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  1. WildWitch

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Keep your eyes on the minimap and regulars scan locations of the enemy at all times to avoid surprises
  2. WildWitch

    HSF problems.

    Does anyone know how to change the screeching anime captains voice back to a normal on the ship ? I dont have the anime commanders option selected even, standard selected, but its still screaming at me. Its unplayable like this...
  3. Bombshell is a newish, super friendly clan who has space for anyone not wanting any drama. Semi competitive - not top level serious so there is no stress if you are still learning the game. Hoping to start Clan Battles soon. We have a discord and useful information posted to help you grow and enjoy the game more. Apply in game, reply here with any questions or message me here for Discord link
  4. Awesome, thanks for all the input guys, dont want him to waste his money on something 'almost' able to play the game Much appreciated
  5. Hi, I have a friend who wants to start playing but needs to get a new laptop to run WOWS as his current one wont. I have a desktop but he needs the portability Do any of you have any suggestions for a cheapish minimum spec laptop that will run it ok ? He is in Australia so shipping could be an issue if overseas Cheers
  6. Steam have a nice cheap 3 ship bundle if he starts through that Texas come with perm stars and stripes camo too It didnt appear in normal DLC, but if you find one of the ships individual DLCs the bundle is listed as an option through that path. This bundle includes 3 DLCs: Texas, tier 5 American battleship Admiral Graf Spee, tier 6 German cruiser Anshan, tier 6 Pan-Asian destroyer Each comes with a port slot and a commander
  7. See if you can recruit him through the recruiting station - he will get 2 premium ships this way - Warspite being one.
  8. WildWitch

    Very disappointed in the Sound

    I cant hear my guns hardly at all now? Thought i has done something weird - hope its fixed soon
  9. WildWitch

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Me too - have sent tickets in Tried verifying files and it said they werent there - warships is now updating to 8.8 again - maybe a fix? Wish we could use the main Wargaming portal for times like this - wasted hours trying to fix it