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  1. Why are brawls - a 3 vs 3 closed in the evenings yet again for us overseas NZ/Aus? The excuse for closing ranked early was there are not enough people on to get 'quality matchmaking' Are there really not enough people playing this game any more to be able to find teams for 3 vs 3 brawls? its kinda worrying. And for all of those who say go play on the asia server - there are a heap of us from NZ/AUS and other countries on NA here, enough for a brawl or 3 you would think.
  2. WildWitch

    Game Reset

    You don't lose all your premium ships - here is a list of what stays and what goes. What remains on the account: Free XP The balance of doubloons on your account Any remaining days of Premium Account Port slots Premium ships Reserve slots (when applicable) Commemorative flags and rare achievements Camouflages and signal flags that have an equivalent cost in doubloons Premium camouflages that are currently applied to Premium ships If you participated in the closed Beta Testing of World of Warships, archived statistics for this period will not be erased on the website What is erased, including but not limited to: Combat XP, Elite XP for Commanders Credits and special resources: Oil, Coal, Steel, Clan Tokens, and Ranked Tokens including any resources exchanged/transferred for doubloons All purchases performed with credits (Tech Tree vehicles, modules, etc. ) All research performed in the Tech Tree All statistics for the account (kill ratio, damage ratio, etc. ) Camouflages, flags, signal flags, and other cosmetic items, except for those that are attached to Premium ships, or that have an equivalent cost in doubloons Containers Research points Commanders, including: Those purchased and/or trained for doubloons Unique Commanders specialized for a particular branch Those obtained from missions, special events, Campaigns, etc. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/15732/
  3. The significant format and the wording changes of the announcement are not a 'misinterpretation'. It quite specifically points to 2 CVs this time around Hopefully the 2 CV 'restriction' is subject to change :D
  4. Wish we could alternate CB season with the odd Tiers - when was the last time T7 got a look in ?
  5. WildWitch

    Armada: Constellation

    For the give away: Lexington Class Battlecruiser 6 planned, 2 converted to CV, 4 cancelled IGN: WildWitch NA server
  6. WildWitch

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    They don't want Aussies or Kiwis playing either..... our evenings are when NA is closed for business, apparently we are not good enough for ranked/BotB etc They really need to sort out the dumb hour closedown - do other servers get it too? Could we play on a different server when they close NA? Asking for a friend...
  7. Yeah good point - tweaked it
  8. Is the growing number of hybrids going to cause more issues? The T9 looks OP https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/162
  9. WildWitch

    PSA: New Code (EXPIRED)

    Code expired for me, but thanks for posting
  10. WildWitch

    You have warship meme's?

  11. WildWitch

    HMS Agincourt (For sale ever?)

    Yeah its lack of AA means the Agincourt gets picked on badly by the ISE - i don'y play mine much anymore - shame because its fun
  12. In the stream they are joking/laughing that there are 4 hurricane players in their bronze clan (squall) with 70% win rates etc This isn't them being accidentally matched with a lower clan - this is deliberate smurfing for kicks.
  13. To clear up any misunderstanding. the OP (me) wasnt playing yesterday - so I dont know where the stream sniping comments came from. A team in one of my sister clans is Gale 3, and met several Typhoon Clans and 'Smurfing' Hurricane players in clans with 60/70% win rates. If the waiting time for Hurricane level games is so bad for the poor guys at the top, then there are other options rather than dropping down ranks to beat up on the small guys. if this is what they have to do to get their kicks then it says a lot.
  14. And thats the problem if i understand you. It is not the occasional bad matchmaking - it looks like its a deliberate move to get a low rated clan (so they can play against lower levels) because the queue times are long at high levels?