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  1. With these superships and the mechanics change to friendly fire damage, there shouldn't be much reason to hold back Kitakami anymore. Gib ridiculous historical torpedo cruiser, plz.
  2. ithekro


    Seems like one of those crazy designs (that I might try to pull off in a naval sim). A semi-modernized super dreadnought with pre-dreadnought secondaries. Why? Cause some people like more dakka, but big dakka. If the fire control can handle it, bully. But they didn't refit the main battery turrets for greater elevation.
  3. ithekro

    Surface ship game mode

    What I am surprised about is that there isn't more Russo-Japanese War era ships. There should be at least a Tier II Russian battleship to counter Mikasa. If there was some focus on either the Russo-Japanese War or World War One, I would think there would be a fair deal of players there, if missions and rewards actually worked for those tiers. High tier stuff is all World War Two and some post-World War Two. Tier IV-VII is more or less World War One and the 1920s with some overlap at Tier VII depending on the nation and ship type. Tier II - IV would likely be popular with people that wanted to avoid CVs and Subs if those tiers were viable for missions (and if the Tier IV carrier was limited to one....they were freaking rare until the Tier VI and VIII ships started being built). If there is a Tier IV sub, it would be really old and fragile. World War One subs were no where near as good at 1930s and 40s designs.
  4. Super Shimakazi and Repulse. I like this.
  5. ithekro

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    @LittleWhiteMouse Thank you for your contributions to the community. Both in terms of your reviews and your playing in the game. They are both of immense value the the community and to myself. My first Kraken Unleashed was in a Bayern with LWM present in Ark Royal. It was a good day. Be well.
  6. 35th Anniversary of the Transformers movie. Which explains the inclusion of Hot Rod.
  7. Starscream is exactly on the ship he needs to be on.
  8. Oh you too. Yamato 2205 even has new battlecarriers like Hyuga and Asuka. Would give them a massive excuse to do a model based on Ise.
  9. Okay this is interesting. While a Space Battleship Yamato collab would be peak, this is interesting. Seem about three-quarters of the original version of this series (110 episodes). and 10,000 ships per fleet minimum was the norm there. A war were a trillion dead was a statistic.
  10. ithekro

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Two weeks? After the fourth mission for Dutch cruisers pt.1 ends.
  11. ithekro

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    With "friendly fire" removed, there should be more reason for this ship to come back. You can no longer teamkill with a 20 torpedo broadside.
  12. ithekro

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    I would half expect the British battlecruiser line to be stuffed under the cruiser lines given how thin their armor was as built.
  13. ithekro

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    Because Jackie Fisher's wet dream.
  14. ithekro

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Doesn't that encourage closing the engagement range for both the destroyers (able to yolo), and the battleships that can now again brawl? That than the long range or island hidding meta types?
  15. ithekro

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    German battlecruisers. Good. However this does bring up a question. What flag would any Ottoman Empire run ships be under? Pan-European or Pan-Asian?