the ugliest (if not the ugliest) camo in WoW.
  5. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    You have warship meme's?

  6. In celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, here are two funny pirate-related memes to brighten your day. (These are not my own, BTW)
  7. I was looking around the new designer's table when I found something interesting..... In this picture, you will notice that the moon (top of the picture, close to the middle) is visible and that the sky is dark. However..... In this picture, you can see that the time (on the computer screen behind the warship, not on my actual computer) is 17:09. Since Russia uses military time, you will deduct 12:00 off all time after 12:00 to convert to the familiar time that we use. When you deduct 12:00 off 17:09, you will get 5:09 P.M. So why is the sky dark and the moon is out when the screen time on the onscreen computer is 17:09 (5:09 P.M.)? I don't think the moon is out and sky is dark during 5:09 P.M. (barring the extreme North where the sun is out for 2 hours and the dark is out for 22 hours). Now, in comparison to the other WG departments (PR department, management department, and balance department, I'm looking at you), the Art department does a fantastic job with WoW and has caused FAR fewer problems for the WoW community than the three above mentioned departments. However, they aren't flawless like all of us.
  8. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    What did you get in the monthly super container?

    1000 pieces of the cursed Aztec gold
  9. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    What is your most loved and most hated film from the Disney Animated Canon?

    I only listed films that are officially part of the Disney Animated Canon (Disney is the one who chooses which films to be included). That is why I didn't include Song of the South.
  10. I made this poll (it took me a while) out of curiosity for your fun.
  11. Since Pixar Animation Studios is one of the best film makers on earth, I decided to create this poll to see what Pixar film you love or hate.
  12. __NASA__Apollo__11__

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    *My facial expression after reading WG's "apology"*