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  1. Frigate007

    DDs are NOT dead!

    Nice game! I have been playing DDs a lot (for me) the last few months, never played them much before. Mostly t5 to t9, having a blast. Not that I am any good with them, but trying to learn. One thing I have noticed is if I play Friesland I get a CV free game more often than not. Makes me sad... I dont mind CVs, don't play them but they have as much right to sink me as a BB, CL/CA or another DD. They have taught me to pay much more attention to the mini map. I do agree that more than one CV per side is a bit much, unless I'm in Friesland. Being that I never played DD's before the rework I don't know the difference, maybe better that way? Sometimes ignorance is Bliss?
  2. Frigate007

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    I think the mid tier pan Europe DD's could use a slight buff to their guns, maybe speed up turrets a bit and maybe reload speed. As the torps do so little damage you have to be able to get some work done with main guns. Other than that I think they are fun ships, but they do struggle to get good damage unless you are in the right situation. The t8 and above seem 0k from what I have seen, maybe a slight concealment buff at most would make them more balanced. I like them even though I don't have great games in them, and seem to be more work then some other lines. Not a DD guy, but slowly learning. I probably play them more like a CL than a DD being a CL/CA player mostly.
  3. Frigate007

    Vasteras = Tier 2 Umikazi vs tier 6-8?

    I'm not sure the line are Torp boats as the torps do so little damage and the small number of them. Not a gun boat either with slow reload etc. Fun ships, but they have an identity crisis going on. As both main weapons are fairly weak, no smoke and so so concealment, low HP not a great hybrid either. You can still do good work with them and have decent games, but it's a lot of work more often than not. I would like to see a slight buff to guns rotation and reload. Range is fine.
  4. Frigate007


    I like Visby, great for laughs. At least better than the t6 version. My current favorite in the line is the t7 Skane, just works for me well. I'm not a DD main, mostly cruisers and BB's, but it just works for me.
  5. That's because you are a troll....
  6. Not blaming the ships, been playing well last couple of months.Just don't like the idea of spending cash for one thing and a few months later it becomes less effective. Also getting tired of getting torped by team mates, humans and bots.
  7. This^^^^ 3 of my premium ships I bought in the last 6 months have been hit hard with the nerf hammer. What's the point? And a few I wanted to get that were steel ships I'm glad I did not because they have been hit hard also. Only ship now I want is the Alaska, but not going to get it as it will also probably be nerfed in the future. Not spending real money on premiums anymore, WG has lost my trust, and the game is not what it was even just 6 months ago. No longer play several hours every day, in fact am skipping days a lot lately all together. And with the ever more meager rewards, loot etc. it is becoming no longer much fun, to much of a grind and beginning to feel like work. Still like the ships, the idea of the game etc. but actually almost dread hitting the battle button with current MM, team dynamics, meta etc. More often than not it just pisses me off and raises my blood pressure.
  8. Frigate007

    What is the best supercruiser?

    From what I have seen Stalingrad is best at T10, toss up at T9 between several.
  9. Frigate007

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    Had a game in my hood where I was shooting at a broadside Sinop at 3k that had beached bow in.to the island. Aimed between waterline and deck, shots all went in the water 100 yards short. I was not moving away or towards, at 1/4 speed. Next salvo aimed at masts hit waterline, 3 citadel's. Go figure....
  10. Frigate007

    Huge container haul

    Was not expecting a ship, but maybe more tokens? Or more coal? Was not worth the grind, stopping here. While I like the DD's, they are nothing to write home about. Got the t5 and t6, both fun but not big play makers in most situations.
  11. Frigate007

    Huge container haul

    Not! for finishing second directive, 5 containers.
  12. I don't find the Georgia or Massachusetts OP in any way, good ships but that's it. And they were just nerfed with IFHE changes on their secondary builds. Bayard is borderline, almost OP in my opinion. Most of the ships you mentioned had some weak points when released or when being tested, many Russian ships have very few or none if played properly. Also most were nerfed..??
  13. Nay, can no longer use same Captain on Massachusetts and Georgia to best effect. IfHE is still best on Mass with full secondary build, not so much on Georgia. Killed my Boise, huge nerf.
  14. The difference I see is that Russian ships start out in development as strong, OP or completely broken then either get nerfed down very slightly after testing or release or eventually after a large outcry by the player base removed. Most other countries ships start out weak or meh and get slight buffs which do little, or if found to be good in testing get the nerf hammer before release. If they somehow slip by they get nerfed more or removed quickly. How long has Smolensk been available? How long was Belfast available? Benham? The problem with the new Russian cruisers was the released stats early on, completely broken and OP. True stealth radar, laser gun accuracy and speed, god tier armour etc. Sure they will be nerfed down before release, but how much? From completely broken to just OP? Meanwhile we see other lines released with a bunch of meh ships (Italian, RN, pan Europe etc). And don't even start me on the PR.
  15. Frigate007

    How to use smokeless destroyers in co-op?

    I have only 7 battles in Visby in co op, best only around 45k damage, 580 exp, 3 ships sunk. Its not a great ship for co op but I still find it fun. Guess I like the challenge? What surprises me is the gun accuracy, over 50%(even with my poor internet and high ping). Granted it has very short range guns that has a lot to do with it. Only running a 8 point Captain, will get better over time with more Captain skills I hope. I find it does better the longer the battle lasts, my above was a 6 minute battle. In short under 4 minute battles I struggle to get more than 15k damage. It could use a buff to either damage output or concealment, but still is a fun little ship IMHO. And I'm m finding the fun factor more important than lack of damage if that makes any sense.