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    Made the mistake of getting a degree in history so feel free to pick my mind about anything related to warships, or anything really.

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  1. Not gonna lie, that name seems questionable for a Mussolini era capital ship. iirc there was a a Francesco Caracciolo-class battleship named that which was cancelled in 1916, and there was a training tall ship with the same name which was put into service in 1928 and was used by the Regia Marina until 1943. It would probably be better off being "Impero" "Italia" or "Serdegna." Hopefully WG pulls a Venezia or Republique and revises the name. Otherwise the ship looks incredibly good.
  2. I just wanna say thanks for using the name "Kronpinz" I've been petitioning WG to hurry up and use it for a German Battleship for the last 5 years. Badass name.
  3. Wow, this is really impressive stuff. Huge credit to everyone who contributed, gonna spend quite a while looking at graphs.
  4. Fatalimpulse

    zao observation bridge upgrade

    The Unique Upgrades have been moved to the research Bureau. Once you have 5 tier 10 ships, you'll have access to the tab in the armory and ability to reset lines to earn research points.
  5. Fatalimpulse


    We have been asking for this for ages. Have you visited the forums in the past 5 years?
  6. Fatalimpulse

    Lert's 27 Supercontainers

    Opened 39 containers across my EU and NA accounts, I kid you not I got 17 various flag containers in a row. Still have yet to see a ship from an SC after 5 years of playing. Oh well, at least I have a but-ton of coal now, too bad I own every coal ship [edited]. RNG is sadistic.
  7. So the Summer Sale began today. While I have my own problems with lootboxes, I won't be getting into their moral value as I can understand the drive people have to use that system. No, what I am going to discuss is rather the format of the event, or more so the way it's worded. I understand this is meant to be a stand-in for the last few years' summer sales, and therefore makes sense to market as the summer sale. However, advertising this "event" as a sale is somewhat misleading, as in the west, the concept of a sale means that items available are put at a discount, whether directly through price-cuts or indirectly(by one get one free and other such means). In some countries, even this definition is regulated as an item cannot be marketed as on a discount if it has always been priced at that discount price. The summer sale objectively offers none of these, and is more akin to an "unvaulting" event other games may have where limited items return. As someone who has worked in marketing in the past, I think using the term "sale" for this event is misinformed at best and disingenuous at worst. I think if Wargaming is set on doing such events in the future in stay of the traditional sale, it would make sense to word this as a "Summer rerun" or "Limited summertime shop." That's all I got, what do you guys think? Looking forward to the discussion in the replies.
  8. Fatalimpulse

    Damage sound borked?

    Logged in and played a match on the new patch. Is the damage sound... fuzzy for anyone else? it sounds like the 0.9.6 sounds were put through 2008 youtube compression. anyone else having this issue?
  9. Kremlin's UU is prety awful, and I have no Idea how anyone can call it OP.
  10. Fatalimpulse

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    Finally, something to spend my mountain of coal on. Looks like a fun ship.
  11. Fatalimpulse

    Russian basket case. What? Why? How?

    usually changes like this are on WG's web design team, and they usually come too RU before the rest of the regions. I imagine other major regions can see this in the next quarter and minor regions will probably get it by January-ish.
  12. Fatalimpulse

    On the psychology of the poor player

    Me coming back to this post and seeing it has 40 replies (All jokes aside, some of the discussion here has been very interesting, i'm very glad to see a wide range of opinions on this topic, maybe I should compile them and do a quick write up on the many feelings/ideas expressed here)
  13. Fatalimpulse

    On the psychology of the poor player

    Ever had a player who died in the first 5 minutes, then suddenly becomes the holy grail of knowledge on how exactly to play the game? Those kinds of players. Who spend time, money, and energy just making themselves angry. If anything, I feel more bad for them than angry at them.
  14. Fatalimpulse

    On the psychology of the poor player

    my point is less so about the players who don't care, and more so about the players who do, and think that they're good players while themselves never improving.