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  1. 9TenSix2Eight

    state of the game is terrible

    Hey now 🤤I’m still waiting for subs with nukes and Cvs with guided rockets and maybe some battleship with emp the game is evolving lol pls WG give us a premium nuclear submarine 🤑🤑🤑
  2. 9TenSix2Eight

    Yes the Servers are down post

    is there any game mode without subs?
  3. 9TenSix2Eight

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Yeah same .
  4. 9TenSix2Eight

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    My friend..... very well said.
  5. 9TenSix2Eight

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Well Congrats to Flamu o7.
  6. 9TenSix2Eight

    WG, please take the bots out of ranked.

    Sad state.
  7. 9TenSix2Eight

    Who Do You Think is Going to Rule The World in 30 years.

    This hahha
  8. 9TenSix2Eight

    Defeat Spree Rage

    Always take a note what time do you play....Because the EULA players sometimes flood high tiers or mid and you feel like your team is like a BOT or BOT play smarter than them. Avoid that hour hehhe
  9. 9TenSix2Eight

    Look at that WeeGee and LEARN!!!

    Bombing of pearl Harbor or battle of midway or even battle of leyte will be nice
  10. 9TenSix2Eight

    Look at that WeeGee and LEARN!!!

    Bru i just dont understand why you always have some salt to CCs like Flambass i mean do you think you can do better?Do you even have the credibility to criticize? If you can do better show us pls...enlighten us with your wisdom!
  11. 9TenSix2Eight

    Another Deadeye LoL

    Subs will have fun hunting those bbs at the back hahha
  12. If you are a Bad BB player..Yes you will be farmed and hunt down...mostly if u stay behind spawn and snipe wail your team is trying to push and control cap to win...i dont see were this going its just a normal BB that doesnt know how to play the power of his ship class.
  13. 9TenSix2Eight

    Help me plan this sunday's stream!

    Changes in game meta every update and how players need to adopt. Atlanta got range Buff But why Flint does not since they are both affected with that AFT nerf. How to contribute to the team in game wail sniping at the back using the dead eye skill and what time should be the good decision to push. USS Black when shes gonna be available in Armory again?