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  1. Citadel_Princess

    More challenging teammates when using blue boosters

    People is just braindead, after many complains the only thing i learned is cope since neither community or wg are focused on their game :D
  2. Citadel_Princess

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    Iowa, Brest, Fdg, Adriatico, Udaoli. In general, T9 are the Tier by excellence in downgrades
  3. Citadel_Princess

    How is the Huron?

    ya guys still annoying even on holidays [edited]
  4. Citadel_Princess

    How is the Huron?

    Atm, will prefer to grind kansas instead of playing this crap
  5. Citadel_Princess

    Random's Worst Ever.

    Holidays just make the bad and horrid players return. had a massa that was just facing T7 and T6 on a flank, guess what did he do? stay behind the rocks until all the flank was loss. This already happenes every year, holidays just make the playerbase worse for a while. best thing i could recommend is playing on div with your clanmates until those players get out again
  6. Citadel_Princess

    Do not buy Iwami

    Somwehat ppl thinking the ship is good because they got good results. Lets just apply this rule to every ship knowed in-game. FR25 is actually a good DD for the tier :nerd:
  7. Citadel_Princess

    Why do you play WoWS

    I dont even know why im playing this game. No friends play it, No one wants to div, No teammate has an actual good performance, etc etc. I just think, if league of legends is a mental-breaker, WoWs is just the insanity and madness preview of hell. Idk, but maybe playing on sunday nights isnt the best idea, so who knows!
  8. Citadel_Princess

    Look, this is called "stupid bb"

    How that matters lol
  9. Im just kinda concerned how our team was supposed to attempt to win this, Like, How my shimas actually fight the HE spam from the delny and smalland, or how the schlieffens are supposed to survive
  10. Citadel_Princess

    Why are Battleships so nerfed

    He´s lying, no way he could do 100 dmg with the shell (independent of the caliber, HE or AP, secondary or main battery)
  11. Citadel_Princess

    Why are Battleships so nerfed

  12. Citadel_Princess

    Coal ship decisions

    Malta is my next target, purcharsed alvaro since it has a kinda unique gameplay. Indeed, malta is one of the most powerful CVS atm, with a very high carry potential
  13. Citadel_Princess

    Battleship players

    Fr, is there someone that BB players dont complaing about it? Cv uses planes? BB complains Sub does torps? BB complains CL do damage? BB complains CA Angles? BB complains Torp boat Torps? BB complains Gunboat do damage? BB complains BC sets on fire them? BB complains Enemy BB just do better? BB complains And complains and still complains instead of looking at their mistakes to perform better Worst ever, most of them just end like this, LOL
  14. Citadel_Princess

    More One Sided Battles

    No dds in that agir game
  15. Citadel_Princess

    More One Sided Battles

    yeh bro, my fault that my sub being dumb and not spotting enemy BBs isnt good enought to carry the game :((