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  1. Frigate007

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    LOL, name is not even on the ship.
  2. Frigate007

    British Heavy Cruisers Directives, 0.9.0

    Just to let all know, you can not sell back upgrades of stock hull etc.
  3. Frigate007

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    Dumb name for a ship, sounds like some type of jam or jelly?
  4. Frigate007

    British Heavy Cruisers Directives, 0.9.0

    All upgraded, no difference. Everything pens and does massive damage.
  5. Frigate007

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    If anything like the Albemarle, total junk.
  6. Frigate007

    British Heavy Cruisers Directives, 0.9.0

    Interesting event, but go for the goodies not the ships. I won the T8 RN CA, worst ship I've ever played. A floating Citadel Pinata from every angle. Never last more than 3 salvos fired at me from range no matter how angled. Been citadeled through the bow, stern, side, at 15, 30 and 45 degrees. The only class of ship that has yet to do so is a DD. I'm sure it would happen if I continued playing it. Makes Fiji seem like a Kremlin by comparison. Total junk or worse rng ever. Last game zero damage, never got in range of another ship before sunk by a unspotted Lenin at long range way below a cap 3 minutes in or so.
  7. There is truth in this. And maybe some of it is due to MM and ship being used. When you are bottom tier most of the time in a ship that usually can't carry a team when top tier like the Boise you might fall into one camp? When you are top tier in a Kremlin, Smolensk, or say Benham that can carry you might fall into the other camp. As far as MM being broken, it is. But my tin foil hat says its due to low amount of players queuing up for battle. So the MM rules get thrown out with the bath water. Since the PR event I am seeing lower and lower numbers and much longer queue times. Seeing a lot of odd ball MM, like one team having a 2 man and 3 man div, the other none. Or one side having all high ranked players, the other side maybe 1 or 2 low ranked. Or one side having a bunch of what many would consider OP ships, the other side none or maybe one. What seems consistent though during the week is the low queue numbers in the late morning till around 7PM, sometimes all night. Even in my own clan I see fewer playing than a month or two ago.
  8. Why I play co op more and more, and random less. Instead of 10 to 20 random battles per day, I limit myself to 3 losses, which is often my first 3 battles. All one sided blowouts. Can't remember how many days since last win. No longer look at wows stats, to depressing. In the toilet for sure and if I did I would just uninstall out of frustration. The up side is I spend way less credits on signals, service, premium consumables. Finding the game less and less enjoyable, and playing fewer and fewer hours every day. Started playing another game that I played before this one again which I played for almost 5 years. No bugs, no server issues, clean releases and no toxic behavior that has skill based MM. Also far less greedy and way more interaction with clan mates along with a huge player base.
  9. Frigate007

    RN t8 CA

    Played a couple of games in it, not impressed. Going to be a port queen. Huge citidal, and man is it squishy. Even well angled its citidal city. And this is supposed to be a armoured cruiser? My Fiji takes hits better. Seems the armour is just thick enough to make sure everything detonates and pens. Anything with 6" guns or larger can dev strike it no problem from about any angle. The guns need more range, they are accurate enough out to 13k. Reload is slow but just manageable. Torps are nice, good angles. Does not have that RN acceleration the CL line has. Rudder is lazy. AA is good enough. Tier for tier the Exeter is a much better ship. Seems the ship has no real niche, just very mediocre at everything? To me the Leander feels better than this ship and its two tiers lower? Wanted to like it, but it serves no real purpose other than give enemy easy citidels.
  10. Frigate007

    RN t8 CA

    Got it in a bundle with white camo and 3 point Captain. Any good? Have yet to take her for a spin. Not much main gun range and concealment looks barely ok? What build are players using for this ship? And why did they change its name? Sounds like some sort of jelly or jam?
  11. Frigate007

    Old ships you still love.

    Warspite, Hood, Leander, Dreadnuaght, Sampson, Clemson etc.
  12. Probably because they have been burned by trying to help out when asked and the other BB turns tail and runs away and leaves them in the spot they were in with plenty of HP left, instead of staying in the fight. Happens to me all the time in every class of ship I play.
  13. I actually do worse when I div up. Spend to much time trying to support div mate over what is best for my game. I guess it depends on WHO you div up with. My longest winning streak came in a two man division, won six or more games in a row. Very good player. Had many others with different players that created long losing streaks. 3 man divs can be boom or bust. I think often when 3 div up and play close to each other they have a false sense of security, and often head back to port early. No doubt in my mind that playing as a team has got worse in random, and more passive playing. Also seems many play angry. Why I play more co op now than random the last few weeks. Much less frustrating, more laid back. Friendlier game mode. Actually come out ahead credit wise as run no signals etc. Run 8 signals in random and you have to make 800k credits every battle to break even when you factor in premium consumables, camo, service costs etc.
  14. Frigate007

    I cant connect!?

    Got into port after a couple of hours, now armory won't load? Just churns? Everything just seems to be super slow. Still churning, will see how long that takes. Internet seems fine, other programs work fast.
  15. Frigate007

    Error Contacting Server

    getting the same thing as of 5:49 PM EST