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  1. Parr4TheCourse

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter

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  2. Nope. By adding T9 into Bronze the pain of grinding to silver last season now extends to all of bronze. It has made it worse. Doesn't matter how hard you try, the plebs in their top tier T8 researchable ship ends the game fast.
  3. Parr4TheCourse

    Captain Management? Reserve Captain List?

    Came looking for this exact problem and a solution. Problem is here. No solution in sight. I want to send a captain to reserve, but I can't dismiss any from reserve as I can't see any as I can only see the ones for the nation I am looking at. And there is no separate page for reserve captain management for all nations. This needs to be fixed.
  4. Parr4TheCourse


    None of it was related to my PC or internet: Thank your for your patience. According to our network engineers there was an issue at backbone which already has been rectified. No problems since.
  5. Having the same issues. No changes at my end but did all the rebooting / dns flushing etc. Ran pingplotter and in the two times I disconnected it was the wargaming end that dropped all the packets. No other hops dropped packets. And they are telling me it is my ISP.... Going to keep going with the ticket and see how it pans out. Updated: The acknowledged the incorrect assessment they gave me and have asked for more info.
  6. Parr4TheCourse

    'Server Unavailable'

    Reset at 7:30 for an hour, so another 1/2 hour people.
  7. Just a minor bug but when you get the final 6/6 missions done the reward shows 5/6.
  8. Parr4TheCourse

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Same login error as everyone else.
  9. Parr4TheCourse

    What is the new Campaign

    Came here with the same problem. Text at the bottom says: "To accomplish a mission, select your preferred tasks. Several tasks can be completed concurrently. The mission is accomplished after the final task is completed." So I complete the final task. Now at the top it says: "Final task completed. To accomplish this mission, complete the remaining tasks." Is this due to the next part of the campaign not being available yet? Or is this a new hurdle to get past?
  10. Parr4TheCourse

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    None of the codes that have worked have given me any missions.