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  1. 9TenSix2Eight

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    Watch out we cant say any negative thing's about CV's
  2. 9TenSix2Eight

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    You know this is not good for the revenue
  3. 9TenSix2Eight

    My version of a CV/AA rework.

    its a good idea..worth trying since the current meta to counter a CV is just " Dodge " there is no such a thing as a AA anymore after the re work because you will still get dropped.
  4. 9TenSix2Eight

    CV Vent here

    Hmm I don't spend too much money on this game so i don't really care sometimes
  5. 9TenSix2Eight

    Duke Of York Arctic Camo

    yeah man Duke of York camo looks beautiful
  6. 9TenSix2Eight

    4 CV Battle rant

    Why you should reset a line anyways? I understand how you feel since i think you put a lot of investment to this game...
  7. 9TenSix2Eight

    Just Another CV Thread - Thanks WG it was fun.

    For now just try to adopt..Nothing we could do about it they are OP and has no counter for now so try to enjoy what's good left into the game since u have 10k battles already..or might try and play for fun..just get a group guys div up and join the Hunt o7.
  8. 9TenSix2Eight

    Run a CV popularity experiment

    Who doesn't love a Class that can do easy damage and kills and a very safe distance?
  9. well said.. and FYI its rare to see a Good player always looking at the MM monitor ..a lot of them using it because they are one of those they keep calling potatoes.
  10. 9TenSix2Eight

    Do CVs cause LESS spotting?

    Some DD's doesn't wanna take a risk spotting if there is a CV's ..it works both ways...Some DD's doesn't care if there is a CV's ..I prefer a Game with CV's if I'm playing a DD class..since i dont need to spot anymore all i need to do is to Cap/Torp BBs/or fight enemy DD's.
  11. 9TenSix2Eight

    Can coal ships be refunded?

    Having a 1 time refund for coal will be a very nice thing.
  12. 9TenSix2Eight

    Is Server Down?

    Thanks for the heads up..But pls dont break anything
  13. 9TenSix2Eight


    Poor Tier 6