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  1. Girlz_Day

    Stupid CV, Stop Picking on Me!

  2. Girlz_Day

    CV's ruin the game

    Fixed... New product, TrollAway, just $9.99! Brings good times, dancing, singing...
  3. Girlz_Day

    The music thread

    Ohhh...you know its true
  4. Girlz_Day

    The music thread

  5. Girlz_Day

    The music thread

  6. When you take off from the Rhein, the red strip down the middle of the flight deck with the Iron Cross perm camo goes away and turns white like with no camo. I am not sure if it does this also when I am approaching a enemy Rhein to attack.
  7. Girlz_Day

    Boost for Clan Membership

    WG's responce...
  8. Girlz_Day

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Drinks Oxy Cola while her beverage cup is being held by her "natural" beverage holders.
  9. Girlz_Day

    Know When to Hit the Showers!

    How could "you" let this happen?!?
  10. Girlz_Day

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into @Femennenly in her Perth, sorry but I had to sink you. I hunted you down and chased you through all that smoke only to secure my teams win... that is my story and I am sticking to it!
  11. Girlz_Day

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Zao, someday! Great review and thank you for all the hard work. Now STOP sinking me!
  12. Girlz_Day

    Who have you seen in game

    I was just in a battle with my Marblehead and was so happy as I deleted the enemy DD! Not 5 seconds later my ship EXPLODES! I am like whaaaa, Nooooozzz, how and who dare!?!? Then I saw the name! SHOCK took over! How did I miss that name!? Yes, @LittleWhiteMouse ended my planned slaughter of her Fleet. I had so much to live for!
  13. Girlz_Day

    I think they had a lot of fun with this

    Don't dream it, be it!
  14. This has been my first try at Ranked. I started at rank 18 and moved quickly to rank 9. Rank 8 is where it changed. I managed to get to Rank 7 then it went south fast, all the way back to rank 9! I am back to Rank 8 and trying to grind to Rank5, I can dream.
  15. Girlz_Day

    How is Nagato Doing These Days?

    Nagato and Colorado BBs are getting mauled by the masses of Sinop BBs, from what I have seen.