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    Napoleon: Total War is an awesome game, you should try it out sometime on Steam. World of Warships, of course, as well as World of Tanks, though not as much.

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  1. DrewTheAccused

    What's the best BB branch?

    If you want a brawler, get a German BB. They've got the most effective 2nd batt. guns, and their health goes pretty much unmatched in their class. Accuracy isn't so great, but you won't need it so much in close quarters. If speed and accuracy are what you're looking for, I recommend staying away from German Battleships in general.
  2. DrewTheAccused

    Introduction to Aiming

    Great guide, for ships that have good enough main batt. guns. German BB's can't aim to save their life. Outside 10km, German Main Batt. guns are utterly useless.
  3. DrewTheAccused

    Sirus's lighthearted (but practical) BB tips!

    Brother, if you want secondary guns to do somethin, mount the signal that reduces second batt. dispersion and use German class BBs. In some cases, they can win you a BB line matchup if you can get close enough that they don't miss. They can set fire to the enemy ship, and panic him with constant damage, as well as fire chewing away at his HP.
  4. DrewTheAccused

    Sirus's lighthearted (but practical) BB tips!

    Followed these tips, got me a 82k Dmg, 2 Kill, 4,328 Xp game. Love you brother, time to grind out some more 4,000xp + games. You might want to include what countries' BB's are the best for what. Example, American BB's are typically well-armored, and can tank quite a bit of damage. Most Japanese BB's are fast, but easily destroyed. German BB's can tank plenty of damage, and their secondary guns can rip destroyers to pieces without using main batt guns, but their main batt accuracy makes you want to quit the game all together.