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  1. This thread is blasphemy. The Iron Dog can do no wrong.
  2. HMS_Hoodwink

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    HMS Nelson - big guns, big heal, bow tanks well (as long as you angle properly), and dishes out punishment like an angry school principal in an ‘80s teen movie.
  3. Footage of HMS Repulse from early 1940. I have to admit I found it funny when the announcer referred to Graf Spee as a “packet bottleship”.
  4. HMS_Hoodwink

    Premium subs - which subs?

    As I understand it the point of this thread is to guess which premium subs WG are likely to introduce to the game, not whether anyone here is going to actually buy them. Personally I have no interest in any WoWs subs, premium or otherwise.
  5. HMS_Hoodwink

    iChase tours HMCS Sackville

    iChase tours the last remaining Flower class corvette HMCS Sackville in Halifax harbour. Anyone who has seen the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound should recognize this ship.
  6. HMS_Hoodwink

    Check you Email folks, bonus code inside

    You could always put it on a sub and pretend you’re in some weird remake of Operation Petticoat.
  7. HMS_Hoodwink

    Premium subs - which subs?

    I predict we may see Otto Kretchmer’s U-99, as he was the top U-boat ace of WW2 and that boat’s rather famous. If they really wanted to make things interesting they could introduce HMS Graph.
  8. HMS_Hoodwink

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    Just gonna leave this here.
  9. HMS_Hoodwink

    Number of players in all Wows servers

    Okay, three things: 1) 20% of the overall workforce is still an awful lot of people - I don’t need Labour Dept data to tell me this. 2) Why would I go through the trouble of researching government data to make a simple and objectively true statement? 3) Your original statement was a blindly sweeping generalization about the entire workforce that had no validity. 4) I lied about there being three things.
  10. HMS_Hoodwink

    Number of players in all Wows servers

    Not true. You’re assuming that everyone works 9 to 5 hours.
  11. HMS_Hoodwink

    Who will move in to fill the cc void?

    Absolutely true, and well said. In addition, LWM herself made it very clear that she supports any small-channel CCs that decide to stay with the program, noting that leaving it may be very difficult and hugely impacting on the small CCs just trying to get by. For many WoWs is their primary revenue stream and losing it would cause real hardship. Flamu also echoed this same sentiment on his most recent vid, and I suspect Jingles will likely do the same tomorrow on his next Mingles. I don’t envy these smaller CCs the treatment they’re likely to get.
  12. This is the greatest homage to corporate spin doctoring I’ve ever seen. *sniff*
  13. HMS_Hoodwink

    If WOWS and wargming are so bad.....

    Killerfish Games Oh look, are those naval combat games I see?
  14. “It wasn’t me! It was the one-armed game development company!”
  15. HMS_Hoodwink

    To CC's: Are you leaving too? ((07 to CC's))

    If I may be permitted to put on my tinfoil hat for a minute, it’s possible that they’ve already been doing this for a while now, with just that end in mind. Pouncing on any CC that gives them an excuse (ie: Zoup), or that they can accuse of something plausible given their history (ie: Flamu), or barring any of the above, just mistreating and wearing down like LWM. It’s even possible that the sudden exodus of CCs that’s underway works toward their despicable ends. However, I don’t think they foresaw the negative PR s**tstorm that has developed in the last 24 hours, and this just seems to underscore how laughably tone-deaf and shortsighted the WeeGee powers-that-be are. I don’t doubt that there’s some scrambling going on in both the Russian and NA offices in an attempt to damage-control what’s shaping up to be their biggest ever PR blunder. I can’t wait to see what eye-rollingly transparent and disingenuous response they vomit up. Queue the popcorn. Or maybe I’m completely off base and need to go lie down, I dunno.