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  1. iamSamoth

    it's wow

    i could buy a real life actual car for that..
  2. iamSamoth

    it's wow

    i didn't even notice, is only those perms? and skippers and stuff? But really no ships in that 100K DB ? holy christ i correct myself it's 130k!!!! omg... lolollolol
  3. iamSamoth

    it's wow

    you actually wrote this? okay...wowzers
  4. iamSamoth

    Co-OP loses

    sry i'm too old for social media, i don't have/do that stuff. i'd email it if that makes a diff.
  5. iamSamoth

    it's wow

    because it speaks to the kind of people the company is.
  6. iamSamoth

    Co-OP loses

    it seems and feels that they did intend to throw it, it was just strange. The vid speaks for itself.
  7. it looks way more complicated, tbh.
  8. iamSamoth

    it's wow

    easily $1500 they wanted folks to spend, JUST THIS MONTH! But, don't ask for maps, or better MM, or things to do. An actual game.... No, count your money so you can give it to us quicker, thanks!
  9. iamSamoth

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    same unclickable
  10. iamSamoth

    Co-OP loses

    i didn't know they stop when player exits, I had had enuff at that point... I am not sure what to say... just weird.
  11. iamSamoth

    Co-OP loses

    so i figured they would ping my karma since I mentioned it in chat? Apparently it was a win? I dunno i'm watching it now. I'm using this same link cause it's easier... :) 20220623_212248_PJSC005-Furutaka-1926_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  12. iamSamoth

    Co-OP loses

    So we have people in Co-OP now who are intentionally making the green teams lose? Is this an effort on behalf of someone to hurt the business? I am not sure what this is. And I will post the replay as soon as it's done....
  13. iamSamoth

    End forced rentals

    they stopped alot of that with a quickness. I don't need them anyway. More than enough. And guess what, if they'd quit doing then people like me would not make them worry about losing 50c worth of business for making you pay to have those slots. Don't ask for new maps, or content tho'