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  1. WildWitch

    The 1500 Doubloon Bundles

    I have the worst luck - i have bought bundles before - often with token from directives etc, a few with doubloons I am pretty much guaranteed that NOTHING of value appears until close to the last few bundles - so I am steering well clear of these massively overpriced flags and camos ones. I have learnt my lesson. RNG hates me :D Congrats to the few who may get lucky
  2. WildWitch

    Looking for a New Clan

    Sent you a message @Lord_Artec
  3. WildWitch

    New forum layout and restructure.

    No problems with the restructuring apart from the Clan recruitment area - not that there were many on the other channel - but any discussions on Clan related topics that are NOT clans recruiting will just get lost as the clan recruitment posts are bumped relentlessly, but nice to show the forums some love anyways @Hapa_Fodder
  4. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    Hop in and say hi :D
  5. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    Still a few spaces left for chill peeps
  6. WildWitch

    Dockyard, Decisions, Decisions

    Not sure just buying the starter pack will get you steel ? You need to complete ODIN early
  7. WildWitch

    DD Main looking for an active Clan

    Sent you a DM Nick :D
  8. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    Last few days of CBS - hop on over :D
  9. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    Still have space for a few solid CB players - We are now in Storm League and hoping to have a strong finish to the season - hop on over :D
  10. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    We dont bite ;)
  11. WildWitch

    Semi Competitive Clan needs you !

    Hop in and try us out :D
  12. BOMBL has just finished its second season of CBs and has space for a few keen people. We are semi competitive, we dont have heavy demands - we just ask that you play when you can (long absences with no warning though may cause an issue), dont cause any drama and have an 'adult' sense of humour. We like to div up and have fun, dont do too many operations but like to participate in all the events. It was a crazy season 2 with CVs introduced, but we hit Storm league for the first time. We really need a few more keen players with T10 experience to join us. We CB at NA time, and we use Discord for messaging, info and voice comms, which we would really like you to have, as its darn hard without it If you have any questions, message me here or hop into our discord and say Hi. https://discord.gg/sB7de25 Cheers
  13. WildWitch

    Looking for Clan Merger feedback

    Looks like we are in a similar position @MotoWolf, have sent you a DM
  14. WildWitch

    Looking for clan!

    Sent you a DM @Reservation