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  1. Alien_From_Uranus_

    IFHE All Night Long

    My take on it is IHFE still gives you raw damage with increased pen with decreased fire chance. Unless you have a really good fire chance on a ship, taking raw damage with increased pen is not a bad thing. Especially since you will be able to pen and damage ships with IHFE that you normally would not be able to. You still set fires with IHFE. If you got a ship that is 8-10 percent fire chance, with IHFE its decreased by half. Does that 4-5 percent fire chance really make a difference vs not having raw damage? In reality if you tier 8 and up tiered fighting tier 10 ships, the tier 10 ship gets 50 percent less fire chance automatically so your fire chance is not 8-10 percent on higher tier ships anyways. So your chance of setting fires is less automatically regardless. Take the raw damage of IHFE, you still set fires and do damage where you would not normally be able to.
  2. Alien_From_Uranus_

    Soviet Token Missions from Premium Soviet Ships

    Why you paying real money for ships you will be able to grind for free in 2 -3 weeks?
  3. Alien_From_Uranus_

    Question for Hapa or other WG staff on Moskva

    Yes hapa but is it enough to have just researched the moskva with xp, or do we have to purchase the moskva also and have it in port when patch hits to get the freemium. Hate to miss out on the freemium with misunderstanding we had to have purchased it and have it in port and not just researched it.
  4. will it be removed from the free xp at the 1 year mark which is around Gamescom?
  5. I am just asking to clarify for sure from wg staff to make sure. So if we just research the moskva without purchasing the ship and having it in our port, when the moskva is changed into a Freemium we will get it for just having it researched but not having spent the credits on the ship and having had it in our port. Is this correct? I just want to be certain this is the case cuz i have only researched it and not purchased the ship for credits, and do not want to miss out on the Freemium cuz of a misunderstanding when i have researched it.