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  1. Yes please im bored. They really drag their knuckles when it comes to spicing things up. 1v1 was always my favorite experience in this game.
  2. Yes please. New update trashed the game. Could really use a new mode with less ships like 5v5 that is permanent as 12v12 is stupid. CV's are waaaaaaaaaay to influential to battle outcome. Just played another match with cv flying around the edge doing nothing and what should have been an easy win was a massacre. Would really like a battle mode with cv optional. Big hunt was a nice change. Would really like to shoot these big guns at other things than ships.
  3. I purchased 22 santas mega gift containers and got 3 ships. All mid tier boats.. Plus 6,000 doubloons, flags/camo/coal. Ugh why cant I just buy Missouri.
  4. KrackenSmackin

    Can't redeem coupon

    Any luck? Im still having exact issue with the tirpitz and the 50% coupon..Its driving me crazy. And no it does not show up anywhere when trying to check out.