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  1. I'm new to the game. Been playing for a few months. I like playing CV. I also play DD and feel it's fine. I would say it gets out of hand when there are 2 CV's per team or more. 1 CV on each time is fine. Why not just limit CV to 1 per team max.
  2. Hi all, I just spent about 3 months earning the Legendary Upgrade for Midway. It won't work. So I did some google searches and showed that it is disabled. Is this correct? Why was the mission issued if I can't use it? Are there any other Legendary Upgrades that are disabled so I can not waste my time for the next one? Thanks!
  3. The_Spreadsheet

    Never before seen shenanigans

    I spent 20,000 dubs on it. Got two cruisers out of it, tier V and VI. I stopped there. The other rewards aren't really worth it.
  4. The_Spreadsheet

    Puerto Rico needs a nerf

  5. People just need to stop playing warships and just play carriers. Problem solved!
  6. Pictures don't do it for me could you put it in a spreadsheet instead?
  7. The_Spreadsheet

    Puerto Rico

    I like using it. I bought all the boosters so grind was easy. Basically a week of playing 2 hours a day.
  8. The_Spreadsheet

    So if Indomitable is the worst CV ever, what does this mean?

    You are posting a topic in the forums so that is "you" trying to prove a point. I'm just curious if it can be done. You seem to be skilled with that CV.
  9. The_Spreadsheet

    So if Indomitable is the worst CV ever, what does this mean?

    Please gain same results in random game.
  10. The_Spreadsheet

    Thoughts and Suggestions on Bajie and Wukong

    Did you consult with the spreadsheet?
  11. The_Spreadsheet


  12. The_Spreadsheet

    Remove cv from the game!

    I like playing CV. A little more challenging than aiming and pew pew pew.
  13. The_Spreadsheet


    Get gud.
  14. The_Spreadsheet

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    I pretty much lost every match playing as a CV vs Cruisers. Cruiser rekt. BB or Destroyers were easier to beat. Low Hp and/or slow moving .