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  1. ithekro

    WG is just trolling PVE now.

    For the Tier VI Ops, Graf Spee. The speed isn't that bad, and the 11 inch guns work over most things. Also repair party and hydro.
  2. ithekro

    PSA: Halsey Campaign CV Tasks for Co-op (PVE Thread)

    Almost finished with mission 3. One star left. Than a day's worth of XP, snd repeat with more for mission 4.
  3. ithekro


    "I get that reference". Are you a Klingon? That should start a bar fight if said to the ship's engineer. Mean someone's got to have pride in USS Minnesota.
  4. ithekro

    New year snowflake are meh

    Be nice if the lower tier premium ships still gave something. If only to give people an excuse to play them. It that was the case I would have only two or three ships with nothing.
  5. ithekro

    Kansas And Minnesota Are Ruining Battles

    If Kansas has World War II secondary turrets, she should not be using the old 1920s shells anymore. If she still have her cage masts, that would be fine, but she doesn't.
  6. ithekro

    New ships and Holiday plans

    I mean Strasbourg. "two new temporary campaigns "In pursuit of Strasbourg" and "Ships and Fates""
  7. ithekro

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Thought they were going to start testing of it in 9.11.
  8. ithekro

    New ships and Holiday plans

    So eight weeks to build Hizen? As it is, I don't have that much interest in the ship, but the rewards around it should be worth a bit. Likely no need for me to spend on it directly. For steel I will need to grind up some Tier 8 destroyers (have none yet). I do hope the new campaigns have some Co-op friendly tasks. I know someone who only plays Co-op who wants that French ship. I imagine the first Italian Battleship event will be 0.10.1, while Hizen is completing. That or the massive commander skill change followed by the Italians in 0.10.2.
  9. Either way, I want one. I will get sunk, but 20 torps per side sounds hilarious.
  10. What about mixing the cyclone with the stormfront to make squalls?
  11. ithekro

    Team killing bot teammates

    The toasters are on to you.
  12. ithekro


    Got that. Seemed random until I checked Steam.
  13. ithekro


    Saw a Vermont (twice) in Co-op last night. First time I was in Odin. Second was Montana. It was high up both times, do it did a lot of damage even if it didn't sink more than one or two ships. Also one must remember that once everything goes live, Minnesota will be able to encounter other slow battleships. Colorado, which is slower, Kansas, itself, and Vermont.
  14. That is mildly scary. Homing torpedoes like the Submarines?
  15. ithekro

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    Mafia violence, at sea.