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  1. Yea. It is a good looking boat. Tune it down to 9 guns. Offer an alternative to Hindy. Keep Hindy in a better spot for range and overall damage potential, like how it is now. Offer a special/premium that trades firepower for better AA and some utility flavor.
  2. Can it happen please? A tuned up AGIR would be awesome. Buff the AA, give it 8 or 10 Elbing Torps on each side for lulz. Ice breaker. Perhaps a Hindy sized ship. Downsize the main battery to 9 guns 3x3. Give it better speed, concealment and AA. 9 of those 210mm guns would work well. Could be a downsized version of the new super ship. I like the look of it. 33.5knots with a 11-12km detection with all the fixings. I like this idea a bit better than super AGIR. Reckon the main battery difference would be less enough it doesn't creep Hindy as long as it doesn't out range it. I rather like the seamines. To much fun flinging those out into a cap zone. Having the longer range torps adds some flavor. Anyway. T10 German Cruiser please. Also New Jersey. God knows you guys need money with all this so go go gadget dock yard or something.
  3. MBRicochet

    people reporting because you play a cv

    In Coop a lot of people don't like CVS because it means there is a CV and the bot CVS tend to drag out the match because they run to the end of the map.
  4. The secret is wanting to play arms race like me. I never get that game mode so if you hate arms div up with me. I've played alot the past two nights. I've got arms race maybe twice. Lol Also I love Halland in arms race. So many fish be flying.
  5. MBRicochet

    CV's in Ranked

    LOL. This. Unironicly. The amount of ranked games in silver last season go completely sideways for a team due to a Yugo getting clubbed early and often is painful. Yugo and Yoshino are blighted boats for ranked far to often for me. I hate to see em on my time. Though a good Yugo can be great. They forget their beast weapon is their radio and not their fish or firepower. The 8-9 spread is best. T8 CVs dominate less. If only it was 9v9 or better. 6v6 still doesn't feel great when a CV is present.
  6. MBRicochet

    Help to choose what to get.

    Meta is kinda odd right now. Subs n such. AGIR has been good to me, basically German Alaska. Kidd is solid. I'd stick to ships that have decent AA because CVs are pretty common. I'd also lean towards ships with range. Alot of the games I've been in have been arms reach. Subs seem to be causing even less pushing by BBs and cruisers. So it seems to be a lot of touch and go game play. Atago unironicly seems decent of the ones you listed. Chkalov is the strongest CV in the shop, just got nerfed unsure if it will get more tuning. I'd avoid brawling BBs atm as they get thrashed. Requires good timing and boats like Tirptiz get absolutely hounded by CVs. Atlanta has poor range and if u get up tiered you will probably have an especially bad time. If you want brawly secondary just go for the German battle cruiser line. By brawly I mean they are aggressive and fast. Let's you choose when to "go for it" and the speed let's you "stay out of it" if it is time to get away. BB meta is very snipey until mid to late. Sharn is still a good boat. Hurts when up tiered. Gets up tiered often. Hood has been good to me. BBs in general have been having a hard time. Especially slow BBs that cannot outrun HE spam and subs. UK BBs seem to be some of the happier ones because their strong HE let's you slap the snot out of DDs if you can. Tier 8 gets up tiered alot with 9s and 10s. Lots of people at those Tiers. T6 gets up tiered alot again T8. MM has been pretty rough. The only premium ships I find myself playing alot that you can still buy are Chak because she is OP, AGIR and Kidd. I agree with the other guy. Play what you got until you get a feel for it again. Not saying you won't have fun with German BBs, the experience can be down right abusive sometimes.
  7. MBRicochet

    Mecklenburg or Bourgogne for steel?

    Just got Mecklenburg. Bourgogne is a better experience. I suggest getting Bourgogne first.
  8. MBRicochet

    People quitting the game

    I would wager it isn't the fact that subs and CVs are in the game. It is probably more that people who start this game and a lot of casuals probably lean to playing BBs. I cannot imagine leveling up BBs in this environment, with non maxxed commander skills etc is at all fun.
  9. MBRicochet

    Subs and MM still as bad as ever in 0.11.4

    I generally like new stuff. I dont like subs. They are basically the worst aspects of a torp DD but more irritating. DDs are to busy farming or capping. So the subs just sneak past and wreck the BBs or go Yolo after the CV. It would not be bad but BBs are already pressured enough. They cannot move up. They cannot stay mid. Now they cannot stay back. I've seen enough rounds where a Sub or two sneaks through and you just see all the BBs migrate to the other side of the map. Lol. So few DDs already don't counter other DDs and even less seem interested in hunting subs. It doesn't really look fun for DDs to hunt subs. On top of that it just adds two more rarely seen ships. It isn't making for engaging game play. It just makes it even worse when you have DDs that die early.
  10. MBRicochet

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Update on my impression of Meck. More like Marlborough. Basically just a better version of it. Works best as a long range HE spammers. Nasty AP for cruisers. Keep your health till mid or later game. I'd say Bourgogne does what Meck does but better. Main battery gun angles hurt it alot at mid or close range. Meck is a good BB for the meta of staying back. Very much a burn the world down feel for me. DFAA helps with CVs. Meck really does need hyrdo. I'd take Shiki, incomparable and Bourgogne before Meck. Though the accuracy is present. You can hammer the snot out of cruisers. An absolute nightmare for CLs and the shell speed is enough to threaten DDs.
  11. MBRicochet

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    I like AGIR. She feels like a German Alaska. I am still seeing how I feel about Meck. The HE spam is legit. You are basically two AGIRs worth of fire power.
  12. MBRicochet

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Meck handles like a Fdg but shoots like a hyper charged AGIR. I think the closest ship she plays like ironicly is Thunderer. Lots of fires.
  13. MBRicochet

    A question for those familiar with CVs

    For COOP? Play both the IJN or US CV t4 a few games. Go with what feels better. The only other one is RU. Since bots sail straight they are satisfying to delete with RU big strikes but theyll get in less spotting due to how they work. USN is considered a general purpose line for a reason. Don't over think it.
  14. MBRicochet

    First steel ship soon, looking for advice

    Austin for me plays like a skinny Americanized radar Minotaur, but you trade half your torps and radar for super dakka mode every few minutes. Ragnar is different. She is a hulked out Friesland. Ragnar is worth the steel IMO. Other than that Bourgogne is worth the steel, so is Shiki and Stalin. Incom can be if you are into the strange. FDR is meh unless you are a CV junky.
  15. MBRicochet

    People quitting the game

    I enjoy the ships I have. When I see people grinding through ranked desperately trying to farm steel. Screaming profanity at everyone clearly not playing for fun, I can say they are certainly addicted. I cannot say this game is social. Games like Squad are social. A game where you communicate with people is social. The vast majority of this games requires zero communication. It limits entertainment value. It is pretty. I enjoy the ships but to many blowouts and not enough redeeming qualities. Winning is fun, losing sucks. In most other games you can really banter or smack talk. This game seems very sensitive. This game lacks the open hostile drama to redeem its comically casual match making. The reality to my time playing this game is I have several ships I like. I take em out hoping for a good fight. I might play for an hour. I might splerge for a day. I am not a try hard. I usually play drunk. I get maybe 1 or 2 close matches a night that give me the fix I am chasing out of 10. Far to many times I hit the battle button and end up just feeling like it was a waste of time. "Ooooh, we stomp you! Ooooohhh, you stomp us! Oooooh. So engaging!" Don't get me wrong, I'm always looking for that comeback story. It seems pretty rare. I just want more matches that aren't blowouts. I like game modes like arms race World of Warships needs to Double Down on new game modes. I am at boredom saturation levels with ranked. Randoms feel stale due to blowouts. I'm glad arms race is being added. I'd like a "large randoms" option where I can be assured that I'll get at least a 12 V 12 game. I firmly think having larger matches would make for better game play. That and reducing the DOT farm meta on BBs. It really feels like if you want battle influence you need to play a DD or CV. Which I find irritating.