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  1. Yea_Olde_Tub_LSM_447

    Special offer from World of Warships and Verizon

    Any hope for us prepaid customers? Before I retired from IT, I recommended and was successful in moving our large firm to them. Now on prepaid account so not feeling the love has been returned.
  2. Yea_Olde_Tub_LSM_447

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    I have only played a little ranked in the past, been playing since Sept. I am really enjoying it this season, love that the map sizes in particular. I probably won't get much beyond R12, only have one T10 ship, no premiums at that tier to adjust for gameplay. Still great fun even when the salt is flying faster than the shells.
  3. Yea_Olde_Tub_LSM_447

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    And no matter how good anyone is, almost always someone is better. So it becomes equally about luck as it is about skill? There is a 50/50 chance you will win or lose AFAIK in upper competitive leagues it seems. A day or so a Mino was complaining about our team play almost from the start, yet we went on to win decisively. The only way for someone to gain experience is through experience and learning. Few know everything all the time. I've never met them in my life so far. Maybe now? :)
  4. Yea_Olde_Tub_LSM_447

    After 4 years of grinding US BBs....

    I had fun with the CO once I learned more about her. Lost many random battles with her before things clicked. Can't be aggressive with her without a seasoned captain and upgrades. Use her to practice long range targeting.