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  1. Girlz_Day

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    After they implement 10.5 and the new "we can nerf ships you PAID for" after we sold you on it and then ruined it with no REFUND possible. I will be looking for a new game! I might comeback now and then to play the ships I have but will NOT spend one more penny on a ship! If WG keeps going in their current direction...Uninstall.
  2. Girlz_Day

    The music thread

  3. Girlz_Day

    Update 10.5....FAIL

    will do.
  4. Girlz_Day

    Update 10.5....FAIL

    You mean my sister?
  5. Girlz_Day

    Update 10.5....FAIL

    Everything I read on the 10.5 update sucks! A complete garbage update, now the Captain rebork update has moved down to second place. Can you say Deadeye...FAIL. My god WeeGee please STOP with this garbage, don't make me beg!! (WeeGee's response to me)
  6. Girlz_Day

    Loss streak - quick semi-rant

    Sorry, but I could not resist adding this...lol
  7. Girlz_Day

    Who have you seen in game

    All in good fun, next time you fall off your ship swim faster Florida is a hard one to master, glad Cali was a good battle.
  8. Girlz_Day

    Loss streak - quick semi-rant

    Ranked is full of potatoes! Ignore Sailor_Moon, I think she fell off her ship and was swimming to try and catch it.
  9. Tagged you in "Who have You Seen" for some reason your name will not link @Sailor_Moon...

    This was painful



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    2. Girlz_Day


      I agree about the 30 second reload!  Also bring back the old secondaries.

    3. SaiIor_Moon


      THIS. DEFINITELY THIS. I will continue advocating for the secondaries accuracy buffs, believe me on that! 164% more dispersion is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. You wouldn't believe the lengths I have to go to make my secondaries actually perform semi-decently XD It's so meme-worthy, and unbelievably risky.

    4. Girlz_Day
  10. Girlz_Day

    Who have you seen in game

    I rarely play Ranked but I want that flag so gave it a try...painful!! I did happen to see @Sailor_Moon.
  11. Girlz_Day

    Gaming the New Penalty System

    Excellent suggestion!
  12. Girlz_Day

    Gaming the New Penalty System

    For what ever reason with this coming penalty system, once I no longer gain XP, coin or whatever else. My ship will transform, no longer playing world of warships but playing world of sailing ship! I will not fire one gun or torp I will simply sail around doing nothing but Qing this song to my ear pods. Or maybe Styx?
  13. Girlz_Day

    MM... Dual CVs at T8/9

    According to this "person" MM is working perfectly!! @Vasili_One_Bonk_only