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  1. rhulkb27

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Kingpin did it without spending any doubloons. I assume DP did it using the doubloons he got with ranked. I think the bigger fallacy in your argument @DolphinPrincess is the fact that not everyone has access to unlimited spring sky/asian lantern and the special signal flags. Only people who get the 30 wins in typhoon every season for a while/rankout consistently will have enough resources to do it. Assuming that DP stacked flags and camos and used ranked dubs to accelerate progress, it's definetely possible for him to spend only a marginally greater amount of time playing wows to get PR.
  2. rhulkb27

    EN Wiki Team is Recruiting!

    We have candy!
  3. I am currently sitting on top of 250 million credits, 600k coal, and 50k steel. I'm doing it because big number funny.
  4. rhulkb27

    Thanks Boggzy!!!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank @Boggzy for being an awesome CM :)
  5. rhulkb27

    US BBs: Worthless?

  6. Hi, I am a battleship main. I would consider myself to be a decent player. Your claims are complete bogus. Interaction between battleships and cruisers are very much in the battleship's favor right now, and overpenetration mechanics have never changed. Not a single decent battleship main agrees with you. Its time to face the fact that you aren't one of them.
  7. @Boggzy You look like blond Jake Gyllenhaal in that pic
  8. rhulkb27

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well Done! Well done! Well done!
  9. rhulkb27

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well Done! Well Done! Well Done!
  10. WG would never lie to us, right? :)
  11. For almost every ship, the optimal commander build for clan wars is different than the optimal build for randoms or ranked. Up until season 8, players were given a week of free respecs for precisely this reason, so we could change our commanders to the most efficient build in competitive. In season 9, aircraft carriers were first introduced. From then on, players lost the ability to respec for free in all clan battles henceforth. We were given the reason: "since aircraft carriers are now in clan wars, players no longer need to respec their commanders. They were previously offered so that players could take off their AA skills to make clan wars builds more optimal". Everyone that had anything to do with clan wars knew that this was complete [edited], because nobody was taking AA skills in the first place, and because optimal ship builds change drastically due to the differences between randoms and clan wars. Fast-forward to today, our last clan wars season was without CVs and at Tier X. Why were we not given free respecs? As per previously stated, shouldn't we be given the chance to "take off our AA skills?" Will we be given a respec for the upcoming season?
  12. rhulkb27

    enough is enough

    1. I agree with this one, battleships which can overmatch cruisers everywhere shouldnt be able to outspot cruisers. 2. WG has never catered to destroyer players except when absolutely necessary. If anything, they cater to BB players more 3. except for the fact that running down the 9 line in those situations can be a good decision in some games 4. residentsleeper
  13. This is not true. Battleship H.E is almost always more effective due to the fact that it takes out modules and sets fires, increasing the likelyhood that the DD dies. Additionally, H.E will straight up do more damage on targets that aren't already saturated everywhere. The only case where AP is straight up a better choice is when shooting at French DDs, as the saturation is much more pronounced and AP does considerably more damage. 1480 damage is 7% of a shimakaze's hp. This roughly translates to a 4k salvo on a cruiser or an 8k salvo on a battleship. If battleships dealt penetration damage to destroyers, it would be 4900 damage per penetration, or around 23% of a shimakaze's hp. This translates to a whopping 12k salvo on a des moines. Imagine playing a des moines and taking 12k every time a battleship landed one shell. That is what battleship full penetrations would feel like for destroyers. It would be hilariously broken. Why should dds, the class which is defined by evaluating risk vs reward, be punished so hard for merely getting himself spotted? What about ships that prioritize keeping thier guns warm over thier torpedos like russian or french destroyers? What about knife-fighting destroyers that battle it out for caps? You expect them to duel an enemy dd, dodge incoming cruiser h.e, manage thier damage control, dodge enemy aircraft, and on top of all of that they can still get halved by a single salvo? In what world is that even remotely balanced?
  14. rhulkb27

    Yep MatchMaker Again

    If teams were sorted by skill, it would become even harder to rank out. The expected wr for everyone will be 50% and someone with skill equivalent to a 65% wr will win the same amount of games as someone with skill equivalent to a 40% wr.
  15. rhulkb27

    remove karma system

    1) If it doesnt do anything then why do you care. Seeing as it doesnt matter, why are you getting angry about it? 2) Same as 1) 3) Unless you are playing aircraft carrier, 80% of the times you get reported means you played badly. People don't report others willy nilly. This is why better players usually have 100+ or 1000+ karma. 4) You can hide it for yourself, there is a mod in Aslains that allows you to do that.