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  1. Ye_Old_Tub_447

    Where to go at the beginning of a battle

    As a newer (3+ months) player I try to learn from others. Should I enter a battle letting others know I am a noob still learning or just try to continue to learn by getting my ship mauled? The game is a lot to take in at first.
  2. Ye_Old_Tub_447

    Rename account

    I would like to see the ability to get at least one rename of an account without having to pay for the change. I misspelled my name and it is not accurate for the ship I was referencing. And yes I have been supporting the game development by paying for a premium account. I am a relatively new player, made plenty of other mistakes but now enjoying learning the game that seemed a but daunting at first.
  3. Ye_Old_Tub_447

    After 4 years of grinding US BBs....

    I had fun with the CO once I learned more about her. Lost many random battles with her before things clicked. Can't be aggressive with her without a seasoned captain and upgrades. Use her to practice long range targeting.