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  1. Battlin' off and on for years & thought it was somewhat meaningful early on - but now it makes sense; to some point in grinding boat & commander to boost XP & mod enhancements. Not to mention some level of gaming proficiency. But then there's no telling what a team, or for that fact an opponents' level of proficiency & boat grind is. But shucks . . . no need piss blood 'n plow through a defeat ed team member's profile THEN scapegoat the entire loss based on a W/L statistic : ( Just me $0.02 worth.
  2. DominicusD

    Easy Come, Easy Go

    oH weLL . . . . .
  3. DominicusD

    Cant say WG doesnt punish cheaters

    "Kirsanov have caused an estimated 670 million rubles (around $9 million) in damages..." Serious bucks!
  4. . . get any better than this. Happy Holidays all!
  5. DominicusD

    T6 cruisers for Ops

    While yours truly favors the Italian line of sixes, my fav USN is the Pensacola - while it is limited in armament and consumables it's versatile for a cruiser - and why it is wholly agreed that just about any boat would do well in this OP one just has to find a comfort zone to which one wants to harvest with. In terms of superficiality, I like to go into it with this look 👇 "Good luck, fair seas" and fair warning . . . . .
  6. Been on Raptor for a while and found battling with my Tier VI Italians Trento, D'Acosta and Doria satisfying - What are other's favs? " Hasta la pasta, non prendertela con te . . . ." - Jack Harmon
  7. DominicusD

    Content Development. Ship Models.

    Would think in this 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor the U.S.S. Nevada would be, by now a part of WoWS USN BB Tiers . . . even in event or special.
  8. "Late to the party" after a couple of years, but finally got into PTS after not being able to get in or getting some message "server unavailable" or being told that the region in is wrong - at any rate it appears that PTS gives dev the opportunity to improve the game . . . . and what to buff and not to buff? 🤔
  9. DominicusD

    Abandon Ship

    Anchors Aweigh ! 👍 . WTG and good job WG ! World of Warships 2021-09-19 18-39-53.mp4
  10. DominicusD

    Abandon Ship

    Last time this happened it took several hours . . . . oh well. Hope it isn't too serious.
  11. DominicusD

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    👍 WTG WG! Thank you!
  12. DominicusD

    I had a dream about this game...

    Was kinda wondering in order to add a bit more realism into the game graphics that dev can add the 'human element' of swabs abandoning ship, or manning the decks? . . .
  13. DominicusD

    How are italian BBs?

    Floating bricks 'that take a lickin' but keep on tickin' .. or floatin' ..