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  1. Are we having fun yet? This 384 kbps connection on my ISDN (99%) is killing me . . . but just who is the dead guy? . . .
  2. DominicusD

    Don't judge a book by its cover

    GLHF "Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands." - Ivan Pavlov
  3. DominicusD

    Inquiry IX

    Kinda wonderin' . . across all types/class and nations what boat & non-prem s the best Tier IX in experienced opinion? Just wondering. TIA
  4. DominicusD

    Rough night in Raptor Rescue.

    To me DDs are a challenge to battle with and like another said it's all about knowing what the objectives are. I do okay, I guess, though I do not often battle with DDs IMO RR is the easier of them & doin' fairly well so far ... but then there is no control over what the RNG gods do in dropping a potato in or two. Especially those who DO NOT understand what the wrench means above the repair boats
  5. And who doesn't? IMO nothing much has changed in terms of attitudes and behavior. The fact that gamer s are more often than not anonymous gives opportunity for those inclined to be abusive (also hoping no children and or small pets are in the vicinity when they blow a gasket). Sure, it's human nature to send off a nasty message in chat if one is upset with the game play of others; sure there are those who take the attitude that their real-lives depend on it - but that is the rub. I just try not to let others spoil the game. And I agree a Victory or Defeat is nothing when one fires a citadel resulting in a 'devastating strike' and blowing an higher tier boat to smithereens - to me that is a win even if the your side loses. For now it's sending of a GLFS once the battle begins, and hitting the horn once or twice. Just my $0.02 worth.
  6. DominicusD


    This one was small and swift as well 🠗
  7. DominicusD

    That Moment . . .

    It wasn't a bad battle, given it was PVE & in grinding this EU DD . . . but the real SH^T was in the chat panel . . . 20200409_184348_PWSD104-Klas-Horn_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  8. DominicusD

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    mortar piss.m4v . . . "for every problem, there is a solution" ...
  9. DominicusD

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    And all this time I thought it was a turn-based revenue generating video game enterprise employing stimulation . . . who knew?
  10. DominicusD

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    . . . what was it supposed to be?
  11. DominicusD

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Carriers were an integral part of the victories in the Pacific during WWII . . . and that was in an era when naval battles reached an apex in strategy, tactics and whatever . . . as much as WG tries to emulate, or even simulate a battle between warships no one is going to be fully satisfied what this game may offer in the way of boats, armament, systems, etc. … there is no problem, at least with me for a CV in battle . . . BUT having 3 (on each side) with 1/3 of the rest or so that of surface combatants, well I think I'll load up World of Warplanes . . . to see if the boats fight back . . .
  12. DominicusD

    0.9.3 - What? No More 6 CVs In A Battle?

    While WoWS does endeavor to bring a considerable amount authenticity to the vessels in this game I thought it is worth noting and of which is predicated on the opinion of "immunity" - however, I agree, it does belong to another thread. Thanks for the reply.
  13. . . . if I could get one of these on my BBs and CAs? . . .