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  1. MBRicochet

    Game format suggestion, "Taskforce Randoms"

    A lot of fun options can be had with compositions. Even having bonuses for certain historical ships being taskforced together. I don't think given even 2 more lives would actually increase the round length that long. I can't imagine more than 10 minutes. The way I think of it, it'll cause probably 20 to 30 percent of games to actually end with the clock instead of 70+ percent over before the half way mark.
  2. The goal of this game format is to offer something novel and hopefully fun. With a side goal increasing the odds of any given player having a satisfying moment per round. We begin with normal randoms format. 12v12 etc. I would like to see a 24v24 Grand Random mode for a "big team battle" experience. Same maps and same modes. Now we add the twist. You will be selecting, for this example, 3 ships total to enter the fight. A primary and 2 back ups. When your ship is destroyed you spawn in the next one of the order you selected in Port. You will spawn in the starting area of your team in an area not in detection of an enemy ship or in the path of a torpedo. The scores of each ship in round is tracked separately for xp, credits etc. Your round score is the combined of all the ships you played. Your primary ship slot is used for match making, tier and class. You may select any class of ship as you primary ship. A Supership, CV or Sub may only be selected as a primary ship. This makes removing these ships from a match significant and also eases MM issues. Secondary ships can be Battleships, Cruisers and destroyers. You may only have 1 DD per taskforce in a primary or secondary slot. You may only have up to 2 of any type ship in your taskforce. A secondary ship cannot be a higher tier than your primary and may only be up to one tier lower. A taskforce could look like this. Ohio>Gearing>Wooster Midway>Alaska, Zao Hannover, Ragnar, Yodo GK>Shiki>Stalingrad Shima>Agir>Alaska Etc etc. This will allow a match to start fully including all variety and gimmicks. Then as it progresses settle into a more traditional battle. It makes removing extra annoying ships like CVs and Subs more impactful. It also limits superships spam. I believe the matches would flow better and increase the odds of any given player having a better experience. There, constructive suggestion. Take it or leave it.
  3. MBRicochet

    New IJN light cruisers

    I came back from a decently long break, looked at Yodo and decided I'd use some flags to grind for it. Cool looking ship. Don't bother. It is a light cruiser that handles worse than some heavy cruisers. You don't bounce any AP the armor seems specially calculated to be terrible. Do not be seen in any of these things or you will die. They aren't really fast. Did I mention they handle awful? Yodo feels like Puerta Rico. Basically imagine playing some like, but with Wooster armor. Which is basically what Yodo seems like. An IJN wooster. With less damage or utility, but gains torps. Which, I will admit are fun. I have gotten a surprising number of kills with the torps. In the end, if they don't drastically improve this ship. Skip the whole line. It is trash. The whole line needs buffs to handling. I think WG balanced these things under the usual stereotype of the IJN sniper. Which is a shame. Reduce main battery range to 16km base. Reduce the drag so the shells keep their speed. Buff all the handling. Especially turning circle and rudder. Focus these cruisers into being mid to close range cap contesters. Heavy salvo to smash a DD or other cruiser. Less about DPM spam. Long range torps for flavor and area control. That would make these cool looking ships useful. Yodo is so bad you could give the current version 32mm HE pen default and a super heal. The ship would still be bad. The only thing good is the torps, which cant deliver absurd games. Every game I've broken 100k has been solely due to torps. Nothing to do with my skill, just people deleting themselves on them. TLDR, bad line, not good. Avoid.
  4. MBRicochet

    Game has turned into a turd storm.

    For solutions? I think the coming changes to AA will further help the CV issue. The next would be revisting secondaries. I am of the opinion that all secondaries should be buffed significantly in accuracy. Adjust the balance of BBs and relevant cruisers accordingly. I say this based off the fact that Schlieffen was one of the only BBs I've played that was satisfying. Lost that match but it was still fun. Every BB should have that secondary accuracy IMO.
  5. MBRicochet

    Game has turned into a turd storm.

    Came back after taking a few months off to knock off snowflakes. Feeling zero incentive to buy Santa crates. I've pretty regularly whales them since I started playing. The state of the game is resoundingly "meh." I had some fun matches with DDs but everything else has been either boring or dissapointing. Seems like DDs are the only ships that can effectively engage every other ship in most situations. I'm very aware of the grind feeling working on these flakes. Im still going through the ships I generally like and it is a chore. I'm a bit ocd so I will work through it. Generally I'm noticing the same trends of BBs and cruisers unwilling or unable to make moves. Lots of extremely passive play. Leaving DDs and subs to determine the battle. Most battles seem to follow that pattern. Subs either go without contest and terrorize the big ships or just get blapped by being dumb. DDs fight it out with minimal support. The team with the better DDs wins the vast majority of the time. Which is why DDs are fun. Very few helpless moments. If you die its generally because you messed up. You feel in control. I've had matches in a DD that I've done very little damage but without question had impact. Spotting. Capping. Being a threat forcing the enemy to make mistakes. Ive several 200k damage BB games. Sunk multiple ships. Other BBs and cruisers. In the end it felt useless. Not finding a lot of satisfaction.
  6. I just finished my build with black Friday "sales" long over due. 7700x from a 4790k. For monitors, I ended up getting the Alienware 34" curved 2k one. It is absolutely beautiful. I was skeptical of the curved screen thing but I'm sold on it now. Spendy but I am not regretting it.
  7. I got one of those 34" Alienware curved monitors. I really like it. The ultra wide is great. I was sceptical but I'm not going back to flat monitors. Especially games like star citizen look phenomenal.
  8. You aren't alone. Yoshino is one of the ships I dread seeing on my team. I've seen only a precious few people play that ship in a way that I appreciated them showing up. I consider the ship a liability. I like to be proven wrong but I do not understand why people bring that ship into ranked.
  9. MBRicochet

    Please make a "Surface Ship Only" Randoms Mode

    "Suck it up BB main lol!" Same folks who cried so hard WG needed rocket planes because it "ruined" the DD experience. BBs are big and cool. So people play them no matter what. They pay for it by being used to make everyone else happy. Fire mechanics destroy any semblance of BB "might." The problem is people want to play BBs regardless of how frustrating they are. So no one cares if the BBs whine because they queue right back up for more abuse. Want to see change? Stop playing BBs. They care about metrics. You are not a battered housewife. You can leave. Go play some other class or some other game. Maybe if we start having more games with one BB per team it will be better. The simple fact is if you are having a bad time go put your time elsewhere. Also BBs like DDs are often thirsty for big numbers. With the same result. A team wtih DDs that ignore enemy DDs to farm BBs probably is going to have a bad time. The best thing a BB can do is shoot stuff to help its spotters.. But team play. The fact is BBs feel forced to lean on DDs especially for spotting and screening. The result is most people think BBs arent as strong as they are but they aren't leveraging their own team to maximize their effectiveness. The two things BBs seem to need is a rework of the fire mechanics because slowly burning to death from pop guns is...lame. Also a general buff to all secondaries accuracy. Not so much range but an enemy DD within 7km of your BB should be getting shot to pieces. Many moons ago I got a friend to start playing wows with me. He got to the N. Carolina and had a few games where a DD ambushed him. All talk of balance, coping or whatever was out the window. He was done. "That stupid little boat can just do that while all those guns just miss? What is the point? That is dumb and I'm out. Yea I crushed half his health with the one shot I got but I'm dead and he got away with it." lol never got him to play again.
  10. MBRicochet

    DevBlog 341 - New ships - Closed testing 0.11.7

    Malta looks like a T10 UK version of an Enterprise and Kaga having a baby. Just an absolute plane factory. Though im happier to see this than another Nakimov. At least your victim will get to shoot some planes down. Be a good CV for people to get AA Def awards fighting against. Those attacks are going to be heavy. Attack plane strike of 40 rockets...same rockets as Audacious. Ouch. Those DBs will be dropping 20 ap bombs for a strike. 5 planes with 4 bombs at 4300 a piece....torps is 4 as well. That is alot of volume. Torps same as the audacious ones too? So it gets the weaker planes that are slow but an extremely faster regen rate. 78, 94, and 88 vs 64, 64 and 51? *edit, those regen times are with that 5% module but no captain for audacious* She will need that regen rate with those slow planes but this thing seems to just shadow over Audacious. Odd thing. Malta rockets are 9% fire chance while Audacious is 10% for rockets. Damage and pen are same. Those slower planes and that volume will be a DD nightmare for the attack planes and torps. We shall see how they handle that. Aircraft:Attack aircraftHit points - 2190, cruising speed - 137.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 4, aircraft per squadron - 12, aircraft restoration time - 64 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 18.Rockets in playload - 10, maximum rocket damage - 2350, armor penetration - 28 mm, chance to cause fire – 9 %.Torpedo bombersHit points - 2250, cruising speed - 136.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 4, aircraft per squadron - 12, aircraft restoration time - 64 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 18.Torpedoes in payload - 1, maximum torpedo damage - 5933, aerial speed - 35 knots, torpedo range - 2.4 km, torpedo arming distance 470 m.Dive bombersHit points - 2320, cruising speed - 134.0 knots, size of attacking flight - 5, aircraft per squadron - 15, aircraft restoration time - 51 s, detectability range - 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck - 23.Bombs in playload - 4, bomb type - AP, maximum bomb damage - 4300.
  11. MBRicochet

    Huron is the PR Dockyard’s Bonus Ship

    PR is one of the only dockyard ships I enjoy. It's a good ship. Glad it will be available again but I cannot help but feeling like it should have been brought over as a steel ship. It seems like a misplay for the dock yard ships to do a second appearance. Just my take. Odin got HP gimped. Hizen is just "meh." ZF6 is good. I almost forgot anchorage exists in game. D7P is OKish. The sense that dockyard ships are cash traps for below average boats exists for a reason. Out of all the dockyard ships PR is the only one I am glad I got. The rest I must admit, I'd probably ask for a refund. Having dockyard ships be of quality enough to justify a steel price tag on their return how many years after would be a good measure of value and flow better with content.
  12. MBRicochet

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    I just got Black. 3 games and 3 wins. Feels like a Fletcher. 35kts speed. I've been getting an unbelievable amount of torp hits. These torps are so slow, people change course, and change back just to eat the torps sent at them 3m ago. More accurately, you just launch the torps at random where no targets are at by the time the torp arrives some enemy has sailed into them. The torps are so slow they are OP. Black to me feels best played defensively. I think a lot of people are thinking smoke radar is an I win combo, charging in and getting whacked.
  13. MBRicochet

    What to see in 2023?

    German t10 premium/special cruiser. USA New Jersey, preferably a T10 suped up Iowa. The ability to opt out of one game mode for premium accounts. Increased player count for matches. 12v12 surface ships with subs and CVs added to their own MM slots so we don't get these empty feeling rounds. For for a match with 1 sub and 1 CV per team is actually 14v14. A rework of fire mechanics.
  14. Half the players in any match gotta lose. You want more wins go div up. Maybe take some meds so you stop caring. WG wants you frustrating so you open your wallet. Maybe that new premium will fix it, eh? Perhaps OP FOTLM ship X will do the trick? Just meh it. Would be nice if they added a scuttle options or surrender vote just to get it over with. It isn't the losing that is annoying, it is that you cant get your ship back until it is over. I get why.
  15. MBRicochet

    Just Now on NA server - 1CV, 5DDs, 2 SSs.

    Meh. Had a chance to play today after a months long vacation. I think 2 cv games should be mandatory to offset the DD dominance. Slight joke but at least with a CV around things sometimes get spotted. Breaking even on the fun factor. Basically just hitting the random button hoping to get an arms race mode. Waiting for some buddies to get online to mess around in Star Citizen, absolutely amazing game btw. Accept the fact if you care about winning get good at a DD. Not a lot of cruisers in matches. This game is basically BB junkies chasing big numbers, DD players actually fighting (or not) over who wins with everyone whining about subs/CVs. I dare say this game is about equal footing in fun factor for me as 2042, which as been uninstalled a while ago. I'd be happier if I could just play arms race. That mode is actually fun atm. Makes everything else noticeably less fun. Nothing can be done about MM. To many variables. Id rather just have bigger matches with more ships. If you aren't having fun take a break. Avoid the grind. Don't try to buy victory in the shop. Other games exist.