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  1. SkullCowboy_60

    BB requesting support in co-op battle

    This. Spawn on the flank and head to the outside edge of the cap. Teammates all head opposite. Look up and the entire red bot team is heading to MY cap. I have occasionally, as the PT counter ratchets up towards the max, requested support.
  2. Realism. Please stop using that word. It has no bearing on the game. Realism. Indeed, realism because when an ally stole your kill or failed to smoke or spot at your command you torped or salvo'ed them in real life.
  3. SkullCowboy_60


    Yea, I opened the game center and it started d/ling an update. A bit later I noticed a Click to Install update button. So I did. Took a fair amount of time to install. Still same game version. <shrug>
  4. SkullCowboy_60

    When is WG going to announce Modern Naval Warfare?

    Agreed. Anybody remember the Harpoon series of video games? While fun, it was almost all beyond visual range combat. Same would apply to any 'modern' naval combat game. Won't be this crowd that plays it.
  5. SkullCowboy_60

    People with bad computers and bad internet

    Memories. Surfing the BBS scene on my Hayes V-Series Ultra Smartmodem 9600. Screeching modem tones and VGA Planets.
  6. SkullCowboy_60

    Airstrikes nerfed (Devblog)

    General changes of the "Airstrike" of researchable cruisers: So TT ships. Increased the bombs drop zone; So bigger area, harder to get out of? Reduced the time bombs fall; Do the bombs fall faster or is this due to lower altitude (last line). If they actually fall faster AND lower height then harder to avoid. Increased the number of bombs dropped by each plane; More bombs could offset any reduction in fire chance and damage per bomb. Reduced the planes' flight height. See Reduced Fall Time. Is it both or one because of the other. The De 7 Provinciën actually gets a nerf to the Airstrike, the TT ships will be a wait and see.
  7. Added an underwater environment for most of the maps, including seabed relief and the underwater parts of islands. This innovation will help submarines navigate the battlefield while submerged. Will also ground your ship and detonate torps in what looks like open water. Yay.
  8. Howdy back sir! Staying dry?
  9. SkullCowboy_60

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Played a few games in her last night. I need more practice with her so nothing spectacular but fun? YES! There is something about that rocket assist takeoff. And lining up on a target to fire guns then hit them with the planes or vice versa. I have some CV's (got three of the silly things out of crates) and don't play them much because I don't really enjoy the playstyle. Ise? This is different. This is fun. Tone is going to be T8? I will be watching for her too.
  10. SkullCowboy_60

    ISE - CV Events Or BB Events Or Both

    Played some games in her yesterday. No advancement of the CV mission in the dockyard so...
  11. The I-401 carried Aichi M6A1 Seiran planes. Unless it was on a cocktail napkin, there was no M6A2. Why couldn't WeeGee just use the M6A1?
  12. SkullCowboy_60

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Hey, there is bad, then there is dad joke. This was dad joke and made me chuckle so good on ya. As for the Ise, bought her first thing this morning and (while pretending to work) messed around in a training room but haven't got to take her into a match yet. Looking forward to it, will come back with my thoughts when I do.
  13. SkullCowboy_60

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Best review I've read since...since...I've read this review!!!
  14. SkullCowboy_60

    Ise latter Most Turret

    Jingles posted a vid today featuring the Ise so you can see it while maneuvering and firing.