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  1. Disclaimer: this is written under confusion, not rage. Again, this does not represent anyone's opinion but ME. The last thread was removed at roughly 80 replies due to the thread offtracking into general WG complaints. So I was told links and 'inflammatory' content cannot be posted on here. No worries, I have already done some calculation based on my experience. I shall use similar/same values as the last thread. 11 successes out of 131 trials. First test: odds of getting a ship is dynamic and not equal to odds of getting flags. X ~ HyGeo (131, 11, 13) Assuming null hypothesis is true, H-nought: Probability of getting a ship is 11/131; H-one: Probability of getting a ship is less than 11/131. Testing at 5% siginficance level, The(my) probability of getting no ships out of 13 trials is 30%, which is more than 5%. Critical value takes 31 trials and no ships. Therefore, null hypothesis is accepted, odds of getting a ship may be the same as the odds of getting flags. Second test: one needs to pay more than he needs to for getting a ship. This test assumes both Georgia and Alaska costing 19500 doubloons. For me, converted currency costs about 19646 doubloons but taken to 3 significant figures. X ~ N (11660, 1652265) Assuming null hypothesis is true H-nought: Mean price for getting a ship is 11660; H-one: Mean price for getting a ship is higher than 11660. Testing at 5% significance level, The(my) price I've paid and still haven't gotten a ship is at 0.0000000397% (you count the zeros, 3.97*10^-10). Critical value is at 13714 doubloons for a ship. Therefore, null hypothesis is rejected, one does need to pay more for a ship than one needs to. As null hypothesis is rejected, Type I error arises, and probability of Type I error is 0.41%. Final comments requires constructive ideas so this doesn't seem to 'unfriendly'. Here's my suggestion: - Remove flags and make the 2021 Independence day bundle only ships with 1500 doubloons. - Make unicorn ships available for purchase with this doubloon bundle i.e. Ohio and Enterprise. of which I expect both of them to be perfectly doable. Perfectly. And at last, I would like to apologise for the last thread. I am as apologetic as Sub_Octavian was over the P2R fiasco. Best regards, JonTheCadet
  2. Untamed_As_Thee

    [ALL] ModStation

    I will do that next time when the error comes up again. For now, I've found a way(?) to somehow fix this with witchcraft. - Remove all mods, delete and reselect directory - Download the latest Aslain modpack, and choose whatever you want - Wait until 'Error 5' occurs, then abort - Restart PC - Launch ModStation and choose whatever mods you desire. Not sure how this works, but it worked for me. Best regards edit: that was luck, it's now broken again
  3. Untamed_As_Thee

    [ALL] ModStation

    All folders are indeed closed. Last time I quasi-fixed it with a restart. Now I must have restarted the computer about 5 times and each time the same error still pops up. Oddly enough, when I launch WoWs through Steam alone, the mods are still there. Best regards
  4. Untamed_As_Thee

    [ALL] ModStation

    Build 1903. Does it make a difference?
  5. Untamed_As_Thee

    [ALL] ModStation

    Sorry to bother you again Fuchs but this error is happening again. Help me, please. I am using an admin account for my Windows, and restarting this time didn't work. I don't know what is opening the folders or which folder is being currently opened. Best regards p.s. If you're having the same error as I am, converting to Aslain won't help as you do not have the admin rights to write over the folders. I've tried.
  6. Untamed_As_Thee

    [ALL] ModStation

    I'm having trouble updating mods. Any help? This has never happened to me before.