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    History student, fan of guns and ships (duh). I spend too much time looking at spreadsheets.

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  1. Fatalimpulse

    Worcester DESIGN in 1948 and 1949?

    The Devblog gives details that would imply the T8 is based off the 6" AA cruiser scheme "A" being the Worchester preliminary with 4 double turrets and aircraft facilities. However in the devblog, her hull is the model of the T8 American CL Cleveland. In the same vein, the T9 is the hull model of the T10 USN CA Des Moines and the T10 is the hull model of the T9 USN CA Buffalo
  2. Fatalimpulse

    Worcester DESIGN in 1948 and 1949?

    Technically the T9 is not actually the Worchester prelim it claims to be. Neither is the T8 and T10. These ships are imposters among us.
  3. Fatalimpulse

    Wyvern Hacking: an exploit in the way signals are converted.

    I appreciate you sitting through all that math to figure this out, now to wait and see if it'll actually end up converting this way
  4. Fatalimpulse

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    So far, all the monetized Azur Lane commanders have been exclusive to containers, with the last collaboration event simply adding the new commanders to the loot pool for the containers, so I wouldn't bet on spending as little as 10K doubloons on getting all the new ones
  5. Thanks for taking the time to test this, guess I'll be skipping this skill for my CV builds yet again
  6. Fatalimpulse

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    In my opinion, the 155 guns are still the better choice. The shell density and better reload time make for a huge DPM bump over the 203mm set, as well as a moderately better alpha. The 203mm guns don't offset these losses with their higher per-shell alpha and fire chance.
  7. Fatalimpulse

    Possible cruiser solution? Zao buff?

    A Zao buff would be to chuck her her old HP pool
  8. It might just be me, but PT has kinda become a required skill for me. I dunno if you'd call it a "crutch" but without it my performance drops while playing DD's. I feel bad for newer players who miss out on taking it then realize 12-15 points in what they're missing.
  9. Fatalimpulse

    Lert avatar change, part 2

    The Lert Icon change saga is an enthralling story that has me hooked
  10. Fatalimpulse

    Victory Belles Trailer - Beta starts May 2021

    Kansen as a concept are spreading further through the medium of video games, and I am all here for it. More ship girl content is always good.
  11. Fatalimpulse

    Kure port is pretty neat

    It's thanks to a mod I use found in Aslain's mod pack, called "Port zoom out." Really nice for taking cinematic shots and looking at ships without having to open them up in a model viewer.
  12. Fatalimpulse

    Kure port is pretty neat

    Image source: https://www.classicalimages.com/products/1945-original-usaf-map-of-hiroshima-japan-kure-submarine-naval-base-atomic-bomb Oh also the Hizen dockyard music is a banger.
  13. Fatalimpulse

    Kure port is pretty neat

    Gotta say, the new "Kure" port is pretty rad. The port is mapped just like Kure Naval Arsenal as it was in real life, which really adds a touch of authenticity. It also looks really good from an aesthetic standpoint.
  14. Fatalimpulse

    Latest Waterline Episode Recap

    Called the German DD split a year ago. I'm super hyped for this.
  15. Fatalimpulse

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    Absolutely based and Kriegsmarine-pilled opinion, I agree that Siegfried is fantastic (and fun).