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  1. SkullCowboy_60

    Monthly Container Day

    7500 coal and 25 green CXP bonus
  2. SkullCowboy_60

    Spanish Cruiser event...

    Wait, what!?!? My personal challenges started at 300BXP. What gives!?!?!
  3. SkullCowboy_60

    New settings menu

    It's a settings menu. To be honest, once I had it set up a couple years ago I think the only reason I ever had to go back in was to fix my crosshair every other patch or so as it seemed to forget which one I picked. I went in and looked at it today and, well, it's still a settings menu. I really didn't see anything to be either excited or dismayed about. <shrug>
  4. Also relative. I don't play clan battles so I found it mildly annoying when the, to me, unusable rentals showed up in my port. Now, I didn't come here to complain about it, but I get it so, not so baffling.
  5. Being free doesn't make it fun...
  6. SkullCowboy_60

    Spanish Navy

    Thanks for that, so now I know. Guess I just didn't dig deep enough.
  7. Yea, so did everyone else that finishes the relevant mission. Nothing special.
  8. SkullCowboy_60

    Spanish Navy

    What I am curious about is why WG splashed the Spanish flag colors giant size at both ends of the hull. Cursory Googling shows no such camo scheme used on any of the real life Spanish ships.
  9. The mods are made by volunteers. The delivery system is made and (sorta) maintained by WG. It's multiple failures of late are the reason I switched to Aslain's.
  10. SkullCowboy_60

    Ocean Port changed

    ^This. I use Ocean for this very reason. No plane/truck/horn/bomb/<insert annoying> noises. Once a patch I had to change it back when WG decided I HAD to see whatever they had done to one of the other ports. Now this.
  11. Go buy a Powerball ticket.
  12. SkullCowboy_60


    100 mines cleared with an ASW drop of what, 1 to 4 DC's? Not what the videos are showing. Paravane consumable (sold for silver or dubs) incoming.
  13. SkullCowboy_60

    Bearn completely broken

    After all the years that WG made excuses for why they couldn't do hull mounted torps, then miraculously did so with subs and the RN BC line, I think a BUNCH of ships that had them historically should get revisited. As for Bearn, I knew she could be a red CV's biggest nightmare, but I didn't know she was offensively strong too. I got her in a crate, may give her a try.
  14. SkullCowboy_60

    Nagato secondary fun in Narai

    Hyuga, if you have her, is a 2cndary monster. If you head straight there you can kill the Narai transports with them while using your main battery to assist the middle.
  15. SkullCowboy_60

    Are You Fracking Kidding me WG - Again !!!!!

    Pan-Asia and Pan-America. Whose ships are they using?