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  1. sadly it does happen, it used to be MUCH worse.
  2. iamSamoth

    I would pay for access to new operations

    i would buy that game, so tired of arena death match... it's old. imho esp offline version
  3. iamSamoth

    Green Bot Hall of Fame.

    35 planes is no joke.. :) gg bot, just drained that cv
  4. iamSamoth

    grinding a line...

    only time i am interested in XP, is for some task. Otherwise I avoid it like the plague. Worthless to me for the most part, tbh.
  5. iamSamoth

    grinding a line...

    i am a rat pack hoarder, lol. I am more stingy in-game. I stockpile some of sigs I don't care about to sell. Red dragons, get sold, they only effect XP, so I keep 10-30 at most. I also sell XP paints keeping to a minimum in storage, and too keep the placemark open in the exterior view. I do use Zulu, and Zulu Hotel sigs extensively, I will purchase them with coupons(coal) when available, and use turn in tokens for paints and sigs, beyond the other turn-ins. I also pretty exclusively take the more money XP containers for daily XP acquisition nowadays(I have all I want of the others), and cash option seems to drop a port slot more often.. Awhile back I sold it all down to minimums, and garnered about 10-15M CR.
  6. any chance they will re-release the mission set you could purchase? I got it last year, thats when I broke the computer, like the day after. I missed the entire event, had paid for, and was offline for like 2-3 months... It was some series, i dont recall the reward necessarily. I kinda dont care about that... I just wanted to complete it. I got to start... finished one thing of it i think...
  7. iamSamoth

    shell arc

    she is a rage machine, love her, nothing like throwing car sized explosive ordinance on your poop deck. fwiw, i get pretty good shots from it. edit: although just looking at my co-op stats, mostly co-op main, I only have 33% main bat acc. That is quite low for me, almost by half.
  8. iamSamoth

    Co-op Doable Mission For 5X Camo (PVE Thread)

    so they are new, was almost looking it up on wiki... i have a strange sick affinity for paints... what's more, these have the rare effect of increasing CR gain. #1 in my book! ty WG Really hope it's not one of the 'get 1.2k base xp', and then up... those i am not able to do...
  9. Finished with a few hours to spare, 12ish or so. From what I was reading in the news note, we get this mission set each week, after watching the appropriate twitch cast... i think? very few spent sig, rare sigs, or paints... 7/8ths done in the course of dailies. Myoko got the workout, retired the Aoba>>? Not nearly as good as all the semi-pros out there... but i like my (Co-Op) Shia stats...
  10. iamSamoth

    Coop matches ending too soon

    it is happening, in those certain circumstances.. like those above... I get a handful at most in a day. Someone more attuned could say more definitively. However, the adjustments they made awhile back did help significantly, imho. It happens far less often now. Some minor logic tweaking could help. Some of the BB starts are still a bit far flung. They did improve it.
  11. i am on tier four, will finish it later.... 2M CR is a small grind in my play style. The 2.5 one will likely have some Narai time, I need a five star anyway... Think I get an achievement for getting 2 more ships safely through...148/150 or some such. Just finishing the 15 Cit task. Really want the bundle 7, has many nice rewards. But cost 12k tokens...
  12. i got 6 for 1200? as above, and the final task of 2.5M CR. But 2/3ish days to do it all is slightly steep. No worries, as they are bonus tokens. I've gotten enough to get the first tub already. What I realized is the extra boost of an included port slot. That's nice. If these are the tree ships great, I'll use the tokens I earn to offset the slot cost of the new ship line. The tasks are far from 'undoable'. They seem fair for the return. Ty WG... I also got all the drops from twitch this week, as it says on the page, the next viewing window does not start until the 24th for me. So I'm all caught up, except for the grind.
  13. iamSamoth

    Stricken with the forum issue

    The only place I can post on the forums.. :) But, I was able to get logged in earlier this morning in game... The forum thing just popped up today...
  14. iamSamoth

    4 freaking DD's

    DD's have all the advantages in Co-Op. If I have a DD with fast torp reloads I can own the map, before my team can get shots off.
  15. mine refuses to login in still, and continues to lock up the program. task manager to end it, then rig reboot...sigh