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  1. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Numbers don't lie https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/ peace
  2. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Do certain bbs have radar to kill dds, yes. Do certain dds have excellent aa and cruiser like he spamming gun, yes. You are choosing to not use the right ship if you are afraid of cvs. You prolly want to use Japanese dds and have some type of aa, well they are glass canons. And if you don’t Think that premiums don’t give you a edge then your beyond me arguing with. also you can’t have balance when the game is trying to be historically accurate, let’s take the American line of ships they will almost always lose in a brawl situation because of torps on. There are many more situations like this but I need to head to work so good day.
  3. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Your idea of balance isn’t possible and is destroyed by the fact there is premiums in this game. Premiums have certain abilities or special quirks that no exp based ship can do. Paper, rock scissor games don’t exist in a freemium game. and the good players find a way and feel good about it when they conquer it. So don’t say they need to balance cvs when premiums rule the seas.
  4. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    The thing i don't see anyone on the anti cv side say is, is that a cv doesn't need to be destroyed to be out of the game. Its easy enough to deplane them and make them useless. If you have a 5/9 flight, thats a suicidal flight, you may not even get an attack off. Whats the regen time on fights? i don't even know. But i do know that in a bad game i can be out of the fight in 10 to 12 min. What are you afraid i am going to do? cap? show myself and use my secondaries? Its so funny people seem to think that every rocket plane shot is that perfect shot where you have the tinniest reticle and the dd is perpendicular to the plane and you get that juicy 7k hit. But more often then not its just chip damage because i set up my attack as soon as i spotted you and i need to move my planes wildly and i shoot when i have a giant reticle.
  5. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Here is a tip, if rocket planes are flying toward you move to a parallel position. You will get hit by like 1 to 3 rockets instead of 16. That 7k damage is now less then 1000.
  6. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Kinda like a BB that sails in a straight line and gets hit by 6 of 8 torps, or a broadsiding pensacola and incoming BB ap shells.
  7. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Regardless of how out of date it is, I am guessing playing a cv isn’t a priority.
  8. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Can we all finally label as any forum user as the minority? People that actually sign up and use forums are like 1% of the player base.
  9. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Its easy to know where you are when you rush to the cap in the first 2 min, after that its just a guessing game. Maybe if your last known position is next to a AA ship i wont look for you till you show up again.
  10. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    You have played 128 CV matches in 2 years of play, since i have started playing 3 or 4 months ago i have played 189. Maybe pick up cv for a few matches see there current weaknesses, and play the higher tier. I don't even know what cvs where like in years past i just see what they are now
  11. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    your priority is to survive, the carrier will run low on fighters at some point. Maybe engage when you see they are using torp bombers, in one cv matches watch what side of the map they are on. It takes a long time to travel from on side of the map to the other with dive bombers. Everyone says that situational awareness is so important but don’t want to know or refuse to know of a cvs true weakness. Is it fun to island hump in a cruiser and wait for ships to move in? If your in a dd send those torps, play like a cruiser and island hump, set some fire, but survive. Find a aa ship and stay near them till they destroy a wing or 2.
  12. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    if a CV is in a match and you a DD, adapt and maybe not run ahead of your cruisers and be solo in the cap. No one wants to seem to adapt.
  13. rpgotaku

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    how to defend vs cvs 101, travel in packs. thank you that is all
  14. rpgotaku

    Poll on the state of CV's

    These forum polls only show like 1% of the games populations opinion, and prolly only the super hardcore that don’t want cvs. You need to see real numbers of cvs played vs other ships
  15. rpgotaku

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    I have a hard time believing that consumables are worthless when they can instantly destroy 4 of 9 fighters on my midway earlier in the day. And no I didn’t run into flack. Things like smoke don’t stop a cv but it makes them less effective. I honestly don’t know what people want, let’s say you have 2 excellent players one in a bb and one in a did. A dd can just send torps all day and there is nothing the bb can do, so what does the bb do? It travels with another ship like a radar cruiser or another dd. How is this any different then how you should deal with any cv? I understand and I am new compared to people who have been playing for years, I have never seen this game without cvs. What frustrates me is That as a cv player I am basically forced to be a dd hunter, which in reality is the last thing a cv would want to hunt. Dive bombing is totally rng, no matter how well you line it up those bombs go for the edges of the targeting sights.