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  1. iamSamoth

    How are teams decided MM?

    ty for this! e.g. Great stat right here...... The US T10 BB Montana, IJN Yamato and UK T10 BB Conqueror have the top Artillery factor in-game of 94. Asides tier 1 ships, The IJN T2 DD Tachibana has the worst with 2. And furthermore, if you have time, or don't mind. Something I am deeply curious about, with MM. *Quote wiki ~ "Note that these factors are just a basis for comparison, and can change based on what modules, upgrades, or captain skills the ship is equipped with. " Does this imply that the Match-Making does, or does not have any effect on the scoring? I would like any clarification on how various things modify the score. For example, modules, upgrades, command points, camos, signals. How are those weighed, or are they considered at all?
  2. iamSamoth

    The dock yard

    I got extra time for wallpapers? :)
  3. iamSamoth

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    I need a video card, so bad.
  4. meant to get to this. thank you for the time to put it all together. I'm only halfway-ish through, but my eyes settled down on the bottom for a min., then realized what I was looking at.... Lol. Cannot wait for the day I get to mount all super upgrade stuff and ride around. I have yet to even spend one. ohhhhhh, show tubes and guns 2gether...aahhhhh :) gg ty c, and h
  5. iamSamoth

    Identifying a ship's captain level?

    It's with nuance like this that the match-making fails to deliver for this game, imho. Not taking into account, or not weighing heavily enough, these aspects(i.e. Commander skill points, equipment fittings, upgrades, presence of camo/or not, signals, etc... versus stock craft, stock skippers(mine with yellow penalty at the time). I feel it makes Random battles very tough for starting players. But, these are shrewd points, to be well taken. Thank-you! :)
  6. iamSamoth

    How far I got on PR...

    omg, i would be raging if I had missed that coal. Especially if only by 30k. I spent about 40 hours over Fri, and Sat to avoid just that fate. It was so brutal. But, I got it, and from the containers I got a T8 EU ship (Hadia?), thanks WG. But, when I saw I might fall just short, I doubled down. 100 DB for the ship-building containers, to finish the collection, seems a bit pricey. I hate leaving things un-completed. It will likely cost 10 bucks just to get duplicates, to buy out the remaining pieces. With no other way to finish it. That's one of my big gripes.
  7. gg ** .....'Charge complete'.... :) I'd like to link these in my discord. Thanks for posting.
  8. You guys did incredibly lovely work on the shipbuilding process, it's wonderfully serene. I started making desktop wallpapers of it. I hope you will leave the AVI available. Even if we had no chance of finishing it. I'd love to be able to watch it whenever, you should be proud folks, kudos on the good work! :)
  9. iamSamoth

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

  10. iamSamoth

    Are people like this bots? What, precisely, is going on?

    i looked at this and saw my own stats, sans the tier. lol i swear i thought it was me, but for the tier.
  11. iamSamoth

    Premium Gallant

    oh good god, thank you! :) :) lol
  12. iamSamoth

    Premium Gallant

    Sorry, I mis-spoke. The Containers available in the Armory, AFAIK are not considered, 'Premium'. It was an odd hour when I typed that post. But, thank you all for the answers! :)
  13. iamSamoth

    Premium Gallant

    The reason I asked is that it out of all the containers available in the Armory, it is the only one that makes any mention of a ship. And so, even though I have finished the collection, I would still get containers, if the Gallant still drops. It could be out-dated text. Because after researching, the Premium Containers make no mention of the chance for a Gallant. I'm just curious if there is any chance if it will happen, or if it is outdated text. Hoping WG will confirm for me officially. One way or the other, plz?