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  1. So why do even bad players in other classes suddenly over perform in CV's then? There are plenty of examples of players who do this. Some frequent this forum. A lot. (You'll never guess what side of the fence they sit on either...)
  2. Vasili_One_Bonk_only

    What if citadels were removed from ALL ships

    Because more backline HE spam is what this game needs.....
  3. They started adding the fine print a patch or 2 ago. This should have been expected. They feel it's over performing. They adjust. They've made themselves more flexible which is annoying as it may seem. But a good step in the right direction.
  4. A whole second! Won't somebody please think of the gunnery crew!
  5. Are you sure about that. The only thing holding CV's back from being truly monstrous is that good CV players are rare. If every CV player was our level and the CV player count was double the number. The nerf bat they would be hit with would resemble a wiley coyote sketch.
  6. You're replying in part to the wrong person..... As for sucking. Yes. All the way to 70% WR so far. Try being coherent maybe. It helps.
  7. Never looked at this guy's stats. You can just tell by what he types.
  8. Again. Just because YOU are bad in them...
  9. Shhhh. The A and D keys are a Unicum secret! Don't give away all the good info!
  10. It's because CV's are far easier and hold even more influence compared to other ship classes. And in the case of my EU account. All the other classes I played through ALL the meta changes since launch. CV's I pretty much played since rework only (I pretty much only now play CV to make credits or if asked by div mates) after having many years experience of the game on top. However I'll add PR isn't the be all and end all and needs a lot of context applied. When it comes to current WR my classes all sit within a couple of percent of each other on NA. However I'm still improving all the time. Hence I can currently manage an almost 70% WR playing DD's solo.
  11. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this part. But I've played a collective amount of CV games. About 2500? Here. Have a look. Main EU account. Bear_Necessities. Main clan NA account. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax. And once upon a time I could play a ship and create a NO FLY ZONE. But those days are gone. I have one. Whaled for a few of the missions as I know I won't have the time to complete them all. And like I said. Being in beta means jack crapwhen it comes to discussing this meta. From a player who's also played this game for just over 5 years.
  12. Vasili_One_Bonk_only

    Shots always fall short when shoot at up tier ships.

    I sometimes wonder if I'm even playing the same game as the majority of the player base....