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  1. iamSamoth


    so. many. doubloons, oof
  2. iamSamoth


    That does not appear very compelling, for me. Sadly. Seems tedious.
  3. iamSamoth

    How About A Gimme?

    ditto, missed british tokens that way, and 25k XP daily container just by 3, others as well
  4. iamSamoth

    Patches and crests

    they drop in daily containers mostly, i have about 20? Wont take you long.
  5. iamSamoth

    Cruise Ship Collision sinks Venezuelan Navy Ship

    when does the RCGS line launch? T10 is gonna be a beast! :)
  6. this tweet just came across, apparently Mikasa is getting some work done. @Hapa_Fodder :)
  7. :) Glad I'm not the only one! I do this. I'm sitting on edge of completing the, "North Cape' Collection, just for that fact. I was waiting for the right moment. Then they were so generous with the 2 weeks of premium time, I've not had to use it. I was thinking of pooling that time, to maybe use in conjunction with a short WG Premium account. So that the 'extra' days that I can earn, accumulate 25 DB/day. For the time being that will stay on the back burner, I suppose. I considered doing it now, if it would trigger the DB payoff, but I think you have to have the Premium account before any extra credit time would count. I am still a bit hazy on how it works exactly. I have a few things waiting to be triggered to give some premium time. Sorry to derail thread.
  8. T5 & 6 with camo's, not bad in terms of events, significantly less grind. That was a welcome relief. Ended with 260 tokens. Got misc. stuff, really wish they would have made DB's available again.
  9. I get frustrated. People who know all the maps, know all the capabilities of the ships, mine and theirs, have all the bells and whistles, have premium consumables loaded, etc, etc... Some folks in the forums get it, some don't. Why they let the down-tier campers just dominate the random play field, is beyond me. It's a brick wall, and with no other aspects to the game, it becomes a relentless slog against better prepared, better equipped, better organized teams. It's harsh, and essentially thankless. I find it off-putting. The only draw I find to the game, is the stuff I can earn. The missions I can play. The random arena breeds toxic attitudes, that become apparent in Co-Op, and Op's. All the git gud sentiment from years long players is distasteful.
  10. iamSamoth

    ST, free Premium consumables

    So, if I go into a bout with all the consumables loaded, like this.... It will cost me an additional 75k CR, when the battle ends even if I don't use them? Since I have a bunch of them, doesn't it cost nothing to keep using them? What don't I understand here. Admittedly, I rarely, if ever have used them. I always considered them to valuable to simply play open games with. I have like 200 of the good damage control ones, I'd like to think they were useful. Used them in a bout, they were great! Pity they are getting removed.
  11. iamSamoth

    ST, free Premium consumables

    I am not for it. Seems to be diminishing the game. Removing some facet of uniqueness, and variety. I like them, and wish they would stay. Improve the mechanic instead of throwing it out. Better implementation, instead. Used them on Amalfi, and thought they were great! Sad to see them go. A worthwhile mechanic, imho.
  12. iamSamoth

    All premium consumable will be free

    I am late to the party, but I like the idea of having them(T2 consumables). I would argue for the continued use. Two distinct types, granted I rarely ever use the good one's, but I don't want to simply waste them getting smashed in Random. Getting to Tier 10 is no quick, or easy grind(As many here are aware). And there is no telling how many more months it will take me to get a line to 10, much less any use of the Bureau, or a line I actually want(not just the cheapest). I would however use them for Op's, and maybe for Random's I really wanted to compete in. So, I will lose all the good consumables I have been saving, and earning. I only did some of the daily missions BECAUSE they gave a consumable I wanted. Seems a waste to simply turn them into, pretty much, worthless CR. That seems like a horrible trade-off. CR are worthless, same as XP. Equivalent to being infinite, essentially, which diminishes the value of CR and XP for the game. I like the opportunity for variations.
  13. iamSamoth

    Older Collections... Worth doing?

    pretty sure azure is closed atm. the skippers went out of Armory two? patches ago?
  14. iamSamoth

    Older Collections... Worth doing?

    Thanks @DocWalker, nice table. I am slowly working my way though them. Just be sure, @SKurj that you have the 'Collecting' tab set to the one you want. It doesn't take too long to gather them, as they will drop from the daily XP containers(2k xp, 10k, 20k). I am almost done with the Yamamoto collection. I've just now gotten my floating avg. for coal around 50K. Had like 5k coal to toss at a bunch of containers, yesterday. So, 1-2(Containers) a week is a pace that works for me, atm. The rewards vary, like mentioned, but some are very nice. And, like the Dunkirk container, can drop a premium ship. I just tried again for it last night. Not only can you get the collections. But like the French container will drop a cool rare camo, 'Revolutionary'(Opened that collection last night). The 'North Cape' one drops this cool 'Hunter' camo. One of them used to drop 50 'Games . com' camo's that have +50%-100%? Credits per battle, which is OP af, imho. 50 camo's(if it dropped) for 1000 coal, was a great trade. But they took take container type away. I don't remember which one it was. I only got the camo's twice, I still have 93. They are very good paints. Also, the Bismark one and the British Cruiser one have Camo's for the Bis, and Hood, that show the battle scars from when they were sunk. Which is pretty amazing. I really want those.
  15. iamSamoth

    Patrol boat with 76mm gun vs cruise ship

    just caught this myself, The Train v. Boat, is just as loony.