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    Ranked shouldn't be streamed


    Since you are removing Deadeye

    I disagree. Doing a no CE build with Yamato means you either play super super far back at all times and never ever get within range to maximize the potential of your guns, or you get farmed to death when you try. The only targets you will be able to reliably hit over the course of the match are bbs, because you have no concealment and are at max range, but BB damage is low impact damage.

    Since you are removing Deadeye

    I heavily disagree. By dropping concealment skills and making you effectively 0 concealment, it basically takes away your ability to have a disengage option. In addition, it makes aggression control irrelevant and gives away your position and the element of surprise to the enemy. The 10% is not at all worth having worse conceal.

    The outright removal of deadeye was a terrible idea

    No, I argue deadeye is in fact good for the game because It rewarded good positioning and aim. In many online gaming communities, RNG has been one of the biggest complaints, as it effectively removes skill to a certain degree from the game. Deadeye rewarded skill, and as such I believe it was good for balance.

    The outright removal of deadeye was a terrible idea

    I edited my post to try to make my arguements clearer.
  6. With the removal of deadeye in 0.10.4, the commander rework will stand as a direct nerf to battleships. Not only did wargaming nerf secondaries to the point where they are almost unusable, but now in order to get the exact same tank build as pre rework you have to spend 2 extra points. Was a nerf on this scale to battleships even necessary? In terms of game influence on a randoms match, battleships rank as some of the worst, as they do not have the concealment to control an engagement or cap like a destroyer, they don't have the utility or dpm like cruisers, nor do they have an overpowering influence on the match like carriers do. Deadeye was the one solace given to battleships, that they would be able to punish mistakes with a greater level of consistency. From this point of view, the skill was healthy for the game. Most of the complaints about deadeye were about the debuff, and the passive meta it created. I agree with these complaints. For average battleship players who do not understand how to position well, it resulted in them staying much farther back. From a positional point of view however, the battleship that pushes in and dies in the first 10 minutes of the match is just as bad or even worse than the battleship that camps in the back, because not only will they remove thier match impact from half the match but they will also give the enemy team points. The issue is not necessarily that battleship players themselves are positioning any worse than they were pre rework, rather than that the passive meta created by the debuff created an unfun game experience as a whole. For good battleship players however, their playstyle barely changed at all. In general, optimal battleship play involves positioning as close as possible (depending on numerous factors such as your hp, and friendly and enemy ship positioning) but still always having a disengage option. Because of this, if you play your battleships correctly you will rarely be in a situation where there is a ship spotted within your concealment range, because this would mean you have no way to disengage. Thus, deadeye actually rewarded good positioning. The correct way to approach the deadeye issue in my opinion would be to simply remove the debuff. It would reward good positioning and aim while simultaneously solving the passive meta issue.

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    Something something just dodge.
  8. The hector is literally the reason why I do not play the game mode anymore. There is 0 counterplay against the laser cannons.

    Skill gap leading up to tier X

    I would like to answer this question from the perspective of a player whose stats actually went up when I finally made it to tier 10. I would say the biggest difference between tier 10 and other tiers is that the individual skills/gimmicks that ship lines have are taken to the max. A lot of these ships are essentially their tier 9 versions, except with faster reload, or an extra gun slapped on top of it, or higher gun caliber. Thus, the reason why tier 10 gameplay is difficult for players (in my opinion) is because positional related mistakes tend to be punished much much more often in comparison to other tiers. For example, if you make a mistake and get spotted while bow in while playing a cruiser, that montana has a 33% better chance of dev striking you. Or if you get caught in a des moines or nevsky radar as a destroyer, you will be under 2x or 3x more incoming dpm as you try to make your escape. If you push in at incorrect moments in your battleship, that enemy yamato will deal 15-20k salvos on you consistently, as compared to the 3-5k salvos the izumo would on account of the 32 millimeter overmatch (not to mention the major increase in incoming crusier dpm you will face as well). There are many many more examples of this. So you next question might be: assuming I am fairly successful at tier 9 or lower, what should I do to make myself perform better in tier 10 games? As opposed to what many of my peers may think, I actually believe that the way to solve this specific issue is simply to play more tier 10 games. Because of how punishing tier 10 games are, it will force you to make less mistakes in order to be successful. You will learn a lot of new skills like concealment buffering, vision control, using islands to break line of sight, among others. It will improve your game sense and situational awareness to a level which you really cannot attain at the lower tiers. One more advantage of playing more tier 10 games is that once you learn how to play well in tier 10, you will automatically start performing even better in low tiers, as all the skills you learned at tier 10 also apply to the lower tiers.

    Anyone played Lion in Ranked lately?

    Notice how I said meaningfull damage. The damage that Lion does is mostly healable by other bbs, and as such it is countered by proper vision control and concealment management. 139k damage is nothing especial, especially in a lion. Coming second overall on your team is also nothing at all special.

    The Italian BB Line is T-R-A-S-H

    The itallian bbs are in a fine state, my personal opinion on them is that thier skill floor and ceiling are both low. What this means is it is quite easy for an inexperienced player to do relatively well in the ship, but on the other hand an experienced player who plays the ship to its full potential will not have as much match impact as say an American or Japanese battleship.

    Anyone played Lion in Ranked lately?

    Both Lion and Riga are terrible ships for ranked, the former struggles to do meaningful damage, and the latter is really easy to counter.

    Torp hit percentage is a lie...

    One thing you must understand that these types of percentages are all relative. For example, a 10% torpedo hit rate might not seem like a lot. However, even the best torpedo boat players struggle to reach 10% hitrates. In fact, when it comes to torpedo hit-rate, most people will only be able to get around 6%. Good torpedo boat players get around 9-10%. Instead of looking at the percentage itself, compare that percentage to the rest of the playerbase to get a more accurate understanding of your skills as a torpedo marksman.
  14. Thank god. As a battleship player you dont understand how goddamn frustrating it is to take 20k salvos every 30 seconds from Musashi.
  15. This analogy is based on the fact that veterans deserve to be in the higher leagues, despite having less skill. The key fallacy in your argument, is that having good body type is a random chance, while having removed ships has a clear bias towards veteran players. Additionally, having a bad body type can be improved with exercise and dieting, but there is no equivalent in wows, as there is no way for newer players to get access to op ships and thus overcome the disadvantage.