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  1. Frigate007

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    where is the link to download latest version?
  2. I rarely buy containers, never get much from the ones I earn so seems like a poor investment to me. Plus I don't have the premiums on the short list and don't want them. Would rather save up XP or coal and get what I want. Only a few premiums I would be interested in, and the chances of getting them from Xmas containers is zero unless I spent a small fortune. This short list debacle is just one more nail in the WG coffin....
  3. Frigate007

    Critical Error

    Its never WG fault, always yours according to some people here. Total [edited], everything works fine, update comes along then you get bugs, crashes etc. Feel like WG uses its customers for beta testing, which is very frustrating. Never played a game that has so many bugs with new updates etc. Wish they would have fewer updates and test more before release.
  4. 2 nights in a row with T61, shoot torps they dont move, shoot guns, no shell trails or hits. started in both games around half way through. Can see torps back where I shot them for minutes afterwards. started thursday night.
  5. Frigate007

    Alaska even with Anchorage?

    I think Anchorage is an ok ship, Alaska a great ship. Problem with Anchorage is huge citadel above water, low DPM. Reload is just to slow, should be no slower than 12 seconds. Even Wichita with the same guns and shells is 10 seconds reload. At least Wichita has a below WL citadel if I remember correctly, though one less turret and no smoke but radar and better handling in all respects. Wichita needs a buff to be relevant again, rarely see one in game. I think Anchorage would be best in a division with a dd or two.
  6. Frigate007

    Unable to download updates.

    My firewall is turned off? No anti virus etc. Only use that computer for this game, nothing else. Not email, forums, or other apps.
  7. Frigate007

    Unable to download updates.

    I have the same problem, been trying to download update for several days. Thought I had, but it did not take. Now starts download very slow, then says connection lost. My internet is fine, is WG having a server issue? This is getting old, makes me wonder why I bother with this game. Full of bugs that rarely get fixed and other issues.
  8. Frigate007

    Server Crash for Anyone Else?

    I have had several issues tonight with freezing, not getting loaded into battle for up to a minutes after most everyone else moving etc. Logged out, won't let me back in, just grinds. My internet is ok, 26 ping, 45mbps down, 5 up. When I hit bino view was freezing. Played several battles, every one had more than one AFK player so I guess it must be the server?
  9. Frigate007

    Anyone else?

    Thanks, will do. Tried a few other replay files, same problem. All were battles done today.
  10. Frigate007

    Anyone else?

    Having problems viewing replays? Just had a battle that was won with a couple of seconds to go by a good margin, but ended in defeat (points) and I wanted to go back and look at the replay but sits at loading screen, can hear but not see battle. Was really strange as I would have swore we were up almost 70 points with like 5 seconds to go, with no ships in range of enemy team. Was no shooting going on other than AA and aircraft. Did not notice any of our ships flooding or burning though I might have missed one. Was a strange battle from the start as some of my team hung around spawn and never moved up much, just defended our base. Any idea's of how to fix replay viewer?
  11. Frigate007

    Tier X blowouts

    Try playing on the PTS, good rewards and you can try out ships you don't have in your main account. Some wild random battles, 4v4, 5v5 etc. No pressure, and some rewards go to your main account. I'm finding it a nice change of pace.
  12. Been playing on the PTS t10 random. Seems most of my team mates are from different regions, I think a lot of Russians from what I see in chat. Seems they don't like to cap, are much more aggressive and Yolo a lot into an early death more than what I see on NA server. Never seen so many Kremlin's die so early on. Was wondering how other servers (Asia/Europe etc) play style differs from NA?
  13. Frigate007

    More AFK players...

    Watched a YouTube video of a random battle where around half the players on each side were either AFK or did not load into game properly. One ship got around 450k damage farming all the enemy ships still sitting at spawn.
  14. Frigate007

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    I just started playing her on PTS, most inaccurate ship I've ever played. My hit % is 1/3 of most other ships I play. Either guns suck or dynamic reticle on PTS server is not working correctly (which I think may be the case?). Other than that has a lot of utility/tools.
  15. Frigate007


    Most t7 ships are not in a good place as they see to many t9 ships. Being top tier in a t7 is a rare treat for me. The gap in ships abilities has increased between tiers, and MM has not changed to reflect that. T7 should be +/- 1 as should be t6.