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  1. DM31

    Fires chances - Helena

    After my experience in ranked last night I can confirm the Helena still sets a lot of fires.
  2. DM31

    Who owns torpedoes?

    I always apologize even if they all miss a friendly. I hate when people rage at me for not dodging theirs. Dodging isn’t easy because I instinctively look towards the enemy location first, not behind me. This causes a slower reaction time.
  3. DM31

    Moskva becoming a Armory Ship

    That depends too. I had no extra xp on Shchors or Donskoi so I did reset the line. If I have to regrind tier 9->10 anyway might as well get 20,000 RB points out of it for the legendary upgrade.
  4. First game in Sinop I was awful and so was my team. Switched to Belfast and started with a 100k damage, 3 kill, loss. Started to have negative thoughts but then won my next 3. I’m at rank 12 now so I can experiment with a few ships. Honestly enjoying ranked more than randoms. 60% win rate in this and the last sprint meanwhile my random win rate is 49% and falling. Can’t explain the difference other than MM.
  5. DM31

    Desperation... Need Advice

    I find being the first killed is a great way to get a win. When the 200% first win bonus was going I’d play great and the teams would get slaughtered. Whenever I had a terrible game it was usually a win so I couldn’t benefit.
  6. DM31

    Weekend Spree, May 15-17 2020

    Played randoms with the Bagration and Ochakov missions using max flags and camo for most of the weekend. I had been sparingly using my draconic flags since Christmas but decided to burn them after operations nerf. Clearing around 400,000 captain xp per night so I’ve finished a 19 point captain on Saturday and another Sunday. Out of Ouroboros flags so my free xp returns are nice but not as impressive.
  7. DM31

    Should I reset Russian Line

    I did. Figure it makes sense if I have to regrind Donskoi anyway.
  8. DM31

    Premium Ship Review #145 - Ochakov

    Great review! So IFHE or not? I see it’s typically recommended for 152s but I’ve watched a few streamers go without it today. I have Ovechkin on Smolensk but I’m tempted to respec him for Ochakov.
  9. My average from the 9 directive 1 crates is 6.1. Seven 5s and two 10s. I bought two of the doubloon bundles and hit a 150 so that helps my RNG.
  10. Interesting. I was wondering why I had no counter displayed in the mission.
  11. DM31

    Mikoyan Initial Impressions

    I’ve only done one battle but it was bottom tier (7 to 5) and on a team that got steamrolled so probably biased. The gun handling is great making it easy to land shells. Very light/typical soviet armor. HE damage seems light even with an IFHE captain. If ships were angled I couldn’t do much. I even tried to ambush a Skane as the game was ending and couldn’t kill him. Prefer the Kirov or Emile Bertin which I just did the grind.
  12. Cool, thanks! They must be added on certain dates then. As long as the current ones don’t expire then I can take my time with it.
  13. I’d like to know more details about this ASAP because it’s not clear based on the info we have been given. If the 7 win missions don’t expire then I can play until I get the daily win bonus each day and stop to maximize the 200% XP bonus in randoms. If they are time-gated then I’ll probably have to finish in coop to not miss the tokens.
  14. Those teams aren’t horribly imbalanced looking at the averages up top. I’ve been in a few 55%-45% or worse randoms this week.
  15. It’s a lot of grinding to get done in a week. I wanted to get multiple but settled on just Alabama and I’m only 1/2 done with the 20k base xp. This is playing to the 3rd crate every day.