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  1. lMattyl

    Unlock FPS?

    It's greyed out for me in the WG modpack for some reason.
  2. lMattyl

    Unlock FPS?

  3. lMattyl

    Unlock FPS?

    Whats the current way to unlock the fps? I havent seen any recent posts about it through googling and the old way with changing the maxframerate in the engine config isn't working anymore.
  4. where can we find the stream schedule?
  5. Right but I mean it looks like you'd have to spend a crapton of money just to even get the 8 tier DD
  6. So after reading through the event and getting my first 4 containers, I don't see how it's even possible to get that high in the event? I'm sure some of you math guys have broken it down somewhere already and I was just looking for some answers.
  7. lMattyl

    Euro Tokens?

    "You will find European Tokens in Europe containers, which in turn can be obtained by progressing through Directives or picked up from Daily Shipments." How do we get the Europe containers in Daily Shipments? I don't see the option?
  8. Just wondering considering how much CV trouble their is and all the radar and especially all that 12km Russian radar with everyone grinding for the moskva?
  9. So I just wanted to discuss some of this, not just another "balans" post. I just watched Flamu's video on it, and it does generally raise some alarms for me. Especially after being so invested in this game. If they thought the USN cruisers would have no counter play with stealth radar, then there's no way they could follow through with it right? I mean I'm sure subs might come out this year or the following as well, which would leave DDs to all be but forgotten. The ships are already pretty OP even without the ability to stealth radar, so I mean wouldn't that be enough as is? I just don't want to see a game I love so much, get torn to pieces like it has for many of you already. I've only been playing the last year, but I play for about 6-8 hours a day. I came in after the CV rework, so the CVs don't get me that heated, because I'm used to it. I'm not saying it's right but that's just how it is for me. But I would hate to continue to see more out of balance ships regardless of which nation they belonged too. I play pretty much all of the nation's with no bias, I like the corks and gimmicks of each one. Well anyways, that about wraps it up. Just a concerned player who loves this game.
  10. lMattyl

    Hide HUD?

    I thought it was Control G? It doesnt seem to work anymore?
  11. So I love messing around with the Mass. Secondary build, I'm not at 19 points yet, Im at 16 so I was wondering if IFHE would still be viable after the update or if I should go with something else? I already have BFT, AFT.