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  1. I'm new to the game. Been playing for a few months. I like playing CV. I also play DD and feel it's fine. I would say it gets out of hand when there are 2 CV's per team or more. 1 CV on each time is fine. Why not just limit CV to 1 per team max.
  2. Hi all, I just spent about 3 months earning the Legendary Upgrade for Midway. It won't work. So I did some google searches and showed that it is disabled. Is this correct? Why was the mission issued if I can't use it? Are there any other Legendary Upgrades that are disabled so I can not waste my time for the next one? Thanks!
  3. The_Spreadsheet

    Never before seen shenanigans

    I spent 20,000 dubs on it. Got two cruisers out of it, tier V and VI. I stopped there. The other rewards aren't really worth it.
  4. People just need to stop playing warships and just play carriers. Problem solved!
  5. Pictures don't do it for me could you put it in a spreadsheet instead?
  6. The_Spreadsheet

    Puerto Rico

    I like using it. I bought all the boosters so grind was easy. Basically a week of playing 2 hours a day.
  7. The_Spreadsheet

    So if Indomitable is the worst CV ever, what does this mean?

    You are posting a topic in the forums so that is "you" trying to prove a point. I'm just curious if it can be done. You seem to be skilled with that CV.
  8. The_Spreadsheet

    So if Indomitable is the worst CV ever, what does this mean?

    Please gain same results in random game.
  9. The_Spreadsheet

    Thoughts and Suggestions on Bajie and Wukong

    Did you consult with the spreadsheet?
  10. The_Spreadsheet


  11. The_Spreadsheet

    Remove cv from the game!

    I like playing CV. A little more challenging than aiming and pew pew pew.
  12. The_Spreadsheet


    Get gud.
  13. The_Spreadsheet

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    I pretty much lost every match playing as a CV vs Cruisers. Cruiser rekt. BB or Destroyers were easier to beat. Low Hp and/or slow moving .