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  1. DM31

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    I’m at 11. Minimum one for every nation except Commonwealth which is the one I’m working on for Vampire.
  2. I just went over 40 games in mine and will be playing it a lot the next three weeks to benefit from the 200% xp and 25% credit bonuses. I enjoy the ship and statistically it’s my best performing tier 8. The better survivability of the hull while not flashy has kept me in the battles longer. Plus the speed gives more options than other BBs. The guns can have some bad dispersion occasionally but on average they are better than I expected.
  3. I read a post in these forums from someone that this was their ranked strategy. He called it a yolo but it’s basically the same thing. I would like to see a minimum xp implemented so that you have to contribute in some way to earn a star even on the winning team. Being carried shouldn’t be an option to rank out.
  4. I agree and disagree. In DDs and cruisers I always go north to get the broadsides on the 2nd wave. Molotov is one of my favorite ships in the op. But for BBs unless you know what you are doing (using the islands to break concealment, etc) it’s too easy to get focused and burned down. From my experience running without a division, pubbie BBs trying that die 90% of the time.
  5. The smoke concealment/gun firing penalty does not function any differently in operations versus randoms or coops. I'll second Lightninger's videos for what to do in operations as his guides are helpful. The smoke in Aegis or going the North route on the West side of the islands are not places for BBs to be.
  6. DM31

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    I just quit playing and try again the next day. I’m currently in one with a 9% win rate this week. Sad when I’ve played 3 nights in a row and am still 0/4 wins towards the rabbit flag combat mission. My PR and damage stats are better than last week which was 63% win rate. But matchmaker has put me on the worse team in 27 of my 29 battles. I tried playing through this before and lost 31 in a row. At least it persuaded me out of buying Flandre. I was considering it but that motivation has been destroyed.
  7. I would like to see this too, bottom player on the winning team not earn a star. It would de-incentivize the players who spam a large quantity of games and yolo or quit the match and drive to the back of the map.
  8. You can do a lot with points. Since he is faster you can cap both outer rings which gives 10 points vs 9 after he passed through. Sit at the channel opening so if he reverses out to stop your gain in the second ring, then you can reverse and cap the middle. Going to the side took yourself out of position to do anything. I lured out a smoked up Anchorage with a CV hull so it can be done.
  9. It’s pointless for a clan to sync drop with so few players in queue. All they will be doing is splitting stars and no one will get ahead.
  10. DM31

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    I really struggled this sprint. Took 56 games where the previous season never took more than 20 to rank out in bronze. I didn’t track it but per MM monitor I was in the “worse” team the majority of games. Played Akizuki then Kitakaze mostly working on their grind for a RB reset. Qualifiers the only ship I had success with was Smaland. I know people recommend to stay off the monitor programs but it really helps me knowing in most battles there wasn’t much I could do to change the outcome.
  11. The data doesn’t show that early access purchases are playing poorly. If anything the opposite. Lepanto currently has the third highest tier 9 BB win rate and second highest damage behind only Musashi. ARP and tech tree Yamato stats are almost identical. You may have new players playing poorly but then they are offset by dedicated players making purchases.
  12. DM31

    Stuck in Bronze ranked

    I don’t know if it’s matchmaking but I had a much more difficult time this week in ranked. Last test season I stayed in bronze and 57 games was enough to rank out 3 times. It took 55 games this week. The only thing that helped push from rank 5 to 1 was star-saving as my win rate didn’t improve. Only played 1 qualification game which was a 1600 base xp loss. I’ll try again but it can be so discouraging.
  13. DM31

    Dear Dead Eyed Dummies

    I don’t think most players in back realize how their position is detrimental to the team. I’ve been grinding DDs and the most frustrating players are the ones all the way in back telling me to hunt the enemy DD. I can’t do it effectively when their cruisers are only a few kilometers away because my BBs aren’t pushing them back. They think it’s successful because they are still alive and doing damage even all their DDs and cruisers are dead and the caps are lost.
  14. It was a good patch to reorganize all of my commanders and get them on the ships I wanted. Plus demount the upgrades from all tech tree ships I will not play. Saved a lot of resources.
  15. DM31

    Bring Back the Musashi?

    Performance issues aside it won’t return strictly due to economics. WG uses it as motivation/bait to purchase Santa crates. How many sales would be lost without a chance to get the rare ships? Like it or not Musashi and the other rare ships have an inflated value that people have paid. There was community outrage over players getting a free Moskva camo because they paid $20; imagine the outrage over those who paid the inflated price but then it was available for a ‘’normal” amount.