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  1. HMS_Hoodwink

    On the topic of submarines

    As a player who predominantly drives BBs I do find subs to be an annoyance, but in all the sub battles I’ve played I have yet to be sunk by one. I think the worst case scenario for a BB driver would be to either get isolated at one end of the map far from your team and hunted by enemy subs, or worse to be the only one on your team left alive with nothing but subs remaining on the enemy side. Unless you catch one on the surface where your secondaries can tag him there’s nothing you can do but hope the clock runs out before they get you. As a BB driver in a sub battle it is more important than ever to stay with your team. Even if they lemming train in the stupidest way possible you get to squeaking and go with them. However, when I’m in my Leander it’s a different story. In sub battles Leander is an alpha predator. Taking her into a sub battle is like riding a fast and nimble horse into a fox hunt. Leander hates subs and wants them dead and she wants you to know it. If the two scenarios I mentioned above happened while driving her instead of a BB then it’s a case of “I’m not trapped in here with you...you’re trapped in here with me.” (Basically I’m saying Leander’s a hell of a lot of fun in sub battles.)
  2. HMS_Hoodwink

    Who have you seen in game

    Tonight I met @StormSurgeAlpha and @holycrazyasian in sub battles. Both were on the opposite teams, and both won. Excellent showing by both, well done.
  3. Received mine almost a week ago and haven't touched them.
  4. I really don’t mind playing the sub battles - they’re like co-op battles that pay out huge. It’s helping me grind my way to a Gneisenau faster than I would have otherwise.
  5. HMS_Hoodwink

    Commanders with special voiceovers

    And either “I’m not sure I deserved that” or “I might have deserved that” when you take a big hit, depending on how much broadside you show.
  6. HMS_Hoodwink

    Commanders with special voiceovers

    I can’t think of a better suited voiceover for WoT. For WoWs I’d love to hear Johnny Depp in full Jack Sparrow mode, just for the hilarity. (It’s not like WG doesn’t have the cash.)
  7. HMS_Hoodwink

    NA Server down

    Two things: 1) The “stay up late” crowd vastly outnumber the “early to rise” crowd, so scheduling maintenance windows during the time when fewest players in an area are typically online just makes good business sense. (I used to work for a major service provider and part of my job was scheduling and carrying out maintenance windows in the wee hours.) WG, like most service providers, chooses to schedule their maintenance windows during a time when it will impact the smallest number of players. 2) I work until midnight 5 days per week, and the “neckbeard hours” as you call them are the only time I usually have to get online with WoWs. I generally play after work when the kids are asleep and there are no interruptions. I have no doubt that I’m not the only one in this situation.
  8. HMS_Hoodwink

    Who have you seen in game

    I was in a submarine battle today and I was lucky enough to meet :Jellicoe:, :Beatty:, :Tovey:, :Scheer: and :Halsey:! So many big names!
  9. HMS_Hoodwink

    Do people even know what 'GG' means?

    I thought it meant “Going for a Grolsch”, which is what I do after every match. (After eight or nine matches I don’t even care anymore that Hood’s AP shells hit about as hard as mailing a teddy bear to your grandmother.)
  10. HMS_Hoodwink

    Advice on a new Tier 8 BB

    Yep, I don’t currently have anything above T7, but I’m honestly not thinking about going past T8 for a while until I get comfortable at that tier.
  11. HMS_Hoodwink

    Advice on a new Tier 8 BB

    Thanks folks, this is all fantastic input! All the research I’ve done has suggested that Alabama’s main guns have better sigma and are more accurate than Mass’s. But granted the videos I’ve seen are a couple of years old now. Has that changed?
  12. HMS_Hoodwink

    Advice on a new Tier 8 BB

    I'm thinking of buying a T8 battleship in the near future, and after much research (thanks @LittleWhiteMouse, @Lertand @NoZoupForYou) I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities*: GO 'BAMA! (Thanks Gene Hackman.) Mass Terror Business In the Front Yeah, I've done research, but I'd like to throw it out to the community for input. My play style for BBs can be summed up as "not a wallflower" (I don't like to hang back on the edge of the map and snipe at long range), "doesn't usually come on too strong" (I try not to push in too quickly but have been known to get ahead of myself on occasion), and "tries not to show too much ankle" (I'm usually very conscious of not showing broadside unless I have no choice). So in other words, pretty standard, nothing special. Be gentle. * It was originally 4, but the reviews on Vanguard weren't good.
  13. HMS_Hoodwink

    After playing subs a bunch..

    Made the mistake of taking my Queen Elizabeth into a sub battle instead of my Leander. I've never felt more like a cow in an abattoir.