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  1. Hi, I came across this crazy bug where the whole Thunderer went under water, stayed there for a minute and then came out and continued to play. I uploaded my replay ( I am on a Mac running bootcamp so I dont know what the proper key combination is to make a screen shot) but it needs to be seen to be believed anyway. The upload can be found here: https://replayswows.com/site/index/sort/uploaded_at.desc/ It is called "Underwater Thunderer" and the action starts at about 13 minute mark. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. surferontario


    Stuttering and now disconnections.
  3. After the update this functionality doesnt seem to be working anymore. Whether clicking on mouse button or using space key, I am unable to move from ship to ship to watch the game after my ship has been sunk. Has anyone experienced it ? Running on bootcamp windows 10.
  4. surferontario

    Ping spikes--stuttering in game

    For the past two days the game is practically unplayable - ping jumping from 150 to 1200 ms within seconds causing stuttering. I am in Asia using NA server. There is no problem with my internet. When I ping Google I get 100% successful round trip ping delivery and when I ping the NA server IP I get 60% at best. At night here everything goes back to normal - I get decent ping and no stuttering but during the day I have been averaging 300-400 ms (for the past two days straight).