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  1. MBRicochet

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    If they had not decided to give them so many barrels they would not be having so many problems. I would have simply loved a very stealthy 9 barrel boat with sap, e smoke, and good AA that can work closer to caps and support DDs with AA and cruiser blapping. Instead we got these things. Ending in a 16 sap balance nightmare. I want a t10 Marco Polo with much buffed AA. At least I think I do based off how it looks and that stats. Ironically the reason I got Kremlin was the AA. I rather enjoyed being able to move up with DDs and help them. Back field sniping has its moments.
  2. MBRicochet

    Reduce number of possible fires to two

    I would say buff tank and secondary builds survivability. A limited incentive exists to go Secondary, an even smaller exists to go full survival. You don't seem to get enough boosts from the survival skills to justify not taking deadeye. If you are getting close, you might as well take secondary so if you get a good push it is a lot of fun.
  3. MBRicochet

    ST 0.10.1, changes to test ships.

    I'd figure the beef cake German DDs that aren't fast, aren't stealthy, and don't have smoke/heals would need point blank torps. Seriously. Give the German DDs long range, slow torps with fast reload, and a choice to replace hydro with a super heal or something. I mean, I don't know how they play but I really don't like how these are shaping up.
  4. MBRicochet

    How to Kill a Game....

    You are over analyzing it. I'm commenting on the problem at scale, but I'm drinking and probably don't make sense. Mahalo brada.
  5. MBRicochet

    How to Kill a Game....

    I just enjoy the increasing social retaliation cycle as companies rightfully seek to maximize profit, and people get more angry at perceived violations of reciprocity in their digital purchases. It's a perfect storm. I wonder who's going to be the next one up a clock tower?
  6. MBRicochet

    AFK Belittling

    I've come to accept that chat is better off turned off. I wish WG would give an option in the boot that disables chat that cannot be switched back on without restarting the game. Or a "sensitive content enabled" mode where only people with it enabled can see your messages or something if you opt to be "extra." I'd happily opt into seeing all the abuse and spicy chat. Playing a multi-player game without smack talk and jokes is... well I am not sure I can even use the metaphore.
  7. Separate effects based on gun size. 381 and below get 10%. 420 and below get 7.5%. Anything bigger gets 5%. Basically it is awesome on Roma. Don't mess it up on Roma. K thnx.
  8. MBRicochet

    Roma with new skills

    I played Roma with deadeye and really liked it. Actually works well together. I'd recommend it.
  9. MBRicochet

    FDG and GK Finally dead?

    The secondary German BBs need help imo. Last night I had a few good games. They can be very strong if allowed to be. They are not consistent. This game needs more BBs able to push and mix it up. The German BBs are some of the few that actually given you an incentive to get close. One thing that I believe will drastically help gk and fdg is an improved heal. The second is increase the accuracy of the secondary guns more. In general I'd like to see one of the secondary skills improve secondary turret survival more. Other than that..I don't know.
  10. MBRicochet

    Deadeye needs to go

    *Laughs in thunderer* *Cries in GKs* Seriously. I tried to play GK a few rounds. OMG talk about a HE hell scape. I didn't believe it was possible to make it worse to try to play a close range BBs. It is now.
  11. MBRicochet

    New German DD Line

    I hope they have a decent heal. I like EU DDs. We shall see.
  12. MBRicochet

    Tactics to deal with Cristoforo Colombo

    I am sad they went the way they did for the BBs. I wanted the t10 to be a stealthy 9gun ship. Fast with amazing armor. Good AA. Less health. We need less 12+ gun gimmick boats. All I want is a t10 Iowa or something. Marco Polo at T10 with better AA, 6km range, would have been amazing. So damn close. I always thought the RM ships were best fast, sleek, stealthy. The T9 and T10s seem so out of place to me. I really want Marco Polo. The tech tree ships not so much.
  13. MBRicochet

    Another T10 acquired

    I enjoy audacious. She's a fun CV. Her carpet bombers can be disappointing but those torp planes are fun! Enjoy the new CV and ignore the haters. I get the most out of the bombers and torps by going after targets next to islands. They often leave just enough space to arms the torps. Use the island for cover and come over the top. They love that. If you can get Cunningham the extra speed helps more then you'd expect for two floods in a match.
  14. MBRicochet

    Is the Black coming to Armory soon?

    I was hoping Black would show up atleast in Xmas containers... maybe they are spacing it out a little. 9.12 maybe? I dono. Im sitting on 500k coal.. the only other thing I want is Marco Polo and I'm hoping she's coal. Lol. I'd snag black in a second if she comes out like neut.
  15. I dont know how they can make CVs "balanced" by their nature they are extremely powerful. Having a CV changes the game play. I prefer CVs. This is due to spotting and having something that in my opinion makes matches more interesting. I think the best thing they can do is increase AA ranges across the board to magnify mutual support for surface ships. Additionally id like to see all DDs get heals at higher tiers. Again, I play a lot of CVS. I also enjoy DDs. I enjoy being DD in CV matches. I'd prefer to have a CV in my games regardless of what I'm playing. My biggest wish is for CVS to be able to counter play against eachother more. Fighters should be more useful against other planes. The fighter consumable is a joke. Lots of suggestions of how to improve them. Something simple id like to see is have the fighters recharge and attack faster somehow. I hate being a CV trying to protect my team and being unable to do so. The worst is small games with CVs were their power just magnifies.