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  1. Quor_Dresden

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    There is defiantly a bad batch of cards that went out, especially the 3090s that I'm aware of. So far all evidence points to the manufacturer. Everyone with a PC should learn to protect their system regardless. There are so many systems working together many just need to take responsibility for understanding their equipment and how to protect it. The issue with New World and other games is that even if you did cap frame rates in the game menu your PC can still push past it. ALWAYS set you limits using the software that controls you card, never assume the game settings will work as you expect them to. It is not hard to learn how to control you GPU, CPU, power output, monitor settings for those with gaming monitors with g-sync and the like, etc. before you even log into a game. If you assume that your thousands of dollars you spent of a pre-built set up should be able to be maxed all the time every time, you are asking for a short life span on your PC.
  2. Quor_Dresden

    Dear WG please stop this

    And it's as simple as that. Lower tier players should expect to see 3 CV per side from time to time. No, MM should not be changed to cap CVs at 2. Yes, you can counter CVs. Start with not being stupid by doing the above quoted. 3 CVs per side they become the spotters for at least the early part of the match. Have patience, no need to cap bases asap. Even vs one CV waiting to see where the planes are going is advised. No reason to toss up a here I am flag by going into a base right away. You should also have a exit plan regardless if CVs are in the match when capping.
  3. Quor_Dresden

    Were are you going to end up at the end of PR event?

    I might end up playing again after this failed event is over. I should get a pause on my premium account while it's going with an added few month for free for this insult of an event. I truly hope only a handful or none at all finish the event for free. With the hopes WGs will learn how terrible it is to release content this way.
  4. Quor_Dresden

    Well Done, Customer Service!

    Still no shortage of things to rage about. Sure its nice they have been doing refunds. For those that already had the dubs before the event its nice to have them back. For those that paid for dubs just for the event it should be a refund of real money if anyone asks for it. Personally I would like all my dubs and premium account time refunded back to the account I paid from after this mess.
  5. Quor_Dresden

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    No.no. doubt it. yes
  6. Quor_Dresden

    Do you have a loss streak ritual?

    Going for a chat ban or forum ban seems to be a nice way to go
  7. I would change the title of your thread to please create events that almost any player can do. Especially holiday events. Only diamond companies get to bend everyone over on the holidays, learn your place WGs! goosh!
  8. Quor_Dresden

    Do you have a loss streak ritual?

    After one loss in any ship I change to another ship class. If I continue to lose after a few class changes I shut off the game for a while and come back later.
  9. Quor_Dresden

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    If that were true then no one would be asking questions about how the reward system works. But it has been repeated in this thread due to the odd manner in witch is was presented. In a perfect world ya the charity should be primary concern, actually in a perfect world we would not need charities. But that is not the case and many will only do it for the specific reward they want. Yes, they should back out if they are brought to the charity site with the idea of getting a specific ship. Giving to charity is a good idea, but the out come or handling of money has been proven to not be so good. Example: Sorry I dont have a link it has been some years since I read about this story. A shoe maker advertised for every pair of shoes he sells he will donate one pair to some third world country. Sounds nice right.. wrong. All it did was put local shoe makers out of business and hurting the local economy at the same time. Some charities have been proven to be scams as well so we should be very careful how we go about donating. Just because you feel are worm and toasty thinking you did something good does not mean you actually helped anyone but yourself by donating. As far as it relates to the PR event. Anything the makes WGs seem questionable will bring up the PR event regardless if it relates. People are so mad WGs just needs to say hello and many will bring up the PR event. Topic of Subs, turns into topic of the PR event. Topic on upcoming changes, turns into fix the PR event first. And rightfully so.
  10. It is a great idea, would be so much better if they introduced it with a set of directives or missions that almost everyone could do easily. Tier 5 or 6 ship would of been a fine reward. Then later they can do a harder one for a high tier ship with it spelled out plainly in the first sentence of the advertisement that it will be for only a few dedicated players. Or those that want to spend the money. Still should not be nearly has hard/ impossible as this current event.
  11. Happy holidays everyone from WGs here is an amazing event for everyone to enjoy! Oh wait.... sorry .. just a select mighty few will have the smallest change of completing the event. WGs reminds me of the old arcade days. They would have all the machines that eat your quarters half the time, with no refunds of course.
  12. Quor_Dresden

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    This is exactly how WGs gets themselves in trouble with the community. Instead of it being strait forward give to charity and receive this. We get..... give to charity, select your reward and you may or may not get the reward you select. Classic Bait trap. I got no problem with giving to charity but I would encourage all to not go through a middle man for starters. The bait trap is simple, its all about getting you on to the charity page. For many im sure the bait is the ships. Once you find out the ship or ships you want are not available you have an increased chance to donate anyway due to already being there, and many will avoid feeling bad for backing out due to not getting the ship you want. Congrats you been trapped. I agree with other posts in this thread. Return money from the PR mess not just dubs. Then maybe some will me more interested in donating. Wouldn't hurt if everyone got the reward they select either.
  13. To bad, make me a tad happier if WGs had to give back actual money.
  14. Really? Is it a dubs refund or an actually cash refund for those that want it? If it is just a dubs refund especially if people payed for dubs just for the boosters then it is still insulting. It does at least ring in a way that they admit they messed up.
  15. Quor_Dresden

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    I will be back out there at some point most likely. Taking a break from playing this game to play another due to the offence of such an obvious marketing money grabbing gimmick. Just here to release my frustration till i get bored or forum banned again. Playing Eve online, where you always have the choice to either pay with in game currency or real money. Nice to play a honest game for a while.