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  1. SuperUnicumInBed

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    Yes me too, whenever someone disagrees with you they immediately become the bad guy.
  2. SuperUnicumInBed

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    No point in continuing discussion when one side is here to troll. A troll is someone who doesn't listen to reasoning and would insist on pushing his opinions even when proven wrong. In mentoring some other player discussions, when someone have an incorrect opinion, we mentors correct him/her, and everyone learn from it. But on the forums, there are trolls that simply hold their ears and say "no, I don't care about your facts, I am right and you are wrong"
  3. SuperUnicumInBed

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    At least I put a ton of effort making points supporting my opinion instead of making a ten second opinion with zero facts backing it up and claiming it truth.
  4. SuperUnicumInBed

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    By my own definition; I do not believe I'm a too negative person, could you civil debate the two hours of research I put into some reasons why CVs are bad? Here's my debate in your earlier thread Since I'm not too negative in my own opinion; could you challenge my opinion on CVs ? :)
  5. SuperUnicumInBed

    Who are the top clans?

    Since CB season 13 has finished last night these are the results https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clan-battles/rating/regular/12/us The main comp clans on NA is O7 and Gaishu's clan (ROXY). That is not to say that there isn't any other good competitive clans; other good comp clans are O7's community clans (OO7, QQ7), KSC, -BN-, SCCC, and BONKS.
  6. SuperUnicumInBed

    The truth about Deadeye, WG, Good players, Randoms & More

    I am not going to talk about your whole video since I really do not have the time nor energy to do so, but I would lay out the reasons why CVs are getting the hate they are getting. CVs do not risk their ship hp pool to affect the outcome of a match. All other classes currently in-game (BBs, CAs, and DDs) risk their hp pool to affect the outcome of the game. Which means CVs can reset caps, deal damage, set up crossfires, spot, and many more things without the destruction of the (ship) CV itself. The only thing that a CV is risking is its planes. It is FAR easier to risk planes rather than the players ability to stay in that battle. When a ship shows broadside it gets punished. The ship that gets punished usually dies or near destruction. When a ship that is non-cv dies, the players presence is no longer in that match. Whereas if a CV squadron somehow runs into a flak cloud destroying the whole squadron the CV player still has a lot of planes still on deck; plus the CV does not lose any ship hp. When a ship gets destroyed the enemy team gets like +40 pts while your teams point score goes down -60 pts or so. A CV that loses a whole squadron of planes does not affect the points on the scoreboard that caps/kills generate. CVs can set up crossfires anywhere on the map at anytime. If you don't know what a crossfire is I'm going to give you an example. Let's say the enemy team lemming trains right down middle. Your teammates on middle flank are either bow tanking or kiting from the enemy. The lemming train is angling to the players on middle flank which mitigates huge sums of damage from your allies on mid flank. You are on right flank which there is no opposition from the enemy on that flank because there is no enemy ships. You then get to the side of the lemming train, and shoot the flat broadsides. The enemy ships within the lemming train are forced to angle towards you, or to your allies on middle flank. In competitive crossfires are EXTREMELY vital. Some may say randoms there is no need to worry about crossfires since its randoms, but SuperUnicums/Unicums or even green players tend to have good map awareness. Which means they read the enemy team's position and whenever they get into a situation (like the example above) they take advantage of it. That is one of the many ways Purple/Blue/Green players are good at randoms and competitive is because they understand how to take advantage of enemy teams mistakes which results in exploiting the enemy team's weaknesses. So back to the argument where CVs can set up crossfires anywhere at anytime; CVs can get to a place within a matter of seconds (usually 30 seconds or more depending on the distance) whereas the regular surface ship need to reach the place to settup the crossfire which is usually a good chunk of the match since the average ship goes 30knots while CV planes can go 150+knots or even well over 200knots. This whole time surface ships are risking their on ship, they're risking of being spotted, and many more things that a CV player does not risk. The reason why it's called a "crossfire" is because CVs have the potential of high alpha strike which means that CVs can deal tremendous amounts of damage over time. A surface ship will try to "Dodge" a cv strike which requires a hard rudder turn, dropping accelerating, and a huge massive maneuver. Let's say you are in a BB; you push into the enemy team while staying angled. You are doing a good job with correct DCP usage, tanking, and ability to predict any enemy torps coming your way. Then before you know it a CV comes out of nowhere, and immediately gets your side. You can either attempt to try mitigating the CV strike, but at the same time showing broadside to the ships in front of you; or you show broadside to CV which deals high alpha to your side, but you angle to the ships in front of you. Either option still result in you being heavily damaged or imminent destruction of your BB. A last point about crossfires is that when a ship sets up a crossfire on the side of your ship; you can use island cover to shield your side to the flankers setting up a crossfire, but a CV can ignore that island cover and strike your broadside regardless if you are trying to use that island for cover. Example: The lemming train example I mentioned earlier; a enemy ship realizes that he is being crossfired by the flanker. The ship then go to a nearby island to shield himself from the flanker's broadside shots, but at the same time can angle/bowtank against the enemy ship on middle flank. A CV that sets up a crossfire can easily exploit this by flying over the island and dropping its payload. CVs does not get its ship punished for making a mistake: I really do not have to explain this because [O7] 1nv4d3rZ1m outlines it perfectly in the following quote: "The other day I was in a charles martel solo defending the cap and I sunk a mino and a yugumo that were trying to capture the base. I was the only player on my team that recognized the threat, even before it happened I pointed out the issue in chat and nobody else bothered to respond. Yet somehow even though the math was not in my favor, even though I was out tiered by both ships, even though they had a good combination to theoretically deal with me with little issue I still sunk them both. How did this happen? They both made mistakes and I was able to capitalize on those mistakes to sink them both. The difference between a cv making a mistake and surface ship making a mistake is that I can punish a surface ship for their mistakes. I get to extract a lb of flesh from the surface ship for their mistake what is the lb of flesh I get from the CV if they make a mistake? Surviving slightly longer? I dont expect most people in this thread to understand or to care. Most pro cv players seem perfectly happy with game mechanics that punish player initiative and the instincts of highly skilled players. We dont get high win rates by depending on our teams, we do it by doing things ourselves which is something that is obsolete when planes are overhead. " How to "Dodge" CV strikes: When you are alone it is possible to try to mitigate damage by either turning in, or turning out. You can do a massive maneuver which mitigates most or all the damage depending on the skill level of the CV player. These maneuvers are possible when a surface ship is alone with only the CV to counter, but its very unrealistic to do so if there is enemy ships in front or beside you forcing you to decide to either let a CV eat a huge chunk of damage out of you, or the surface ships in front of you. You can be alone on your side of the map doing your own thing while the enemy CV is on the other side of the map, but before you know it the CV comes to your side of the map in a matter of seconds setting up a crossfire that I've said multiple times already. AA: AA is run by an automated system WG has put in place. You have to rely on a system that is the same exact system found on a ship commanded by a 45%er and found on the same ship that is commanded by a 70%er. You can increase AA damage by pressing a few keys on your keyboard, but after that you rely on how bad the CV captain is. Your AA takes no skill to shoot down planes. Which means that you have no player control of how to destroy these squadrons. You have to rely on a bot, automated system which is dictated on how skilled the CV player is. A good CV player can easily outplay, and get a hang of how to dodge flak clouds. The outcome of this very unfair engagement is dictated by the CV player. This is probably one of the main reasons why CVs are hated in my opinion is because there is no control the player has over the automated AA in a PvP game. Which feels utterly terrible. Another main reason which I'm about to cover is spotting which is just as bad as the current automated, bot, no PvP skill AA. CVs spotting: Spotting in WoWS is one of the most important factors in this game. You cannot rely on damaging or exploiting your enemies without spotting. CVs can spot it's enemies anytime, anywhere, and whenever taking no skill from the CV player to do so. All the CV player has to do is fly wherever and immediately spot its enemies without risking the CVs hp pool, ability to stay in that match, and also does not really get punished. CVs can easily spot for itself, but at the same time do huge amounts of damage. Meaning that it can spot a cap zone and reset the cap outside of a smokescreen. Most CV damage is unhealable since most CVs main weapons are torpedoes/AP ammo. (Yes, I know some CVs have HE ammo, but generally speaking in current CV meta). Yeah, there might be some players out there will say "Unhealable is a lie, you can heal 33% citadel damage", but realistically that is unhealable. Realism argument: A argument some people use is "Realism" argument. The realism argument is used to why CVs are the way they are is because in real life CVs are OP. In my opinion this argument is very poor because in real life there wasn't hp bars, etc. etc. In a arcade game balance comes first then realism comes second. This is a arcade, PvP, shooty bote game that is suppose to make it balanced and fun for everyone. If this was a realism game, then your Hood will detonate every time it meets a Bismarck. I laid that out as constructive as possible. My opinion is not going to change on CVs unless if there is a ton of clear evidence that has just as much research as above, and also negates this argument. I am not going to claim the above as "truth" even though in my opinion it is.
  7. SuperUnicumInBed

    Lert, I have a question

    Oil slave.
  8. SuperUnicumInBed

    MM has no problem?

    All of that has one thing in common.
  9. SuperUnicumInBed

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    Lert right now in his Friesland
  10. SuperUnicumInBed

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    Karma is just an number such that salty players have a way to vent their frustration at something. "Oh look I deducted 1 point from his karma, that will tell him!!" The more you care about a meaningless number the more satisfied the reporter becomes So just ignore it.
  11. SuperUnicumInBed

    Help me find a role for Marco Polo

    Any ship can have good stats if the players that play it are good. The majority of players playing it are above average players. After six months it'll be lower.
  12. SuperUnicumInBed

    Help me find a role for Marco Polo

    Don't be sad if you can't find a role for it because it is currently the worse tier IX BB in the game. Even worse than FDG.
  13. SuperUnicumInBed

    Game help

    If you're still struggling with situational awareness @OP. Then I have one last piece of advice to tell you.
  14. SuperUnicumInBed

    Game help

    Positioning and situational awareness was also one of the things I struggled with before I became unicum. If you go on Potato_Quality youtube channel he started a new series of videos which thoroughly talk about each map, and how to settup good crossfires, torp lanes, radar spots, etc. Also you probably should increase mini-map size which might help you also. How you increase it is by pressing the plus (+) key, and how to decrease it is to press minus (-) key. Take advantage of enemy teams mistakes. When the enemy team does a lemming train do not bowtank on that flank or fight enemy face to face in most cases depending on what you are using. Instead, settup a crossfire on the side which will force the enemy to to angle to you or the ships they are pushing against. If you are using a torp DD launch spreads of torpedoes as a crossfire also. If you are a gunbote DD, smoke up in a safe area and farm the pushers, or even better by smoking up a light cruiser friend so both of you can take advantage of your smokescreen which will double the DPM. Learn your shell arcs so you have a general idea what islands you can lob shells over. When you get exposed on the open water with no smokescreens or an island. Use your WASD hacks, and also slowing down/speeding up. Always take prop mod on all DDs, and CAs in most cases. Simple things like above can make a huge impact on your stats, and also on the outcome of battles To increase wr you might want to try finding some friends with 55%wr+ so you can do triple divisions which increase your chance of winning. To increase PR: PR is measured by damage, frags, wins, and performance compared to rest of playerbase. Don't play new lines released since it's hard increasing your PR with them until a lot of battles are played with them by the rest of the playerbase. Play older lines (Yamato, Montana, DM, Gearing, etc.). I highly recommend Hindenburg and Gearing for starters. Set yourself small goals first, because I'm sure you probably set yourself a goal like "Get to 60%wr". Making big goals usually will make you frustrated at times so make yourself small goals so that you can hop a goal at a time. A few examples for your case are: Slowly increase your wr to 55%, then to 58%, and from there to 60%. Slowly increase your avg damage from 54k to 60k damage, and from there to 65k Try playing a few battles here and there. Try not blowing out on one night. Don't be alarmed that your wr will never increase or PR. You're still a little over 400 battles which can still be easily increased. Some unicums started off 40%ers at 5k battles. Good news is that you can still be unicum. Just take it slowly, and do not burn yourself out because usually one of the causes for major downfalls in stats is frustration. When you start playing bad then immediately stop and do something else because players sometimes get into the mindset of "I can do better next game". Then they lose, then lose, then lose, and lose each time thinking "I can do better next game" or "I'll be on a better team". Which usually results in spiraling downward stats. If you're still in the wows mindset, but playing badly that day then watch a twitch streamer or few youtube videos. I highly recommend Potato_Quality for both.