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  1. Are the rewards for Clan Battles this season changed because of the economy changes or because it T8? The usual 30 days premium for Storm supply is now XP boosts etc
  2. Just a quick thank you WG for doing what we expected you to do and not what you said you were going to do. Previous statements that the economy wont be changing and we were not going to be worse off with the economy changes were delightfully misleading! As expected. You guys rock! You never let us down. The FXP earnings from CBs have been reduced due to the reduced number of available red level bonuses we now have to use compared to the old stacks of camo's/signals - its an all or nothing gamble on a huge win now - Genius!! But best of all - you are saving me heaps of money!! The containers that offer perma camo's as the prize WITHOUT the perma bonuses as before (notice a change here?) have given me zero motivation to buy any. i would have previously loved to get these container gamble camos AND bonuses, risking my grocery money for the week, but just looking pretty is something I just don't care about in my old age. Us oldies worry more about the economy. My purse/wallet and my grocery supplier thanks you for this. Good job WG
  3. EDIT: Graphic removed due to several people twisting the point of the post. Why does game allow/enable a brand new player with only low tier experience - to buy a high tier premium CV, without Zero previous CV experience, and be matched against a CV main in randoms. CVs are too strong to be this unbalanced. Please sort out the matchmaking for CVs if nothing else. Its not the players fault, why does the game allow this to even be a 'thing'? Should there be a 'gateway' before a new player can play at higher levels/buy high tiers? And while you are at it - please stop sub divs - that is ridiculous! Thanks Matey's!
  4. We are having the same issue we have 2 CB clans and we cant invite people from our other clan to play with us in clan battles and as they are often shown offline. We have a channel we are all in and we cant see them online or invite them The long winded workaround - is to :- 1. see if any of the offline people in one of our clans ( Clan B) can see any of us in the clan we want to run CBs from (Clan A) online 2. Get 2 Clan B people into a Randoms div and invite someone from Clan A 3. Hand over Div control to Clan A person who can open it up, switch to Clan Battles and the others can join from within the clan whether they are 'offline' in game or not This works for 2 mercs - but we cant have 3 offline mercs from our other clan. This is because we can only have a div of 3 and if we use a Clan Battle Div - you cant hand over control of the div to another clan
  5. We are stuck on Bravo - tried different officers and the option to switch rating is blank
  6. Ok Wargaming... You have broken us. I think I would rather have CVs in Clan Battles then have to deal with the double Conde spam. There - I said it. Half my clan doesnt want to play this season. Nice work. When are you bringing in some restrictions so us mere mortals can stand half a chance?
  7. WildWitch

    Water Graphics glitch? ~UPDATED~

    Yup same here - was fine first game - second - not so much
  8. So I guess this is one way to improve the quality of players in higher tiers? Its gonna be more expensive to play if you are not earning the credits to cover the costs?
  9. WildWitch

    Superships in Clan Battles and Arms Race

    1 BB in total
  10. Which option is correct? Is that 1 Normal BB plus 2 superships which may be also be BBs ie 3 BBs Or I BB per team in total and 6 other ships? (ie Satsuma and Dorky?)
  11. WildWitch

    Superships in Clan Battles and Arms Race

    Clan Battles Season 17 — Caiman The new Clan Battles season will take place between May 25 and July 11 on Tier X ships and Superships in a 7 vs 7 format. One team cannot field more than 1 battleship and 2 Superships. Aircraft carriers, as well as the ships X Petropavlovsk and X Kléber are banned from participation. The list of maps that will be used in Season 17 has not yet been determined. We will of course share it once it has been finalized. ************** Is that 1 Normal BB plus 2 superships which may be also be BBs ie 3 BBs Or I BB per team in total and 6 other ships? (ie Satsuma and Dorky?)
  12. WildWitch

    Superships in Clan Battles and Arms Race

    Well at least they havent put subs in CBs.... yet...lol... was half expecting that
  13. WildWitch

    Superships in Clan Battles and Arms Race

    Thats gonna favour the top clans for CBs even more than usual - they have been playing the superships a heap There might be a lot of clans with normal humans in them sitting this season out.
  14. WildWitch


    Before MERCs i thought it was to stop people hopping around for Clan Battles etc, but now we have Mercs it seems kinda pointless. What purpose does it serve?