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  1. iamSamoth

    Farewell Olivia

    emotionally devoted to you.. rip :(
  2. iamSamoth

    Warship Masters Invitational

    fnd... nw
  3. iamSamoth

    Special Outdated Flags

    lol downvoted. mmk
  4. I did some searching on Wiki but there's not compiled listing of the previous flags that had modifiers. It has four lists of flags, but not one of the tables shows attributes, and most have an 'unknown' origin, how is that? I mean, just ask.
  5. iamSamoth

    Ship XP booster on a premium?

    i am feeling the econ pinch a bit, not having the option to stack rare sig's. But, XP on a prem is just cancer(IMHO). possibly using small increments to start emptying the prem vessels of XP? Start with your lowest, and work your way up? Likely is best to stay ahead of it. Use DB's to clean the vessel when it's used. We get 50 a month, and I sometimes get lucky with the monthly SC, or the Steam monthly followship container. Those I'd consider fair game to use as XP scrubbers. Keeping them(ships) all 'zeroed-out' would grant a small steady(ish) supply of FXP.
  6. iamSamoth

    Forum server lag?

    thats where I caught it to, but I was logged out when I first showed up, also odd, took a bit for it to get back on....ty!
  7. iamSamoth

    Some Days.

    lovely, congrats! and a 10pt skipper, and don't forget the free slot/bearth. nice pull. one to mark off the possibles list for later. PS nice run sovereign 20cits gg 1M cr
  8. i enjoy it, they could maybe tinker with the setup, maybe they could try and use this board to test starting the battle at speed,that being as fast as the slowest ship
  9. iamSamoth

    British BB Bundles... Hmmmmmm

    i do like that paint however. I've been less inspired. But at least that is nice. And yes, camo as reward is not what it used to be. I guess it's disconnect between what they still think they are worth, and what the player base actually values them at. In the past 4-5k DB for a paint was out of my league. Now with no operational buffs, they are worth a whole lot less in my book. When many were on sale for 100-200-300-500 DB I considered that much more reasonable and tempting. I was sorely pressed to not buy a few for 100-200DB. Thankfully I held out and they went back up, no pressure anymore. And I liked the idea of dispersion.
  10. iamSamoth

    Forum server lag?

    Is it just me?
  11. iamSamoth

    North Carolina help

    For me it take a bit to get used to, I think putting out of your mind the other vessels leading up to her.Something like approaching it as if it were a T1 ship may help. A spotter will help with accuracy, if you can forgo ftr pro. Since you have a decent array of AA weapons. Just signal them? Choose dedicated skills on a well trained officer, 12 more points? Just a few off the head. Def have the engine upgrade, 50% less time to full steam is helpful. And with a spotter you feel almost too close too quick. GL!
  12. iamSamoth

    Unsporting conduct

    yes it happens you can be involved and actually come out with 0dmg, ricochets, non-pens fires /wo dmg, maybe they should do 1 at least?, etc, I fought a DD for our cap once and still got scuffed.
  13. iamSamoth

    For those still driving tech tree ships often

    not one ship I think I utterly dislike, I'm happy to run almost any line bote, any nation.
  14. iamSamoth

    Just Dodge! (Music fixed)

    i like the video :) And I really enjoy the italian lines, as well.
  15. iamSamoth

    Nichelle Nichols dead at 89

    she will be missed, on all hailing frequencies. Signing off.