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    'Server Unavailable'

    Reset at 7:30 for an hour, so another 1/2 hour people.
  2. Just a minor bug but when you get the final 6/6 missions done the reward shows 5/6.
  3. Parr4TheCourse

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Same login error as everyone else.
  4. Parr4TheCourse

    What is the new Campaign

    Came here with the same problem. Text at the bottom says: "To accomplish a mission, select your preferred tasks. Several tasks can be completed concurrently. The mission is accomplished after the final task is completed." So I complete the final task. Now at the top it says: "Final task completed. To accomplish this mission, complete the remaining tasks." Is this due to the next part of the campaign not being available yet? Or is this a new hurdle to get past?
  5. Parr4TheCourse

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    None of the codes that have worked have given me any missions.