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  1. DM31

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    I play Weimar 1x per day to use my red economic boosters. Results mostly come down to the team, if they are aggressive I don’t do as well. Example 1: I had a Mahan take the same CV route. He torpedoed the CV and 4 BBs in the harbor with 1 rack each. We each had around 1500 base and he topped the board. Example 2: A Gneisenau ran straight to the harbor. Beat me to the spawn location and triggered everything early. Made it impossible to match usual damage numbers. I’ve posted this before but when going against a Weimar just make his life difficult. Kill the trigger ships first and go for the harbor. By him going CV it’s not direct so other ships can get there first.
  2. DM31

    Can someone please explain to me (re: Huron)

    From a playstyle standpoint I can’t say shell trajectory has ever factored into my purchase decision. I might look at theoretical/practical DPM and that’s about it. I’d like if all guns were consistent but since they already aren’t it feels late to judge a ship by it. Still, if possible it would be an improvement but knowing other factors like damage/reload would have to compensate. Poor Harbin didn’t get any sympathy when it’s arcs were nerfed from Soviet to USA curves.
  3. DM31

    T9 Ranked Burnout

    My guess is it will be different again. I bet this season was the same tiering to see if the different star saving approaches had any impact on amount of players/gameplay/results/etc. Anytime you are testing, having limited variables as a control helps to get more meaningful data.
  4. Says skill doesn’t matter in win/loss, then player skill difference is bullet point 2. Radar can be played around, good players do it all the time. Divs, yes and no. A good div can carry a game but I’ve had enough 3 BB or 3 DD divs where the loss of map control by their positioning loses games. Ships maybe, but you still have to perform in them. If this is an issue than you should play the stronger ships, and carry yourself, to put less dependence on the team.
  5. Hopefully the playerbase will learn quickly but I have doubts. Had a battle today where our team gave up the east flank at the start. Guess which side the majority of the boosts spawned? Made for a quick loss.
  6. As you mentioned seeing it in competitive, this is the correct play if you do it right. This game is all about opening angles, crossfires, protecting broadsides. The blame is with the cluster of players because all you get is bow-in targets. Run matchmaker and observe the players who lemming train or abandon a flank as they have one thing in common. They lose more than win.
  7. DM31

    Yi Sun-Sin - just an event commander

    Wasn’t Theodore E Chandler a historical commander? He had the stripes but no special/enhanced talents. This is confusing as identified by multiple examples in this thread. Here is another referring to Leroy Jenkins as a new unique US Navy commander. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/story-of-leroy-jenkins/ My mindset has always been that unless something is specifically advertised it will not have any special features. Then you are never disappointed.
  8. DM31

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    The best part of Weimar is that you can almost guarantee a win which makes it an ideal choice for farming. I don’t know how many dragon flags I’ve wasted counting on teammates to do their job. Ever had a run where 6 ships went for transports? Does it change the operation, unfortunately yes. It limits my ship choices as things like slow BBs are not viable. Scharnhorst is still fine. I’m routinely getting 300k, sometimes 400, with it in the Weimar meta. Thing is you can do things differently if you get one on your team (or a competent Fiji, Myoko, etc.). Play more aggressive with routes, figure out which ships to kill to trigger spawns. You are competing with teammates so adjust accordingly. Or don’t and keep complaining.
  9. DM31

    Never Enough Gifts!

    This was announced last year that these ships would not be in future Santa crates.
  10. I think it’s just that the mode exposes the skill gaps between players more. If players are too aggressive going for buffs they get killed and put the team at a disadvantage. If players are too passive they don’t get the buffs and the gap becomes too large to overcome. It’s why you can predict the outcome a couple minutes into the battle.
  11. You lose nothing so why the complaint? You grind the GK to get a GK. That GK then becomes better (reduced credit cost, gain captain freedom, and maybe a free perma camo if you didn’t have one). If you choose to get the new tier X, which is optional, it’s only a partial grind.
  12. DM31

    Russian CV Sniping

    Protect your broadsides to minimize damage received. Position your hull with one side against an island or map border then place fighters on the opposite side.
  13. Better RNG than me, 12 duplicates. Did the math and the rewards of completing this collection are definitely not worth the money.
  14. DM31

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    Yes, it's frustrating when your support just bails. I run MM monitor and if a ship turns 90 degrees immediately at the start of the game, it's a 45% winrate or less player 99% of the time. BBs hurt themselves quite a bit by doing this as it limits their ability to do damage (less likelihood of crossfire). And it hurts the cruisers/DD on that flank as their is no threat to keep the enemy cruisers back.
  15. Mine was the 22nd pull. Just a side note, I already had Missouri and was in it for the doubloon compensation. Bought up to box 27 (the one needed to get the tier 8 container). I got 48,200 doubloons back plus a tier 2 ship and flags/camos by spending 40,500. For all the complaints about this event it’s not bad value if you get Missouri in the first 27.