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  1. JKaw

    State Yer Name

    I've had a few dating back to my BBS days, but switched it to KawZoom after my first new vehicle purchase -a 1997 Kawasaki ZX9R. i was young and free, still living at home and what the say is correct "ignorance is bliss". What followed in the decades to come was a wife & kids with a mortgage *no regrets*. No longer have the bike, and KawZoom seemed too young for who I am today. So I switched it to my first name initial keeping the kaw. Because at heart I am still that teenager rocking the mullet open throttle on my green rocket. The 90's man.. They were a blast!
  2. JKaw

    Total Games Played / WR Mod

    Thank you @YouSatInGum @Talharu for the suggestions. They are helpful. But just to clarify to the others who replied because I sense I have opened a can of worms when that was not my intention. My request with the ask was never because I said I had lost a match because the commander next to me only played X amount of games, nor total win rate of teams dictated the outcome of the match. Of course winning is fun, and losing gets old. In the end it is just a game. For me personally (quoting my example) if I am paired next to a commander in a super ship with 200+ total games played well that information is important to me. I wouldn't throw the game or go AFK. But I would adjust how I played with said commander. Simple as that. Maybe just me but on the higher tiers I assume players know their roles (to some extent). With the lower tiers I fully expect chaos and misplays from either side. Which is why I still play them. Same for IRL. If I am driving and there is a student driver car in front me. I am not going to be honking my horn behind them flipping them off as I pass them for driving to slow. No, I would give them a wide berth and cut them some slack. That information of a mark student driver is important at least again to me.
  3. Hi, I've been searching for an in game mod that would show me player's total games played and/or win ratio. I have had horrible luck with high tier random battles being sided with people who have not put in the time to understand the game. I am not one to abuse the chat or call someone out. Everyone is entitled to a bad game, but when going over player's profiles post match and seeing the Conde team mate I was slotted next to in game has a total of 242 games and a win ratio of 43%. It explains the clusterf*ck I was just witness to. Of course I agree games played & WR is not the end all of end all. But.. Going into a match knowing those numbers would adjust my play style. Rather me assuming Mr. Conde player as put in the time understanding basic game mechanics. I know there are external mods out there which have these numbers. Just curious if there was a mod baked in game. I do not like to alt-tab, and alt-tabbing back into the game has sometimes caused me problems. Thanks
  4. I agree with OP. For clans still needing the oil for base upgrades. Putting Naval Battle a weekly feature on the back pages of the port a mistake. The grind is what it is, but no need to kick clan leadership in the nads making it more difficult for clan members to at least enable it. Just seems a step in the wrong direction. If it is treated as an after thought as the new placement seems to suggest. The can you please give the leadership to auto enable it on for everyone, and let the stars come or not as they may?
  5. Yes, one hundred percent in agreement with you! Damned if you do, damned if you don't .
  6. Indeed I have, and do. Although all online games one needs to develop thick skin verses the key board warriors of the online world. I do believe if polled CV players do get the brunt of the grief verses say playing non CV class here at WOW. That aside my mentioning that was more to say that there is two sides to every story, and after playing a non CV class I do see why things could be taken in frustration. And rather then saying merely this is problem, my suggestion would be exposing a hidden aiming reticle where the CV has the advantage of knowing where hits will be, and the non CV player is guessing. Just food for thought.
  7. I enjoy playing CV, and it is/was my main pick. That being said I found it mentally draining with the community. It is down right toxic. Whether it be your own team or the other side calling you out. I've had games where afterwards people direct message me saying the nastiest of things like I should die of cancer. It is simply not cool. When most of the time I'm just playing a handful of games to relax at the end of the day, and have some fun. I since switched from playing cv and started grinding the dd lines. I do see some of the frustration that comes with playing against a cv. Sometimes there is just to much going on in a match where you need to focus fire, dodge, aim, etc. The UI isn't really helpful at detecting planes bearing down on you, and asking the player also look at the mini map while all this is happening is a tad unfair. Lastly when you know you are being focused fire from planes. If the situation allows for it where you can free look where plane damage is coming from, you can somewhat guess how to dodge. Granted cv deals with its own rng as well, but it might feel better as a ship player that when a cv commits to firing on a target. Their (CV) targeting reticle shows on the surface to both cv player and ship player. Giving at least some opportunity when a match gets busy to alert and try to move out of the way better. I noticed in the next testing of subs. Ships will have an indication of where torps are aimed to. I think the same should at least be tried with CVs. Just my two cents.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Wasn't the issue, but it got me thinking. It would seem during my attempt to working out the command keys when viewing a replay I must of hit my keyboard function key and F keys. Triggering a key repeat setting profile on this model keyboard. Seems the game was responding to how the keyboard profile was set when a key was depressed. Took a little search on the internet to find the user manual online on what in the world i pressed. But I found how to reset all keyboard settings to factory default, and this solved the issue. Thanks to you all who took the time out, and helped me with a direction. Case/Mystery closed.
  9. No joy with simple restart or shutdown. I then took it one step further and logged off my account from game client, and did a restart logged back in game client -launched game. Same problem is there. But thanks for the suggestion. I take some comfort knowing I am not the only one who sees this. Glad yours was easily fixed.
  10. Hi, I came across an issue recently where I noticed my A & D keys not fully functioning when pressed in game. They somewhat work but the steering never reaches full left or full right, and get stuck at 1/4 power at best. I also noticed that while pressing on A or D keys if I press the W key the steering will start to work and hit full left or right turns. The only thing different I did since noticing the problem is I tried to run a replay save from WOW install folder "replay". Within the replay I noticed none of the command keys worked, and exited the replay and resumed playing the game. It was then I spotted the problem. Happens with every ship, and checked if the key were mapped correctly, but seeing as it kind of works I do not believe it is a mapping issues. Not a keyboard issue as the keys do function outside of game. Searched the forum and there were some I found with the same type of problem, but nothing with a definitive fix. Anyone here come across this, and have a fix? Thanks!