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  1. Aegis_Tactician

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    can you put the camos on any ships for example can i put the BB camos on my MASS?
  2. Aegis_Tactician

    modern stuff

    its a cool idea but not for wows.
  3. Aegis_Tactician

    Italian Cruisers: the Rules Made Simple

    when is the download? i use steam so i still dont have it yet
  4. no its player try hards like you that cant simply enjoy a game and rage at your own team
  5. Aegis_Tactician

    Midway (2019)

    i do, and i mostly see a movie just for the eye candy then the plot
  6. Aegis_Tactician

    Midway (2019)

    whos going to see this? it looks good!
  7. Aegis_Tactician

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    i love my atlanta like a LOT lol
  8. Aegis_Tactician

    BB players

    exactly, i think its funny people rage over a video game LOL
  9. Aegis_Tactician

    The Tactician (bio)

    xD never
  10. Aegis_Tactician

    The Tactician (bio)

    name: Edge Zakar alias: The Tactician rank: Captain sex: male age: 37 height: 5'9" IQ: 200 fleet: 5TH Reaction Fleet BIO During the end of world war II a meteor shower hit the Earth ravaging the planet and most of what was left of the worlds nations where gone. Out of the ashes came 3 distinct factions Edge was part of the United Union Alliance, a conglomerate consisting of UK, American and France forces under one banner. Edge is the Commander of the 5TH Reaction Fleet made up of 5 destroyers and 3 cruisers. Edge was assigned to homeland defense against the 2 other factions if they where to ever invade. being extremely smart able to predict his opponents moves he was appointed Captain of the U.U.A. Atlanta and taken command of the 5th Reaction Fleet. After the meteors hit the Earth all around the globe, the Earth looked very different and mostly now full of large islands. Billions where lost where the meteor shower struck, including Edges entire family. Edge got drafted into the navy and got assigned a ship soon after. Now, world war III, Edge sails the seas with his fleet defending his homeland. (will be adding more to this and the lore i set up later)
  11. Aegis_Tactician

    tips for a relitivly new player?

    you guys are awesome, thank you for all this advice, i im taking a break from BBs and doing cruisers and destroyers for now. way different game play, but so far its going good, im also getting the hange of sniping with cruisers i have a lot to learn but hope to get better over time, so thank you all for your help!
  12. Aegis_Tactician

    tips for a relitivly new player?

    ty and np i was thinking cruisers but ill give it a try
  13. Aegis_Tactician

    tips for a relitivly new player?

    ik,ik, but in all honesty here im just playing with ships i like, wether i win or loose. im having fun and thats what counts, ya sure im being stupid about it using a tier 8 just starting the game but at least its fun lol
  14. Aegis_Tactician

    tips for a relitivly new player?

    i am looking threw each post and reading any advice given some things i see i can try out, some thing i have to wait for, and ive noticed people looking at my stats page lol so you guys should know atm im very bad at the game, but its not putting me down, being a casual gamer i dont get butt hurt over loosing a game i shrug it off start another one, i dont care 2 craps about my K/D im just here to have fun and play the game, of course ill "try" to help win for the team, just its what ever if i loose...