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  1. Ditto for me. Don’t have it on any of my BB captains.
  2. Shouldn’t the Swedish ships just sail blithely around the map not getting involved?
  3. HMS_Hoodwink

    WTH...I have to pay money to change my skills?

    Hi, welcome to Wargaming. Coffee machine’s in the corner, bathroom’s down the hall on the right.
  4. HMS_Hoodwink

    Where are the Submarines?

    This is unavoidable. If they introduced a dory with a punt gun there would be screaming and gnashing of teeth in the forums.
  5. HMS_Hoodwink

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    The trick to Nelson is angling - she has a high citadel so showing too much broadside is a definite no-no. However going straight bow-in is also an issue as she can be penned through the bow by high-tier BBs. Just angle a bit and she can take quite a bit on the chin. That heal doesn’t hurt either. Definitely a good ship.
  6. WoWs is a naval strategy game - securing cap circles is a vital part of it. What you are describing is the "NO CAP KILL ALL" attitude that loses more games than it wins. That [edited] belongs in WoTs.
  7. HMS_Hoodwink


    The fact that there isn’t one already fastened to the funnel is an egregious error.
  8. HMS_Hoodwink

    Battlecruiser Branch - a topic for discussion

    Renown and/or Repulse in the game would give me a tremendous happy. Seydlitz proved to be one of the toughest warships in modern history. How the Grand Fleet [edited] that up I have no idea. Derfflinger - I want the "Iron Dog" in this game so bad.
  9. HMS_Hoodwink

    MIA Italian Battleship

    A hitch is not standard battleship equipment. WG charges extra for the tow kit.
  10. HMS_Hoodwink

    where do we go from here

    Cold Waters - that's where we go next.
  11. HMS_Hoodwink

    Can we talk about spam?

    Amused and hungry are a bad combination: I was inspired.
  12. HMS_Hoodwink

    Slow loading teammates

    My ISP sometimes (not often) has connectivity issues, and this has on rare occasion caused me to load late into a game, or worse - lose connection halfway through a game. Neither of those things are my fault, and it really p*sses me off when raging “teammates” act like it is.
  13. HMS_Hoodwink

    Spring 2021 Raging Calendar

    The fact that there is no RN BB split rage scheduled yet makes me a tad miffed.
  14. HMS_Hoodwink

    Please replace or get rid of that annoying noise

    I’ve replaced this sound with an audio clip of my dad saying “You suck at this. Why do you suck at everything? Stop sucking at everything.” Happy childhood memories.
  15. HMS_Hoodwink

    need anti-cheat program now!

    That would certainly save people precious time complaining about complaints about non-issues so they could get back to complaining about the many actual issues that actually need complaining about.