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  1. SkullCowboy_60

    Depth Charges sink Liberty Ships?

    Magnetic detonators were problematic throughout both world wars in that they measured the change a big metal ship made based on the earths magnetic field. Problem is the earths field is not consistent everywhere which resulted in LOTS of premature detonations. The hedge hog was a contact weapon. That's why it could us a much smaller charge.
  2. SkullCowboy_60

    AA needs to be wound back tier 8 and above.

    Getting pinked because your skill level on a CV isn't up to par is horse manure. This has been brought up before and ignored.
  3. SkullCowboy_60

    Your monthly super container

    Same camo for me. More for the conversion mill.
  4. SkullCowboy_60

    Depth Charges sink Liberty Ships?

    Convoy mode is temporary. I doubt it will be fixed before it's over.
  5. SkullCowboy_60

    The Weimar

    Build her for speed and torp reload. Go for your favorites on everything else. Reds spawn in with empty tubes and guns. You want to use the speed boost to be there when they do.
  6. SkullCowboy_60

    Co-OP loses

    Yea, in fact, you get ranted on if you do well sometimes.
  7. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Oklahoma Water Ski Federation?! Shocking. I kid, wasn't here when they removed that but I read there was much gnashing of teeth. Especially by folks who had just purchased a certain premium DD that was advertised for it.
  8. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Ahhh, but the developer sanctions and even promotes said cheats. Any and all can download them right from this forum. The horror. How can you can you even be here with such insidious and, dare I say, wicked behavior.
  9. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Because that is what I hear when you blather on about 'cheating'. What you are doing is trying to get everyone else to bend to your moral compass. I don't see it your way. But hey, keep on looking down your nose at all us 'cheaters' and continue your crusade to make all of the disadvantaged folks safe from us abhorrent mod users. I'll keep on disagreeing with you and pointing out why I think YOU are wrong.
  10. SkullCowboy_60

    Does Ahskance Even Read The Forums?

    How about Campaign commanders talent activations?
  11. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Strawman much? Try harder. Try again.
  12. SkullCowboy_60

    Does Ahskance Even Read The Forums?

    You haven't been to see us PVE folks of late.
  13. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Fixed that for you.
  14. SkullCowboy_60

    Pyotr Velikiy Captain Mission (PVE Thread)

    He doesn't come down here much anymore...
  15. SkullCowboy_60

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Anyone who was capable of installing the game itself can install Modstation. I did it. Can't speak for Aslains as I haven't tried it but I am assuming it's just as simple. Also, quality of computer is a factor in many options that are in the vanilla game so where do you draw that line? Anyway it's all moot. WG gets to decide, not rando self appointed moralists. They have so, not cheats.